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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Zoe is being deported

But i couldn't leave without posting a pre-holiday blog. TRADITION mate! (honestly, not because i've found a new activity to avoid ... PACKING! Anti-Packing Group yerr - I wonder what CRAZY things she'll get up to..)


First off - last night was WICKED.

It was so much fun getting you all to dance like loons with me. Also - 2 for 1 on cocktails at Revs - ME AND E made use of that! (plus the barmen are hot in Revs!)

It was fun stalking fit checkered shirt boys who looked like a straight, hotter version, less Maltan version of Will Cass - haha he's going to have an ego trip

It was also fun dancing to complete mashups of ALL my fave songs and trying to pop with Austin. (Didn't work but he is the dancing king - after Rafi lol)

However, you know one thing that's not fun? People forcing themselves on you - and then after making a hasty excuse and retreat... bumping into them again later that night - realising that the dark, is ACTUALLY their friend.

That's not fun.

There were lots of beautiful moments like this
Danny D takes On Hutton. Much to his delight. And comfort.

And some interesting ones... (lol at Austin!)

WTF is Autin doing? Chrysostom looks like he's having fun!

But yeahh - should give kudos to the drivers for getting everyone there - Elly, Danny D, Miner Matt and Hutton - who probably should have extra kudos cos he drove his car when Beasley had thrown up in it a few nights before.... but then again... Elly had a drunk Chizzel to deal with and Miner Matt had Frazer amongst his passengers - we ALLL know that Frazer is a wild wild boy when drunk :/ (lol jks)

Am a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiit kankered seeing that I got back about 2ish and went to bed much later lol

But yeah I have last minute packing to do. I'll do it sometime.
After breakfast.

Haha this morning, my mum said "Zoe, we need to try and clear the fridge so eat as much as you can"


Oooh and my AMAZON package came this morning - good timing! But yeah, i found The Postal Service, Fatboy Slim, JayZ VS LinkinPark AND a bit of Rage - ALL for £16
Bargain mate.

And randomly - i'm looking forward to the in-flight movie for some reason... I hear its BrokeBack Mountain...

Hope you all have a wicked two weeks. I'll catch some of you soon no doubt but til then...

Enjoy the silence


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/27/2006 09:10:00 am

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well, after watching the new series of Malcolm in the Middle, i was flicking channels and came across Madonna performing holiday on TOTP2

Had a sudden urge to get up and dance in front of the TV as my mother tried to change the channel.

Ho ho ho, then came my downfall as i lost balance on a rather ambitious spin (three times round!)

Then i fell onto the fireplace.

And that hurt.


Tomoro is my last exam - i am PYSCHED.
And unprepared as ever.

Seriously - the Economics Posse did NOTHING on our revision day except declare WAR on the drinks machine - which had swalloed our money.

I almost broke my finger - "ABORT ABORT! MAN DOWN!"

Can't believe it's like the last day i'll be in school til results most likely :S
I'm getting a weird feeling in my stomach.

And then OCEANAAA that evening. So far we have 14 people definately there - but still i do not know what the plan is. All i know is that i'll be at Osh by 10 before the door fee kicks in duh. But to Rev beforehand or not? Holler me back.

But yes. Last exam, last bus journey, it feels like the end of an era.

Oh, and i have to find about 4 million textbooks to take in with me tomoro.
I will be a right pack mule.

However, ending on a happier note - we have LOCATED my missing Maths txtbook. Ambray had it under her bed for the past year hahaha!
Saves me paying £20 to replace it whey!

Stay safe - no ambitious dancing in front of the TV kids!


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/25/2006 07:39:00 pm

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



The next step up in Anti-Revision.

I decided to just eat the day away.
The plan backfired.

I have somehow contracted food poisoning.


I am now curled up in a tiny ball. Wearing three fleeces.

And i'm still hungry.

And I have to be in early tomorrow. Paleface and all.


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/21/2006 11:42:00 am

Monday, June 19, 2006

Anti-Revision and Mocking of Will

Okay, Anti Revision method number god knows what.

Sunday. In a desperate bid to avoid Comms revision I endangered my life.


I cleared out a wasps nest.


You may think - what? What is she DOING? REVISE GIRL REVISE!

But instead - i went and helped my Dad clear out not one, not two but THREE wasps nests.

And i didn't get stung!!

But my Dad did.

It wasn't a Happy Fathers Day for him.

I'm sure you can imagine me running about. Possibly squealing. With a BADMINTON racket...

Okay - so add that to re-heeling shoes, making smoothies, cooking full breakfasts, MAKING A DRESS out of a skirt - which i'm well proud of - pimping my myspace profile, writing blogs, getting new sheet music, daytime TV...


Anti-Revision is great..

Anyway, short blog today - i'll leave you with something i thought was funny.

Subject: Cass is stupid.

Cass: And then im off to crete with helen :)
Zoe: Ahhahaha
Zoe: I thought you said
Zoe: i'm off to CREATE with Helen
Zoe: i was like ergh
Zoe: dirt
Cass: im goign off on my own
Cass: out the country
Cass: eeep
Zoe: its' not even like France or Spain
Zoe: those are close
Zoe: and you kiiinda know the language
Zoe: or guess it
Zoe: GREEK is different lol
Cass: pssh
Cass: i will be like
Cass: i know Michael Michael
Cass: and they will nod and give me respect
Cass: :)


Zoe: Michael Michael is from Cyprus you nob lol
Cass: Meh, tomato tomato


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/19/2006 10:27:00 pm

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yes, I've gone mental, the exams have BROKEN me.

I'm just not going to talk about Economics except, it was fun getting to tear across the perforated lines (yes, our paper is so big that they perforate the lines so you can tear it up into "manageable sizes")

I got to pretend to be an economist. But i sucked.

Moving on, leaving the Economics Posse and joining the GENERAL STUDIES CREW.

I did my only revision in the gap between the exams. My favourite type. Last minute.com!

But yes, our General Studies was HARD but surprisingly we all came out with smiles on our faces. There was only like 6 of us and they put us in the HARDING HALL. It was actually so quiet lolol

Oh - and thumping your chest DOES echo
Me: "*thump*"
Emma: "*thump thump*"
SarahMac: "*thump thump thump*"

haha the invigilators loved us... :/

Now, for those of you readers who REMEMBER the BEEZY incident - as a Crew, we decided to fit the word "Beezy" and related spellings into our exams as much as possible.

So we had
Arguing from authority is aserting the statement of someone of knowledge
Ie. Beezy said this, so it must be true because Beezy is the Chief of Police and BEezy would never lie.

And, in a sentence just randomly - the cause for this Beezy horrendous decision was...

Snaps to EmmAl who managed to slip in something like: "It was not beezy beazee beesie hard to imagine that.."

The examiners must think we suffer from Tourettes or something...

Oh, and at the beginning of the exam, Sarah Mac didn't know whether we were allowed to start or not, so TURNED AROUND IN HER SEAT to face me. I nodded - BREAKING EXAM CONDITIONS OMFG!!!111!!!!!!!!

And as ever, i answered the question with my GCSE Music knowledge of the development of the blues. Which is nothing. Here's a hint as to how it went.

Dom says:
wrote loads about space ships in my essay
Dom says:
i made up loads of facts
Zoe says:
I wrote about slavery
Zoe says:
i also made up lots of facts
Dom says:
Zoe says:
apparently, according to me
Zoe says:
the slaves invented the xylophone
Well, i found some connection between them and a xylophone and my pen COULDN'T HELP talking more!

Oh, and i decided to cause some disturbance in the middle of our second one. I decided that my table was ACTUALLY wonky so i raised my hand.

And waited.

And waited.

So i decided to wave it around. AND AROUND!
The old lady comes over
And i carried on waving it (kinda bored, y'know what it does to you?!)
She probably thought i was retarded.

I asked for a wedge.
"A whaaat?" she replied in a really loud WHISPER
"You want paper love?"
"Please can i have a WEDGE. A WEDGGGE" (still WHISPERing)

I then had a really idiotic idea to try and make the shape of it with my hands.

But then realised, it's REALLY HARD to make a wedge shape with your fingers..

She brought me a wedge. I carried on.
Everything was ok.

We have also decided that General Studies requires you to pretend to be a chav who has never seen the ballet and thinks art is for pansies. They hit you with questions like "Should ART be funded? How would YOU choose art for YOUR museum?"

Today we had "Why do more men live with their parents than women?"
I had an urge to write "BECAUSE THEY CAN'T WASH THEIR SOCKS"

But i need those marks. I will die if i fail General Studies.

So i left it to the last dying minutes before forcing myself to scribble something about women having to leave home to start families... in the house of their husband...staying at their home... cleaning... conforming... *dies*

I bet it's something really obvious like... i dunno.
Roll on Wednesday - it's TWO ESSAYS on two subjects that we choose. Who's up for slipping "Mrs Stott's son's a bad boy" into it?

I will if you do lol

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/14/2006 09:31:00 pm

Friday, June 02, 2006

Exams effect = sexually frustrated wusses?

The other day my mum had to come home early due to a distress call from me.

The story?

I was at home "revising" - basically surfing the net - the house was silent when i heard like a "thump" upstairs. Then the sound of stuff being moved around quickly. Now, i've been seeing my horror films. WE ALL know what that implies!

I grabbed the phone and waited for a second... and then there was a much louder CRASH and the sound of bottles and stuff being knocked over or dropped.


At this point i was absolutely BRICKING IT and ran out the front door with my keys and on the phone to my mum. I explained what happened and she asked if I had checked it out. I was like - HELLA NO.

So i was basically in hysterics down the phone and she came home from work (luckily only about 10 minutes away) So then we went to go check it out together...

Turned out that the bathroom shelf had fallen down and all the bottles and stuff on it were rolling around and stuff.
Crisis averted.

She decided to work at home for the rest of the day and I actually had to do some revision! End of. I feel like a proper girl

You know what i mean..

Anyways, moving onto other things - revision at school has been just as interesting. Right, HERE'S MY THEORY.

I reckon, that all the revision and stress has got all us girls totally sexually frustrated pent up (though this is all in our minds of course :/) I mean, Eve split her pants one day and everyone was shouting about how big her hole was getting. *cue girlish giggling when we realised the innuendo*

Mrs Hardern was talking about it being too hot and dry, and Debseses was like, "It's better that then it being really wet" *cue more girlish giggling when we realised the innuendo*

Oh and LOL at Danielle talking about the way she "depilates" her legs (posh word i'm using to sex thigns up) - WOAH sorry, i think i just passed on the pent up effect to the male readers - steady now.

Anyways, we were having a major discussion about it, followed by "But see, feel my leg here" , "Stroke that part - see how smooth that is compared to that" etc etc


Jesus, i really have to revise! I've done minimal recently, and "i'm not even lying". I feel bad cos these are like THE most important exams of my school career and I've done less than i did for the GCSEs.....

Good times! Can't believe it was 2 years ago?!



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