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Friday, April 28, 2006

A series of events at the "Special" School...

A quicknote tonight -

We wonder why we have a rep for being a "lesbian school"


Last period on a Friday and we've got frees.
I'm lounging in my fort of chairs eating a piece of Coffee Rep Banana Walnut Cake.

Kinks Kenyon: "Thats so unfair. You can eat that but your ass just stays so toned and firm!"..
Stridey: "Yeah but.. yours is like so.... biteable!"
Zoe: "Mmm, i'd prefer a proper booty like yours!"

Tash: "Soph, I'm sorry but since when did you get that cleavage?"
*we look*
Sophie: "Push up bra"
*we look*

Charlotte inspects a stain on her shorts.
Zoe: "Charlotte, I'm really sorry but CAN YOU DIVERT YOUR CROTCH AWAY FROM MY GAZE PLEASE?"

Machet: "I want your babies"

Aylesbury High School =no gays here!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Birthday Blog

Well what did we get up to I hear you ask?

First up.

My father came home!
That was the big surprise I guess. But it was a good one. So everything was la la la – even though all he had was a card from “mum and dad”. It went next to my other card from “mum and dad”

The actual birthday was spent amongst the relatives. We went “up city” to see if we could use our large ethnic majority advantage to inditimidate people.

However the shopping center was closed.... Bollocks.

So we went for lunch. Then decided to go visit various estate agents seeing that the house opposite mine had just been put up for sale. My mum offered to take the relatives over as we’d been left the keys while they went on holiday.

I decided that was unethical.

We went for a wander around the neighbourhood.

No really – the real thing was just as funny as the image you have in your head right now of a large group of me and my family members wandering around the neighbourhood looking at various houses.
Here’s a taster..... v

And this is me and Super Cousin Nat outside a random house.

Okay, so we got a bit too much “Myspace fever” and well…

And then things got TOTALLY out of hand and we ended up with..


We thought – what can we do if we can’t shop? It was still too early to start the drinking and gambling games so ...


Then we went a bit crazy over the arcade games. I was racing against my Dad and TOTALLY PWNED him – then I realised why.

“Why didn’t you go faster?”
“I didn’t know what the speed limit was –
and it’s hard to keep in the white lines if you go too fast..”


Moving onto the 17th

Well – the photo evidence is up on the Orange Locker. (see left)

Spiking WillCass’ drink with “Male Aphrodisiacs”

And then him walking around with "a tripod attatchment" all night and everyone taking anonymous pictures except for Dom's hand which was clearly marked in the photos with that BRIGHT PINK wristband lol.

Ohh, and after a few drinks in Oceana - I walked back to where we were sitting. It went a bit like this.

"Oii slaaags. Where has everyone gone? I mean like ..."
"Oh... wait... I dont know you. Sorry"
*walks away*

Yeah - you'd think that'd be ENOUGh embarassment?
No no no lol I then went BACK and started explaining..

"Oh, well you see - I'm actually a BIT drunk. So i thought you were my friends and I know this is weird cos i'm just spouting now, and .."

Luckily Charlotte and Emma came to the rescue and pulled me away.





Special note for Charlots "This Is Your Life (abbridged)", Rosie's "Saxoflute" (which coincdentally is like a COLOURED POKEFLUTE!), Beans' tub of Candyfloss and ... GREEN WING SERIES ONE!


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Friday, April 14, 2006

Music, madness and the Lord Of The Dance.

Déjà vu.

You know how I mentioned about procrastinating before? Today, I managed to do several things that I had not done since I was young.

Firstly – I went out to feed the birds my bread crusts.
I then tried to do some work but ended up looking around the room to see what could distract me.

I found a recorder.
You can imagine the MIRTH when I tried to play it. I went up and down as high and low as the range would let me – I even did some scales – which, as most musicians will tell you, are the BANE of their life. Well – unless they were proper – music-is-my-life kind of people – that kind would love scales...


And I proudly haven’t played them for at least a year now. Wheyyy :)

Back on topic.
... I then found some peanuts and threw those outside for the brids. The birds in my area are lucky bastards, I even took off the skins... Okay, maybe it was my duty seeing that I'd spent a good few minutes drawing faces on them to pass the time....

I then spent a good few minutes sitting in the sun – to reward myself of course. The weather has been lush today.
Good Friday – Good weather? CONNECTION!

“But, wasn’t Good Friday the day that they crucified Jesus? Cos the sky should be black in that case!”

How so? I hear you ask?

Dost you not remember the Lord Of The Dance aka – the greatest Easter song of ALL time - – “I danced on the Friday when the sky was black, it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back..”



Anyway – update about Monday!
Check your mail, and your phone, and my Myspace bulletins… and .. if THE PLAN isn’t there – talk to me (ooh-er ONLY as a last resort?!?)

It’ll be great. We’ll meet up … and I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be.
And I’ll lead you all in the dance.

Says Zo-ee.


PS - No, i can't believe I'm going to be 18 in 2 days either...

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Zoe on the road!

I’ve booked my test!!!

It’s on Thursday 20th. Eeeeee!

I really don’t want to fail miserably but..... man, I don’t feel ready for it at all.

I haven’t even read my Highway Code. It bores me due to the lack of colours and you know... general lack of anything remotely interesting...

It’s all, you MUST do this, you MUST NOT do that. See part two hundred and twenty-five for THAT rule.

It would have been so much easier to remember if it had been like ..... oh I don’t know.

  • “You MUST NOT turn on your fog lights in reduced visibility as they dazzle the other road users. And you will die. A mean and horrible death.”
    *insert graphic picture of said mean and horrible death*

  • DON’T drive in a cycle lane. The cyclist WILL die. A mean and horrible death.”
    Please refer to former diagram.

  • “This sign warns you of wild animals in this area. Yes, they are out to get you too."

    Now THAT, I would have remembered.

    I don’t know – it’s probably just me, being the kind of person that needs some imagery to truly drum it into my head. After all my year10 test tells me I AM a visual learner rather than a kinetic (doing) learner. Which, I suppose, is a good thing in this case lol.

    Oh btw, I forgot to mention, of course I’m only referring to my theory test.

    Who even makes up these questions?!
    I can just see someone sitting there thinking of three other possible answers that sound feasible – yet slightly ridiculous at the same time. I love – the horn related answers.

    “Sound the horn to alert the other road users of your presence”
    Can you imagine that?!
    “*BEEEEP* Hello! *waves* Don’t worry! I’ve arrived!”
    Oh god, I’ve suddenly got images of me starting to giggle in the Theory test. Like what happened in our GCSE Music exam when the tape started to skip…

    Right. Enough of that.
    It’s past 11 – why am I writing this now? And not just me – I SEE THE REST OF YOU LOT ON MSN TOO !

    (Has anyone else found their bio clock has completely changed and we’re going to be really late (cos we’re not tired) and getting up late (cos we’re knackered?)

    Yeah. Holidays rock

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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Queen of Procrastinating


    I am officially putting off revision.

    Not voluntarily - well, sort of.. yesterday - i did nothing thinking - Oh, it's the first day of the hols - the first PROPER day - i'll just stay and watch films...

    And that is what I did.

    Fight Club was on the other day - Keithysmudge was online counting the number of Fight Club references in people's MSN names - haha i had one too!

    And as for today?
    I got up thinking - okay, do some work today Zoe.
    After breakfast yeah?

    And what did i do?
    Make the biggest breakfast ever.

    That's right - in order to put off revision, I made the most complicated breakfast ever.


    I got out the blender (seriously unrecommended in the hands of a Zoe you'd think?) - and hell, i don't know how to make smoothies! I just chopped up a banana.. some apples.. a few strawberries, a bit of juice here and there - AND I MADE A SMOOTHIE!

    It looks like vomit. But it tastes alright actually! Especially seeing that I've put in a few drops of Southern Comfort....

    Well you know. Parents not around. What is one to do? Raid the liquer cabinet? I THINK SO!

    Yeah - i've been home alone for like the past WEEK! I've been taking taxi's absolutely EVERYWHERE seeing that a) It's still damn cold for April - and b) Public transport doesn't frequent near my house.

    I've been making my own dinner, motivating myself to do work.... Okay, i'm lying. I've been living off frozen dinners and spending too much time on the computer.....


    Anyone got any plans for this Easter? And anyone got any stories of procrastination?
    I'm gonna try and get this blog going a bit faster so leave comments - I SEE THE HITS - where are the comments people?!
    I need validation!!!! :O

    MySpace is slowly taking over - but this is what - the third year of MYNSIL reign? I think that is a feat to be proud off. All the other blogs are apparently dead.... I feel like the dude in The Last of the mohicans...

    I've never watched that film actually. But the thought's there!


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    Quotable Quotes about the site from the MYNSIL readers

    "If i were a tree.... this is where i'd be"


    "If watermelons could talk.... "

    "I used to watch paint dry until I found your blog, then I found a new meaning of bordem"

    "Have actually been to your site now- is good, I think"

    "Hell without the pointy things"

    "...is very good and not at all uninteresting"

    "I thought this was the queue (spelling) for the ice-cream "

    "Its wikid"

    "indeed i like lol, thats y i rd it wenever summin new comes out lol"

    "I like being famousish"

    "Your website keeps me sane" - (WTF?LOL)

    "Zoe is a jolly good example of English manners and Decency"

    "...a secret agent in the happy andrex puppy world who wishes to infiltrate this hapiness and let them see the true light" -thats Raz about me ...

    "I really like the link to the immature rude words my favourite is K for Kangaroo Spunk"

    "Yes one haas done a Zoe and eaten too many E numbers and now ich bin hyper"

    "Shine on you crazy diamond!"