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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Your personal statement is 1 character too long to be saved."

You have GOT to be kidding.

Yes, I know, its been about a MONTH. Finally my blog hiatus (you know how i feel about that word) has come to an end. My reason? Jog on good reader, jog on...

And here we approach another stage of our lives – the application to University. Like Year 9’s looking to the GCSE’s, Year 11’s looking towards no uniform, the application to University presents a brand new benchmark.


Seriously, first of all I was asked to do a draft over the summer holidays – NOT LIKELY. Can you believe summer was less than a month ago? Back at school for a month today and for some strange reason I’m in the CHRISTMAS MOOD!
Not that I don’t bum Christmas. Who doesn’t? (Apart from Spangus – Lord of “let’s despise everything” :D )

Of course, then again I could be influenced by my recent community involvement… AHS is doing compulsory voluntary work (an oxymoron in itself Im sure) and basically I’ve been assigned work at St Josephs. Not only is it little kids. It’s INFANTS! *rubs hands in glee* And they are SO cute.
Okay okay okay, I know I’m not meant to think like this, but I much rather work at the infant school purely because at that age (4-7), they have a good grasp on the difference between make believe and reality yet they’re too innocent to get assertive on yo ass.
Don’t you just hate little kids who think they know EVERYTHING and must force their opinion on you?! Well, yes I know we were all young once blah blah blah but I mean, I say if you’re going to be aggressive, at least do it properly! Half the time they just give you a dismissive look. What ever happened to the world wide declarations of “So and so’s my ENEMY” etc etc

Good ole days…

ANYWAY we were making Christmas cards last Thursday. Reindeers, Santa, usual malarkey (except this year apparently its very Elf- focused – Quote. Elf, Elfie, Elfette – its like the Smurfs Go To The North Pole or something - and apparently silver is "skin colour" at St Josephs. I suggested pink and they gave me "the look of death"tm )

Its true when they say, you dont know what you got til its gone. Within 45 minutes they were off on their lunch and I was left alone in the classroom. My job?
"Oooh, could you help us sharpen all the pencils?"
No problem.

However 50 MILLION pencils later, I wished I was back colouring silver skinned Santas. Just picutre it people. Me, sitting ALONE in a classroom. And a little kids classroom at that - so that means mini chairs, mini tables and lots of crayons lying about.
So there's me sitting with my knees by my ears on this mini set of chairs, sharpening away... and some more. FOR HALF AN HOUR.
I've never sharpened so many pencils before - I've got a groove in my thumb as a sign of my efforts. Bastards.

Anyway, onto other news...
As many of you know, the faithful comment system will be closing. I shall be moving into the future with a commenting system as provided by Blogger. Installing it now gives me time to paste the old comments into the new system. So from now this post on, COMMENT IN THE NEW SYSTEM. Good boys and girls.
(And if anyone wants to help me by copy and pasting the old comments into the new sections - FEEL FREEEEEEEEEE and I'll owe you sexual favours)

Must go - my personal statement was due in last Friday. I say MEH.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/05/2005 09:14:00 pm

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