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Monday, June 20, 2005

Go Stowe, Go Stowe, Go Go Go *crash*

Oh dear.

It ALWAYS happens to me doesnt it? Now most of you will have already heard slash SEEN about what happened. But yes, if i don't rant and whine on my own website whatever shall I do?!

But yes. SPORTS DAY.
Only happens once a year. And only once a year do I run. The Stowe 4 by 100 relay team has not altered since Year 7 and we rose , LIKE A PHOENIX, from the proverbial ashes.
We ended our final year in second place. Much love to Beans, Danielldo and Georgous (the best first, second and last legs I could ever wish for :) )

Time for me to tell you of my humiliation.

For the first time ever, i entered a race OTHER than that of the relay (thanks to Danielldo's "hurt puppy we cant have NO ONE entering!" face. And that my friends was the 400m race.

It didnt look too good when I arrived this morning having completely FORGOTTEN that it was Sports Day, hence turning up in a swish skirt and high heel wedges. Zoe, One. School Spirit, Nil.

However, our darling Danielle had brought spare shoes, socks and .... the smallest pair of shorts in the WHOLE OF CHRISTENDOM.

And THEN, i got told that the 400m was in fact, not a "pace yourself, pace yourself, leisurely jog" race that I thought it was. Apparently it was quote "more of a slow SPRINT"

And dont you just hate it before you race, that horrible feeling inside you? Its like someone using your stomach as a trampoline. And wearing a pointy shapr hat. A wizards hat....

First came the 400m. I got in my lane. Eventually. Georgeous was shouting last minute instructions, something along the lines of "START SLOW THEN FUCKING RUN!!!"

And bam, the race started.
And so i followed suit. Ergh, i REALLY should have warmed up properly..... actually, it wouldnt really help as I havent run since last year, so meh.

And turning the bend, I'm thinking, okay pace myself.... (I was singing TBS in my head, which was weird to say the least)
Going up the straight. Hey, this isnt so bad. Lets speed up a tad now.
Third bend. Hey, I'm doing quite well. Moz shouts a "GO ZO!" as I run past (oh the joys of being in the inner lane!)
I feebly shout "ARGH" back, but realise that my talking is throwing my little song in my head off course.
Last Bend. Keep running, just keep running. Hey, this is pretty cool - I'm actually okay at this!
Final straight - EEEEEEEE I'm in the front! I'v images of "Run Forest Run!" in my head.

And then it happens.

What happens you say?
Oh the suspense!

Literally about 50m away from the finishing line. So close! And so much energy in me! At the risk of soudning like I actually LIKE running..... I could have run a bit more. And then some!

Okay, thats scary but yes what happens?

Well, the same thing that always happens

I fell.

I hear a general intake of breath from the crowd.
I hear G shouting "ARGH!"
I hear myself shout "Bollocks!"

But no, Im a fighter! I'm so close to the end - I could still ACTUALLY win this!
So i get up.

And then all the blood rushed to my head
I ran in a sort of "straight" line for about 5m
And then I fell.

And then the feet of several long limbed athletes thunder pass.
And Miss Arber is already at my side.
I'm begging for her to let me finish the race, as I see the rest of the runners cross the finish line.

*cue DRAMA*
She mistook my tears of frustration for tears of pain as she said "Dont worry Zoe, just put your head between your knees and we'll get someone to check out your knees"

Charlotte runs up. I'm actually crying. Partly from shock. Partly from pain. Partly from being SO CLOSE to actually just finishing. Partly from the fact that my head is being forced down.

And then I see my knees.


Lol, anyways the end of the story goes, I couldnt finish my race as the whole affair ended up with my collapsed on the sidelines complaining in general. My first race, ironically, my last race that I find out that I'm not so bad at middle-distance running.

So its off to Miss Moran - who knows me by now. (Remember the time i fell into the bush as scarpered up my knee?)

*does the happy dance*
(that is after my legs went again after running the third leg - apologies to Smelly Mac - my crutch lol)

Happy times now. Stowe comes overall..... well... FIRST.

Thats right!! STOWE actually came first in a sporting event! How is that even possible?!?!
Meh! I say!

And yes my dear Stowe Folk "We ARE THE CHAMPIONS my friends! DUH DUH! And we'll keep on FIIIIIIIIGHTING *screech* til the end! Duh nuh nuh nuh!"

*lights to fade*
*curtain goes down*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/20/2005 09:30:00 pm

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Someone STOLE my hand!!!

Cue awful quips such as "Is that my hand under your ass?" and "Dude, slap him with your huge big hand!"
...More on that later.. *shifty look*

Jimmy were AMAZING

Hard-Fi were .... alright


lol okay, enough of the A-word. There will be more info on that actual gig in the review i write - which i shall do. Soon. One day. Maybe...

Heh, i looked so cool scribbling mini-notes. But yeah, scrap ideas of writing stuff whilst in the front crowd!! Me and DP are the TBS veterans, surviving where others passed out. (Ryan Jay and Johnstone - two down...)

Lol, when emerging at the end of the TBS set, me and Deeps were so disorientated we went up the wrong hill!!

It was like this
*walking around and weaving through people*
"Ermm.. Deeps where are our people?"
"I dont know, can you see them?"
"No... do you think they left?"
"Are we even in the right place?"
*sees Shyams bright red T-shirt on the other side*
"Arr fuck it, we're on the wrong bloody bank!"

And then we managed to work our way to everyone else before collapsing in a heap and complaining of being "brokened" lol

Well, like i said, more news of the actual gig itself coming later, but I just want to take this time to be D+M for a little bit.
I have to say, just sitting on the concrete slope that was central to the whole venue, I was just sitting with a few people (Bean, Johnstone, Haz) The sun was just starting to set and Jimmy was playing "Get It Faster"


Dont you just love it when everyone sings together? Its just ..... really nice!
Wow im so eloquent today.
But yes, i guess what I'm trying to say is. I love you all....

Lol, but speaking of drunk!
Apparently I fell asleep on Cass on the way home!
Not only that, but apparently I'm a mean drunk - "touch the wire, no honestly just touch it, I SAID touch the damn wire!" (dont ask)

Doesnt even make sense as I really hadn't drunk much. At all. But yes, apparently I was jsut speaking nonsense. And speaking like this "well it was like, like, like great and even though, though, though I lost my erm erm erm hand thing" etc

Anyway! All in all i managed to waste all my hard earned money on ice creams and food. And dont get me started on the toilets. THe phrase "full to the brim" has never meant so much.

What a nice way to end this blog! :D

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/19/2005 09:45:00 pm

Friday, June 17, 2005

Greenday tomoro....

And the sun will be HIGH in the sky- so bring your sun cream!!

Also, jsut to remind you, you wont be allowed to bring in digital cameras or anything like that so DISPOSABLES all the way. I thought i should say, its Buy One Get One Free and 3 for 2 at Boots on disp cameras.

What time are people getting there? - The gates open at 2pm.
There was a rumour going round they opened at 12, but the Bowl got it wrong. And it should finish at 10.30 due to licesnsing laws apparently, not 11pm as rumoured.

Big heads up to those getting lifts from kind parentals - MK will be gridlocked in a three square radius so HAPPY TIMES!

Also, no glass bottles ya ya ya, you know the drill.

Final thought:

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/17/2005 05:01:00 pm

Monday, June 13, 2005

And he's a free man...

It's all finally over.

Michael Jackson has been cleared of 10 counts of child abuse and molestation.

I'd be interested to actually know what you guys think about this.

I feel ... subdued... how weird, as i'v not had a lot of interest in this recently. But now its all over, its like .... wow.
I mean, if he had been found guilty - thats it - his career and stuff - gone. Woah, imagine Michale Jackson going to jail....

It doesnt even work in my mind. There's too many people dancing... lol

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/13/2005 10:25:00 pm

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MSN is a big gay bear...

With bells on its collar. Lol yes it is. Its not letting me on and general gayness like that. I'm going to call it a racist male pig. Yes.
*runs away before she is smited*

Anyways! The other day there was this mahooooosive powercut that hit the neighbourhood. And you can tell it was big simply by the number of O's in mahoosive lol.
I was sitting in my room revising, of course, when suddenly the lights went out and everything was dark.
Quite scary at first, until i opened the curtains and glorious light filled the room.
HA! Not so scary now!

Went out to find the fuse box in the garage, just our luck my dad was away, but then we met our neighbours who said theirs had also gone and they'd rung up the electricity company thing and all they could do was wait.

So we did.
And we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
(I even considered writing a blog on my boredom - but alas no power duh)

This was about seven right? Several lit candles later, that left me with absolutely nothing to do until the power came back on. Revise you say? I would but it was "too dark" :)
I was planning on making dinner - but with no power that was a no. (its usually a no anyway, but for now..)
What else? ....Watch TV? MSN? Phone someone?

(the buzzer from Family Fortunes)

I couldn't even charge up my phone, which was dwindling on one bar.

So that brings me (finally) to today's random topic.
It just made me think - what would i do? I mean its like going back to like ... Victorian times - my mother suggested we could play cards or *shudder* Scrabble. (Long story involving choking hazards)

But yes. Think about it, without electrical power, what would we be doing right now? Irony in the fact that you wouldnt be able to read this message either. I have no clue where I'm going with this, but lack of random banter on MSN with people has lead to random banter here.

I guess its like what we do with bread. (IE take it for granted) You lot already know my position on this whole bread affair so I shan't repeat it but basically.
Electrical power = my friend

Yep, thats it really. No point to this blog today was there? But then again, is there ever much of a point? lol.

PS - Theres been a huge increase in the number of MySpacers. Does that mean i have to actually go on it and comment now? *sigh* :p

Right, I'm off to watch the rest of Cutting It.
New series to fill the void that Desperate Housewives and ER has left. *sob* Farewell Dr Carter!

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

People needed! Ohhh yes! etc

First up - Greenday in two weeks!
This is a call for all those of you going who are potentially interested in coming early and waiting outside the gates for a stupid length of time in advance.

Also - Togfest- 24th June (The saturday after Greenday)
For those of you who will NOT be attending Summer XS (BLAZING SQUAD WILL BE THERE!) I'm looking for people to come and crew with me at Togfest.
To put it simply. Togfest - big eclectic music festival in a smaller venue (Bradwell Abbey nr my house) - three stages - lots of music genres , including The Spoken Word lolol
Basically, crew members work for an hour or so on the day - that is, stamping hands, handing out flyers, roadies, backstage - you know the biz
Plus free food and drink throughout the day and a free CREW T-shirt to keep forever more.

Lol, if anyone's interested let me know okies?

Finally - the wendover woods meet - don't know the details, I'm not even going anyways - but ask Chaz slash Shyam. (And they better save me something in the form of sugar payments for this exclusive money-cant-buy promoting)

Talking of promotions, enough procrastinating.
I've been asked countless number of times to enlighten the not-so-interested ones among you on my "oh so embarassing story" - the most recent one that is.

Most of you are aware I work at Boots to fund my drug habit.
I was being bored one friday night, and found a promotional card sent by Herbal Essences, on the counter. Being the inquistive person i am, i opened it -

And it happened to be one of those cards that plays a little tune when you open it - like those happy doo dah birthday cards- except.
Well.. lol you all know what the Herbal Essences deal is right? Think of what that extra loud sound clip could be?


And even though I slammed the card shut, it continued to moan for a good few seconds after!

And the whole shop just stared.
It doesnt help that my till is like in the very middle of the very front - as in, you look down the middle aisle and BANG- there it is.

"Ohhhhh yes" imagine everyone looking down the middle aisle to see my sheepish face. Which, for your information, was kind of in between someone thats just been stabbed in the leg and someone thats just been caught with a card that makes indecent suggestive sounds when opened.

Why me?

Moving swiftly away and ON.

Wow, i can't believe my exams are all finished in less than one week now

Wow, that WAS a good moving on line....

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