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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Run! Run! It's QUEEN CHAV!

Lol, just when i thought I was rid of the "it always happens to me" curse..

The school Aerobathon is a big sponsored aerobics session that AHS holds to raise money for good cause.
The school Aerobathon is a pay-as-you-participate aerobics session that AHS holds to raise money for the Sports Hall.

Anyway, as i missed a meeting with cabinet members on Monday (Work shadowing - which was GREAT), I was told the gits of it a few days later - basically, we had to make an appearance for the whole day.
a) We get to miss lessons
b) We're exercising
c) We get to miss lessons
a) It's gonna be tiring
b) It'll be for the whole day
c) We're exercising

Anyways, I weighed up my WOOOs and my NOOOs(lol bet you never heard that one before) and turned up on the day in "suitable attire"
Trackie B's baby!

And then, ha, turns out that actually, we weren't needed for the entire day.
We only had to do one 25 minute session each.
No one minded as they had each brought a change of clothing. Well, all apart from ..
"Zoe, *through laughter* were you planning on wearing those all day?"
"Ermm...... no..."

So yes basically, I ended up wearing my "suitable attire" for the whole day, and it didnt particularly help that James asked me why I was wearing my pyjama bottoms to school. (though he approved of my suitable underwear lol)

And if that wasnt bad enough!!
Lol, yes there's more!
Some of you may have gone to that Accolade Sky demonstration at lunch time. Oh how i wanted to go. And i did eventually. Yes, that's right - I went to a "mini-gig" dressed as "Queen Chav"
You know those random pieces that don't fit into the jigsaw no matter how much you bash them in? Yeah, that was me. (Bashing provided by the SENs moshers - hardcore i'm sure... though i guess it's pretty tough when you'r only 4 foot...)

But yes, Accolade Sky are pretty decent. At least the vox could actually sing and a particular heads up to the drummer.
It would have been good if I had not been scrutinised by PREJUDICED GAYTARDS. (You know who you are)

Anyways, at least I know that in future, i should ALWAYS bring reserves! So don;t just learn from yours, but learn from my mistakes too! After all, if its gonna happen, i may as well use my bad cursey thing for the "greater good"
*puts on Barney voice* (which incidentally scares me)
What have we learned today then boys and girls?
Whether it be spare clothes, spare tyre, spare lunch - always bring a spare.


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 3/22/2005 10:12:00 pm

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I've been told i should "BLOG. Blog now! O.M.G you haven't blogged in baaaare TIIIIIIIIIME"
That's an order i can't refuse...

As the Teacher said one day, "Boys and girls, clear handwriting is EVERYTHING - what is the examiner to mark if he can't understand your illegible scrawl?"
Of course, the same SHOULD apply to teachers too non?

Whilst writing my Comms evaluation of my oral, I had to improve from my first draft using the notes that the teachers (not to name names, so we'll call him Mr "I put weird irrelevant accents into all my weird irrelevant anecdotes")

I was getting on quite well, until i reached this particular point.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com *Zoe reads again*,

*Zoe makes sure she's looking at the page the right way up*
I have no bloody idea what that says.

Okay, here comes a little challenge/game/nifty puzzle for you all and the first person that tells me what that actually says, wins a pamplemousse !! Or, maybe just my everlasting admiration*
The mynsil W.T.F (Winning through finding) competition ends tonight as the coursework deadline is Monday 21st March. Answers sent through MSN, SMS, Hotline number, SHouty Outies or even the usual email. Postal Entries not accepted.

EDIT- Perhaps i should have been a little clearer about the context. Okay, this is my Comms review and there's a whole paragraph of my natter that hes selected before putting a comment (irrelevant scribble) next to it. The thing is I'm on a 500 word limit. If it says not applicable or something like that, then its quite important because then i can rabble on about something that is. So far the suggestions of "Nut a piano" and "Net a sclisis", even though are ... interesting, both fail to make coherent sense which suggest to me they are perhaps not the correct answer.

And finally, a random event that happened in the week - okay, a few.

From the last post - House Music Evening! Stowe set to play two items - and two people in the quintet did not turn up until we were lining up to go on stage. WHy does this happen to me?! Im cursed i tell you.

As said in a previous blog, (Tues 22nd Feb) , Zoe said " Its snowing again. Seriously guys something tells me this Spring is going to be fucked up lol"
Following the unexpected showers on Wednesday and the wonderful heatwave on Friday, I stand by that statement.

Wednesday's rain couldn't have come at a worser time. *cue setting of the scene*
Charrlot and I were short-cutting through the Grammar from our daily Tesco's run. I was clutching a large KELLOGS VARIETY PACK under my arm, and with the other hand, trying to stuff a very "interestingly shaped muffin" in my mouth.
Then its starts to chuck it down, so we break into a run. (In our heels of course)

However, its one of those days where the wind is at its most windy and is coming from several directions.

Its also one of those days where Zoe is wearing a very summery skirt. Bright and light, its constructed primarily out of a floaty chiffon -esque material.

I think you can guess what happened that day. A few times.

Now thats one candid camera shot, the security at Tesco's will never expect.

PS, I've got my SixPointFive ticket already, though i've a horrible feeling that I'm the only one that does. Anyone else available for some hardcore hornography (6.5 are Ska) at The Pitz, 8th April?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Go my pretties go!

*Admiration can be given when and where the admiration bestower decides. This includes never. The MYNSIL W.T.F (Winning Through Finding) competition is open to all those who are bored out of their minds. Admiration value - £9999999999 but no prizes are exchangeable for money. Admiration may just be a ploy for you to tell Zoe what the words say. Zoe accepts no responsibilty for damages incurred.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 3/20/2005 03:30:00 pm

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It’s the final countdown

Doodoo doo doo, doodoo doo doo doo….

Ahem. Sorry.

Anyways, my point being, its HOUSE MUSIC TOMORO! Finally, all the WEEKS AND WEEKS (in reality only three) of hard work will pay off as the competition is now, only 16 hours away. Not that im counting or anything… *bites nails*
Hopefully everything should go okay, though I do distinctly remember being near to a heart attack when we realised we had to cut one of our pieces, sort out our scripts, programmes, choir etc etc
Plus the fact that we had NEVER rehearsed in any decent room before today. Seriously, they should just rename us - "HARDING HALL FOYER" house. Not good enough for a room now are we?!

The fact that the whole of Stowe house are loud and rambunctious did not help. At all. Well, what can I say, we’re not all in the same house for no reason. I think the words "mass hysteria" epitomise Stowe erm.. spirit!

Its weird, like i can remember when we all used to be in the same house, same class, same EVERYTHING. THen they split us up for G-Groups, and then AGAIN for year12 forms.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 3/08/2005 08:10:00 pm

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