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Monday, February 28, 2005

I heart... I heart not...

Okay, you rarely ever get these, but I’m afraid today’s blog will be a bit of a rant.
As many of you AHSers are aware, the election season is among us. However, this season of snow brings with it, the winter of our discontent. (Literary language eh? Sibilance, personification, literary references - don’t say this site isn’t educational now.)

The much rumoured "final fifteen" list that has been hanging in the staff room, finally uncovered itself in all its "final eighteen" glory. For those that want to know,

However, it is my view, that this system is slightly flawed. It not a true representation of how the Year 12 body at AHS stands. There are so many people that I would have expected to be on that list that aren’t. People that have done so much more for our "school community" – those that have started clubs of their own initiative, those that sacrificed their own time working on voluntary projects like the newspaper, fundraising week and of course, any chance to promote the CITIZENSHIP CONFERENCE JULY 2005! WOOO!


(Bottom line – this system sucks arse.)

Okay, in depth research (i.e. asking Mrs Littlemore who we all know is the LANDMINE of knowledge) I found out how exactly 18 people were selected from what is essentially, about 200 students. Or as JimJames likes to call it "the top ten percent"

We were given nomination forms and asked to nominate several people who we thought would be good. We were all under the impression that these nominees would then all be considered by the Mrs C-Wallader (supreme leader of year 12) and then put forward into a shortlist, from which we would all vote on who, in the list would be best at the job.

However apparently, it was only people with 10 nominations or above that got considered by the teachers to be put in this "final 18" – which led to a LOT of muttering and "discussion" in the library.

Obviously those that told the world that they were going up for the job got the most votes, and those that were more conservative about slipping such matters into conversation were at an obvious disadvantage. Should this have to be a disadvantage?

Opening this to "discussion" yet again, what would have been the best solution, or method for such elections? I mean, there’s only so much we can do before it turns into one big popularity contest. And in an environment where geniality is rather hard to come across, how can we determine the difference between someone who’s nice or "nice" as we could say.. and someone who’s right for the job?

My point is, whilst trying to keep a fair and balanced view, is - For the nominations, most of us voted for our friends, not necessarily the people that we think would be good for the job.
If we'd had known the shortlist was based on nominations, we would have actually made them count.

Hell, I put Tottle down in one of my spaces! :P

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/28/2005 08:35:00 pm

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Its snowing again. Seriously guys something tells me this Spring is going to be fucked up lol. Also anyone want to give the odds on a snow day any time soon? I can already give you the odds that my parents will make me get up at half six and trudge to the bus stop no matter what the weathers like.
I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about snow that makes me feel, in more ways than one, really small.

Reason One
I don’t know if any of you have just sat in the snow outside looking up at the sky? Yes it freezes your ass completely but for that one small moment before the searing pain kicks in, you look up at the sky with all the snow falling down and you feel really insignificant. Heh, it’s a nice feeling that we all need to get sometimes. Especially if, like me most likely, you’ve got a huuge………….

(why am I making penis jokes out of myself again?!?!)

Anyway reason 2 for feeling uber small.

Something about being in snow makes you want to run around and twirl and dance and shout and … just be a small child again. Okay, I have to admit, its not just snow that can do it to us is it? Lol but yeah, its good just to be in the snow and smile.

Until you get it in your eye.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/22/2005 08:21:00 pm

Monday, February 14, 2005

Come fly with me, let fly lets fly away....

Dontcha just LOVE airports?
lol I dunno, when i was younger, i wanted to work as one of those people you see wandering around Heathrow like on Airline. And no, not JUST because they got to have walkie-talkies. Also, those moving escalator thingies that are on the ground - god im feeling so eloquent today- you know what i mean? If you walk on them its as if you'r gliding on the floor. Theyses fun. Note to self, dont focus on something out the window as you will fall over like last time.

Anyways im off to Milan for two days which should be "cool beans". It'll be interesting to see the city pre-fashion week lol My italian phrases are grazi, si and lol, i like this one... prego (prrray-go) (y)

(y) Argh, have been doing that a lot! FOr those of you that know, (Y) on msn turns into a little thumbs up sign. God i need to find ANOTHER way to entertain myself on weeknights. In fact, my Lent thing was giving up going on MSN for more than an hour. Usually, my MSN time is over an hour a day - which if you look at it, seem quite sad, but hey, I'm young.

Hope everyone has had a good valentines day. No doubt, all you soppy gets out there will have had a great day. I however sat at home and did my Comms coursework. Romantic I know lol. Why do they choose to make the CW deadlines the day when we come back from halfterm?? Cos half of us are on school trips and stuff, and the other half simply have BETTER things to do, am i right? lol They make it seem as if we have a WHOLE week to do extra work, but in fact if you'r on, for example, the classics trip, you dont at all. I noticed our school is sly like that.

Just like the study leave season this year. They say 13th to 13th which gives us a WHOLE month - lucky us - except technically it should start on the 16th because the 13th is a Friday and normally the weekend is - oh i dont even KNOW any more!

Anyway, i have spent the rest of the day lounging on my bed trying to get some English reading stuff done - whilst consuming packets of yoghurt covered raisins - which are ADDICTIVE - as well as MINI CREME EGGS! 8th wonder of the world. Theyr just so iddy and filled with BOTH the orange and white fondant, and yes the Orange fondant is STILL in the middle.


I should go now, its almost ten and i need to finish packing. Especially since im geting up at 4 tommoro.... What to pack what to pack? Actually, on a random note, id like to see if that box full of confiscated scissors is still there..... Oh, and tweezers are prohibited on flights too - for OBVIOUS reasons im sure.
God im only going for two days, but Im carrying so much, i could open a small shop once i get past customs....

Hmm, sounds like a plan

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/14/2005 09:50:00 pm

Monday, February 07, 2005

I heart Creme Eggs and Muse

Im digging on Muse at the moment - must say - Absolution album is pretty good. If anyone has Showbiz and wouldnt mind lending it to a girl who promises not to break or eat it (ie. me) - then please and thank you!

Anyways random notes as I felt I havent blogged in a while.
Tomoro is another day of doom - Im getting another set of "diamonds" - lol crazy orthodentists and their funny speak... Anyways, tomoro will mean restricted use of jaws again, hence im eating everything on the "banned" list possible. That means chocolate, CRUSTY BREAD, nuts and hard biscuits! Mwahah

Then i have a mahoosive charity dinner to go to - which is formal dress. Talking of dressing, i turned up to school today in the most eclectic mix of styles - avec a pair of horrible tights which i THOUGHT were skin coloured - but evidently not. More of a pucey pinky icky blah. However, happy thoughts, it was pointed out that it matched my scarf. So after that, of course the tights were "meant" to be like that. Yeah.

Chapter One of the D of E Diary Revolutions is up at http://dofediaryrevolutions.blogspot.com
We did it last summer, if you thought the memories were just about to fade, think again lol (for all you hiker boys and "odd characters" out there - dont make me sing at you :P)

As im too tired to think up a random topic thats relatively interesting - or not-so-interesting, I have some silly anecdotes of no meaning to tell. Dont know if iv just contradicted myself there...

First things first- you know it - of course, its ENGLISH LESSONS with Milzani!

The question was: "the boy was howling in the wind" - gells what do you theenk of that? What eemage does you see?

Zoe's answer: (withouth hesitation) WOLF
Everyone elses answer: Eerie, mystery, evil etc
Ooops. Hey, its all subjective anyway! As long as you can back it up right? Well my reasoning was simple.
"The boy was howling. Wolves howl. Hence WOLF"
English = Piss evidently ...

Followed on by Miss Milzani's opinion on "what is it? Page 6? Page 6 girls?"

Talking of words and stuffage - the lesson in which you wouldnt think words were entirely necessary. MATHS with COOOPER (to quote maths people : arghghghg troll women arhghghg!)
Theres this picture of a pendulum in a grandfather clock. Dunno how Mathsy that is...

Cooper says:"Girls Im thinking of a word to describe this. Everyone think of a word,heres a hint - you use it in science a LOT"
Zoe says: "OSMOSIS!!!!"

Meh osmosis, periodic - its easy to get them mixed up... lol

PS I heart creme eggs. Iv bought 6 in the past four days. ANd i swear the packaging used to be BLUE and yellow and red, not PURPLE .... Changing creme egg colours and the local shop is now a Tesco's Express. Oh how the days are changing.....

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/07/2005 10:34:00 pm

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