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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Political? I dont do political. I do ....

... I dont know what i do? I mean, you cant class MYNSIL as political - i should hope bloody not!! Its not fiction for one, and its most certainly not all fact! Its not entirely comedy, but its not dead serious either.

Currently im writing mon feature article for the School Student newspaper (cos Im a cool kid, as stated in the blog below) and I appear to have writers block. I mean, lookin at what Iv written im just thinking, god Zoe, this stuff looks so political! I look like Ward! (in the literary sense)
I mean, probably one of the most serious things Iv written was the final editorial in the Yearbook last year, but to be honest, that had a quote from a movie and a perfectly cheesy tear-jerker to finish off with. And im sure most of you know how "interesting" my endings to a speech can be lol

Anyways, as i got to choose what i did my feature on, i chose to do it on the opposite of sex - duh. And in accordance with the circumstances - the lack of the opposite of sex. However, i suck and i have no actual quotes written down which i can use as evidence, so Im sending out puppy dog eyes to you all just to leave a little comment in the ShoutyOuties expressing your view on "the relationship between AGS and AHS" - sorry Floyders, not this time.
We're going along the "we dont have enough socialising" line so please leave something that vaguely resembles some form of backing up-age.

Youse all clever beans. Now make!
(please and thank you!)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/28/2004 09:40:00 pm

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Not So Interesting Quotes

Economics lessons.
The humour of Mr Skinner really does astound me. Or maybe its the unique combination of all the students in my Nomics class mixed with a bit of Monday morning blues for good measure.

Well, to explain the above kefaffle here are some quotes of such lessons:

Mr Skin- "Amy, when you'v quite finished groping at Esthers feet..."

Mr S- "Who has NEVER borrowed money from Mum and Dad then?"
*only Lemm's hand goes up*
"REALLY Emily?! OMG!" exclaim the class
"I just take it" replies Lemm bluntly.

"So basically, you should lie about what you earn?"
"No Amber... thats fraud."

"Why do the North spend more money on cigarettes?"
"Well, isnt the North like really uneducated..."
*Mr Skinners face changes*
"Oh god, Mr Skinner, you'r not from the North are you?"

And not forgetting the large scale conversation on the Gypsies of Aylesbury when the Gypsies had this traditional thing of burning the recently deceased in their caravan - though one slight problem- the body was in the Stoke Mandeville morgue.
However the hospital werent too keen on giving back the body for such purposes. And in retaliation, I quote according to the narration of Amy, "loads of travellers came down from ... like ... the North? and threatened to do in Aylesbury"
Then came the mass discussion about who in the class had done what at that time and Mr Skinner got a bit annoyed as we were in fact meant to be discussing Consumption and factors that effect it. Interesting non?

Anyway turns out that this load of gypsies decided to go home or something. I dont know, the story kinda fizzled out towards the end....
If by "fizzled out" i mean turned to the subject of "Gypsies and why they ruin our lives by stealing from us and our shops" which OF COURSE was "How Gypsies affect the economy" in ... hidden terms... lol

But anyways, he decided to try and move us on
"Okay girls, name some consumption affectors"
"The GREAT Gypsy rebellion" adds Zoe
*Mr SKinner hits his head*

Oh the joys of Economics!

On a completely unrelated note. Quote from a Year 13 - WITH A CAR may i add- who i actually didnt look at as i hid my face and ran off as soon as he said..
"Friday. Assembly. Loved it."

Austin the Dustbin Boy started laughing so i pushed him into the hedge and tried my best to flounce off...... WITHOUT falling over.

Its blatantly because im so cool of course.....

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/23/2004 07:20:00 pm

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Zoe makes a fool of herself. Again.

It was a very cold morning in November. There was frost on the ground, ice on the windscreen, ice on the road - conclusion- there was ice every blimmin where!
And getting out of the car at some god earthly hour in the morning i appeared to forget that.
So i stepped out onto the kerb as we pulled up to my bus stop

And slipped
And fell
(With a satisfactory DOOOF may i add)
There is now a large bruise just under my eye - i could have had an eye out i tell you!


And if that wasnt humiliating enough, i had to read out our notice from the "Citizenship Conference Comittee" (could that sound ANY lamer?) to the whole collective gathering of year 12's and 13's ..... at the Grammar school.
To be honest, the first thing i was thinking when my face hit the car door wasnt "Ow, my face just hit the car door". In fact it was "Oh god please dont let me face the grammar school with a black eye!"

But yeah the assembly was interesting yet again.... We walked into reception and was told it was in the lecture hall. So we went out and went round finaly ending up at the fire exit to the lecture hall. We decided to go around again but Amanda Hastings had better ideas
So we hastily scarpered and in the end decided to ask for directions.
*pushes Zoe forward* HEY! ermm.... hi there... wheres the lecture hall?...please?...

BUt yeah we eventually arrived and what a time to arrive in! Rush hour when the whole of year 12 + 13 appeared to have left their classrooms. And we were thinking second and third thoughts....
It was scary as obviously, when you'r the only four members of the opposite sex in a room of 300 people, you suddenly step into the spotlight (lucky for me i didnt FALL into it.)
Anyways we were like what do we doooo? So made our way ever so daintily to the front and sat down. And then we read our notice - which must have been so geeky - "Please join our citizenship conference next year, we'r cool honest!"

But anyway, we quickly said what we had to say, i had to wrap it up so i did. With perhaps the most stupidest line i could have gone with. Maybe. But yeah, i was just saying it thinking "God this sounded so much funnier in my head" ......

Lol oh well, it was voer and done with and we proceeded onto listen to what was the most profound and pensive speech ever heard in an assembly by a High School girl. Seriously, we were like, what the hell!? Our assemblies arent like this! Our assemblies are about Bridget JOnes and Transsexuals! Though one thought did flash through our minds, and this is no offence to our dearly departed friend Diggle (well done for passing the bottom assault course thing :P) , but I think we all know which Diggle kid got rich in the immensely clever gene pool.
But yeah, top hats for Digs cos only 20% of applicants get to where he is in the Marines and I dont see any of us making it into that field so yeah.

Anyways thats about it for now.
Conclusion- I made a twat out of myself.

And it hurts to blink hard. (As you do)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/20/2004 07:41:00 pm

Saturday, November 13, 2004

*three million years later*

Oops, was meant to write "shortly" as i put it, but i .......... i forgot.
But yeah, house dance results you all know by now - and obviously i dont update on news thats "so lassst week" lol

Ermmmmmm to cut it short they gave me flowers, me n leann were gonna go Noodle-ing with the face paint on- but she bailed i tell you!! And erm..... WE CAME THIRD.
Well technically fourth as they included a second after the joint first, but hey it was only one point behind....

Big thanks go to Beans for the explosive laugh during my "BJD" diary in our assembly. Lol is it me or does that sound like some kind of sexually transmitted disease? And yes girls, the fantabulous skirt was from Tescos.

I did have something of relevance to say today.... but talkin of humiliating encounters has made me forget it. Wait what am i talking about? ISnt everything on this site about humiliating encounters?! lol

Okay then, impromptu type on random stuff.
Christmas things are out! I still dont see it as the christmas season yet, not until the coca cola advert comes out.... that makes me cry.....
Na na na na na, na na na na na, tis the season, its always the real thing....

AND! Milton Keynes is having a traditional ice rink in the centre:mk!!! So yeah we all HAVE to go skating!

RAndom note- Mr Hewitt gave us all sweets and stuff. Just because hes a "whole new man" - e learnt that in his Pilates class. Mr Hewitt in Lycra shor - EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW STOP THERE.
MOVING ON, moving on, move blooody moving on!

Meesus, i cant think of anything now ..... Though i could really go for a Drumstick lolly right this minute.... Or a roast chicken pack of crips. I feel pregnant...... lol you know what i mean!!

Grease cast list out tomoro, iv put my predictionay (prediction with a Spanish accent) on Wards blog.
Anyway must go, irony of ironies, Bridget Jones' Diary is on in ten minutes. Toodles!

PS We have a fridge now :) Bring on the cold meats!

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/13/2004 09:37:00 pm

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Do you have any idea how HARD it is to take 30 excited children out to Deep Pan Pizza and back again without any of the following occurring?
-Loss of limbs
-Getting run over
-Loss of TEMPER

The answer, it is indeed rather difficult.
Lets start from the beginning.
Wednesday evening- the first performance of House Dance.
Yes, as you may well know, for the past - apparently 4 weeks- there has been a lot of hoo-ha about this particular event, seeing that this year it is up to us, as Year 12's to sort it out!
Anyway, its a tradition to take your house out to get the performance night kicking off so the whole of Stowe decided to go to Deep Pan Pizza - not too expensive, but not exactly Maccy D's.
So there was Georgous, Beans, Wenj, Leann (yet to be named) and me walking out of the school gates with about 20 little children in tow.
20?? Wait we'v lost some!!
*some time later*
Final count 29 and off we went!
Allocated the groups like so:
"YEAR 10's!
"I get year 9's!
"Year 8's!"
"Ha ha Leann, you get the Year 7's"
"What do I have to to?" Dont forget that this was her first House Dance
"Ermm... you gotta hold all their hands and walk with them"
lol, its fun to play with new people's minds :)

So off we all go down highbridge walk - the middle of course- singing loudly and doing all the kinds of things us Stowe ppl do. Then, this big car comes down the road behind us. Screams of "CAR GET OUT THE ROAD! RUN RUN!" ensue.
As members of Stowe, we are used to mass hysteria, I assure you so it was completely fine until ANOTHER car came up the road, from in front of us.
The year 7's were trapped between two cars, some were trying to squeeze in between the parked cars, some were running away down the road. And we had about 5 hands attatched to us as we struggled to move.
It was chaos.
But, we all managed to get clear and as we watched the cars try to manoevure their way around each other .... *crunch*
Run! Go go go!

Lol, we swore to come back up later to take pictures of the nice shiny dent left in the parked car at the side. To quote one of my kids "Ha ha!" *Nelson Muntz style*

Anyways! Got to Deep Pan Pizza - head count- 28 ......... 28?
Zoe did you count yourself?
It was quite quiet, until Ascott and Claydon, obviously with the same idea and budget in mind, turned up. Flip a coin I say! Alas, Ascott had to go Noodle Bar-ing that night.

Anyways, our meals turned up at random times - mine and Leanns pizza wasn't cooked properly, though we didn't realise until we'd eaten 80% of it.
"Just spread the sauce about and cover the gaps with the cheese!!" - Seriously, don't underestimate my Year 8's!
Either way, we managed to get it taken off our bill so we saved a tenner that night! :D

After that, another 10 decided they wanted to go to Maccy D's for "dessert"
*wipes tear* Just like their captain- always room for dessert!
Was about to leave when I feel a tug on my sleeve. Apparently a drove of them have decided to go to the toilet. And no, we cant leave them to walk on their own. Apparently.
So we wait and we wait.
And we see Beans mum and talk to her.
And we wait.
And here they come!!
Wait! One hasn't got her desert yet.
FINALLY we are ready to go.

And we all trek off into the night singing merrily and running across the zebra crossing. Stowe kids, you gotta love em! (whilst trying not to run one over of course)
I tell you, they put all the loons in this house!

Update on Friday night and results coming sooon........

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/07/2004 06:50:00 pm

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