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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Random Blog .... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Its Halloween.
All the scary films are on. Someone went to see The Grudge and came out with 90% of their popcorn still there – apparently no time to eat, only time to be scared. Fireworks are going off left right and centre - CALM DOWN- ITS NOT BONFIRE NIGHT JUST YET
The Ring has been screened on TV- as has Dawn of the Dead, Village of the Damned, Jason X and Halloween – the list of films on all the channels I had to avoid goes on….
And where was I?
Sitting with the family in our living room. All 19 of them – and this is half of my mothers side.
And on this Halloween we decided to do something together, so we all sat down (crammed) into the living room and watched the most nail-biting, upsetting film ever. Yes that’s right folks, on All Hallows Eve 2004 – we watched all 81 minutes of -


Seriously! We were all on the edge of our seats- will they make it into the pass to catch up with the humans before the cold comes? And then when they’r all re-united – Kleenex at the ready people!
Sorry, but that’s just such a dude film! But I gotta say, its nothing on Finding Nemo. Okay, maybe just a little bit… Ice Age is the choc chipcookie and Nemo is the custard cream. Is that a good analogy? …. Lol, well I LIKE custard creams anyway!
Only had one visit from ickle trick or treaters this year. And they didn’t even say "TRICK OR TREAT!" – they just stood there. And I was like, yes I know you’r 5 but aren't you going to say anything? Inside my head of course. Well, actually, we wanted to get my Uncle to answer the door so that the kids would run off screaming but instead I went and dipped into my cave of wonders – (the sweet jar, duh what else could it be?) – and dished out my prized rations.
Then one kid drops his sweets on the floor, what a moron! - *rolls eyes* Pre-pubescents- what are we going to do with them? Lol but still, little people can be really cute when theyr dressed up in carrier bags and with flourescent plastic wands. Even if the plastic bag dresses have blue and white stripes not so dissimilar to that of Tescos on them….

*sigh* And i thought i lived in an classy neighbourhood .... lol

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/31/2004 09:40:00 pm

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mynotsointeresting Life living out of a coolbox

Our fridge which broke down was assessed by a repairman today.
It can not be fixed. It is unfixable.
And it must be replaced. Hopefully we can get a Smeg fridge. Theyses cool. Hollises family has a Smeg fridge! As soon as i entered her kitchen i was like SMEG FRIDGE! And then we couldnt stop giggling...

Anyway! So the fridge cant be replaced for at least another 2 weeks. So until then we are living out of the coolbox. I miss cold meat :( All we have are pepperami's - I didnt know they didnt need to be refrigerated?! What an eye opener this incident has been.

Lol, anyways, what else has happened?
Ermm oh yeah! The other day we went out for rabbit food at Petsmart and came back with four fish. Oh dear, my dad is not going to be happy about this. I blame my mother - obviously impulsive buys run in the family!
But yes, here is a delightful picture to inform and ... delight you.

And the big fish is the one which Iv had since Year 7 - and its a huge melon farmer now! The smaller ones are the new ones. I have taken the liberty of drawing a scale of size on. lol
As for naming them?
Even more delightful ideas from my mother.

This is Silvie- the original fish which we believe is a he. And its really old. And yeah.

El madre thinks this should be called Whitehead "because its got a white face". Wtf? White face?! What?
"Goldie - so it can match Silvie" - except the fact that the former is about 5 times smaller than the latter.

"Black Eye - because its "cool" " - Lol, not because its got black eyes?
Lol, and as for this one? "We have Whitehead, Goldie, BlackEye and .. orange.. LETS CALL IT ORANGE!"
Oh, the originality of mi madre.
My father on the other hand is going along the lines of "Frodo and Sam"

Yeah, I think we're gonna leave the names for later maybe...

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/26/2004 01:00:00 pm

Friday, October 22, 2004

Half Term Already...

Eeeeeeeeh time goes soo quickly. I cant believe we'v been here 6 weeks
I cant believe that House Dance is only 10 or so days away and we only have three more rehearsals.
I cant believe that leaves are so sharp when they'r whipped into your face by the damn wind
I cant believe that I havent missed the bus in the morning for a whole year
I cant believe its not butter!
I cant believe Im actually thinking of carrying on in this manner...
Im going to stop.

But yeah! I dont belieeeve it!
I got paid today - plus some kind of tax refund too, so i got an extra *insert crazy amount here* pounds to spend! Well, to save really - I HAVE AN ISA!!
I had no idea what an ISA was but I HAVE ONE NOW!
And its got my university fees in it apparently according to the rentals...... I hope that means that they'll buy me a car! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- gotta go Green Wing is on!

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/22/2004 08:23:00 pm

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mynotsointerestinglife... without molars

Neeeg. Everything on the right side of my nose is numb. Even my ear is numb! Its pretty cool just poking your face and feeling what someone else would feel. When poking your face. Yeah you get what I mean.
Todays extractions, I am glad to say, were the last! Unless my wisdom teeth come up, then I’d be buggered. But wisdom teeth? Not likely mate lol. (Why do I get the horrible suspicion that they’r gonna emerge this time next year just to SPITE me?)
Meh, I don’t know why, but even my fingers feel "drugged"- my spelling’s all over the place!! Thank god for spellchecker and AutoCorrect. Lol . But theyr trying to replace lol with Lola, loo or Loa. Wtfs a Loa?
Isnt it one of those Hawaiian things? Or is that a Lei… or a Luau… or something

My lips have ballooned to trout pout size – just when I thought my mouth couldn’t get any bigger lol
"Does this hurt?" *jab*
"Okaaay then.."
Turns out the dentist (spawn of swedish satan) didn’t put enough anaesthetic stuff in so I had to have another two injections in the bottom jaw. Great.

ANd then she gave me my teeth at the end of it - WHO DOES THAT?! (My dentisit evidently) lol - Here's your teeth just for some quality memories!!! Woooo.... excuse me while i go happily dance my happy dance in that corner over there...

Interesting things that happened today.....
In Maths- Capstick put his PC screen on the class projector and suddenly this BBC "news alert" pops up with
*cue laughter*
Sure you dont know how to switch it off Mr Capstick...

Also another funny man - Mr Skinner
We had to "guess" what HICP stands for (no it really IS an economical term)
So we got H... Index...(of) Consumer... Prices

So there was us trying to guess the H word so Debses guesses "Happy?"
Mr Skinner replies ecstatically "Happy Index of Consumer Prices. YES!"
Debses exclaims "Really?!"

Anyway, must go and take a paracetemol - but remember kids - no more than 8 in 24 hours!! Silly dentists from sweden...

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/18/2004 07:16:00 pm

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Mmm salami is yummy.

Oru fridge has broken down and there is no one around to fix it until Monday.
Hence now we must eat.
Eat for our lives!!!!


--- We'v put ice packs in the fridge. They've always fascinated me. Not any more though. Honest.
Omg, how much cold meat do we have in our fridge???!!!
You know what?
We take fridges for granted these days. We really do.
That and bread. Everyone takes bread for granted. Where would we be without it?!
Someone stop the madness!!!! Think of the children!! Somebody please think of the children!!

Yeah. Everyone takes bread for granted these days. We have a loaf of ciabatta. And a bread bin. Though there is no bread in it. Just random biscuits and last years D of E emergency rations.
And if thats where the biscuits are, Im left thinking ... what the hell's in the biscuit tin then?

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/17/2004 09:50:00 am

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who are you auditioning for? ...... erm....

Heyloo folks, the beauty that is MSN Messenger is running and IM seeing a lot less swearing and a lot more happiness is general! Thats always a good thing. Right? Yeah! lol Hello.

Before i start on my usual hiker ramble jargon thing... - too late - but yes. Frisky Jims hair! Or distinct lack of "the hair". I have to say, walked into el bus park today and was like *double take*
On a script it would look like this - Zoe takes a double take
Lol a bit of BEB influence there. But yes, Frisky Jim, your new hair has passed the test. Congratulations you'r now a full instated priest. Or something to that effect. Minus some holyness and choir boys or, i could put it, minus some unholyness and choir boys.

ANYWAY! today i had my Grease audition at lunch. I missed my slot on Monday you see - down to the whole extraction of molar process but we dont talk about that anymore- so i went to see Mr Warner Man today just to ask him if i could possibly be squeezed in after they had finished the weds lunch auditions. To which he then replies, oh we may as well put you first then!!
And im like ........ erm... okay... first.. okay... * inside im actually going shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit*

For your extra knowledge i was completely unready. I knew roughly what i was going to sing - but i had yet to decide which part to read and what exactly i was going to say! - you see i thought i would do that whilst waiting for my time slot.....

But no. I was thrown in at the deep end. (looked like I had been too - DID YOU SEE THE RAIN today?)

Anyways, i go in, do my thing, almost start laughing because Sophie and James are in the room as well smiling and grinning at me. But yeah, at least it wasnt too daunting seeing that i knew a few friendly faces in the room. Yay!
*sigh* I just wish i had actually had a chance to at least hum or something (warming up my vocal chords and all that jazz) before doing it lol I literally just took my coat off and began!
Oh well, serves me right, i should have known anything could happen.

And then i went and talked to the rest of the audtioners for the part of "Chorus- Male" who all laughed at me when i told them what happened.
But DBD was there to protect me ...... by joining in the laughter of course. lol



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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/13/2004 08:15:00 pm

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Nice ending of the comments there.
And iv just realised.
MSN crashes an what are we left with?
Our only means of communicating was through our sign in names.
"Hello hello anyone out there?"
"I hate MSN"

50 comments and a locked comments post in less than an hour?

Chaos i tell you, CHAOS!

But you know what the moral is people? After all this fuss, all this aggro and swearing. After all this .... disorder.

It all makes me realise, we need to get out more.

Enjoy the comment space, im off.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/10/2004 08:22:00 pm
Is MSN being gay to anyone at the moment?
IM trying to speak to people but its not sending them my messages.
ANd by the looks of it, other people are being signed on and off - or theyv had a clever idea and thought it may work.
Well heres some new - IT DOESNT! Bastards.
Meh, message undelivered....
I feel so...... alone!

PS, on the other hand its actually quite fun, im insulting Spangus and he doesnt know!! :D

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/10/2004 08:04:00 pm

And to change the subject completely...

Tomoro i will be taking the first step in a series of stages which will probably last until 2006...
I am getting teeth pulled out. Two in fact. And then two the following week.
Why? you say?
I am in fact getting braces.
Fun fun!

I am freaked out because Iv been told that the needle they use for anaesthetic is a "big ass" one and it "canes like hell"
Thanks for the reassurance guys.
I am freaked out because my dentist person speaks almost the same language as Miss Milzani - incoherent italirisenglish - but no even that - its more of a swedenglish. So this is going to be a blast.
She'll probably ask me if i want an aneasthetic to which i'll profusely shake my head to .... Pray for me. lol

I am freaked out because I'v visions of a big gaping hole in my mouth - Iv spent a good 16 years with these teeth. Iv grown quite attatched to them - literally.

but most importantly i am freaked out because this is the end of life as i know it. This is the end of the life Iv been living for the past few years. Yes, iv heard the horror stories. And i have to say, my life is over!!!!!
Not to mention fizzy drinks as they may "damage the delicate equipment"
Mutter mutter mutter
bye bye decent food.
Hello cut up bits of apple.

Tomoro is the day of pain .... i bet its going to rain.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fire Drills

Fire drills.
In all my years at AHS, I’v been to approximately 25 fire drills (and no I don’t count, I just estimated roughly one for each term)
Never before have them been a real drill. And yes, I know there is no such thing as a real drill, because then in fact it wouldn’t be a drill, it would be a …. Reality. But yes.

First of all, in Year 7 you walk out quietly and obediently, perhaps scared because you don’t quite know your way around yet so the fear of getting lost and being burned to a cinder is still in you.
Year 8, you start to whisper and giggle but then the teacher gives you the “Im really scared” look and says that he/she has not been warned of this drill so it must be the real thing. Honest...
Year 9. ABove trick doesn’t really work for you anymore so you just walk out, glad to be able to go and bask in the sun for a bit. The teachers tell you to shush as apparently us talking throws the whoole process off course.
Year 10. The teachers actually know your name by now so we actually are a little bit quieter. This is often the year in which you are the one to accidently set the fire bell off. Not that that’s ever happened to us…… :)
Year 11. Your really glad to be out of the classroom. If you hear the sine rule one more time… Skills of whispering have been perfected so that now you can communicate in mere silence. Oh the joys of evolution.

Year 12.
Well lets see... what happened today?
You slowly walk out of your lesson, though glad to be out of Maths, this drill doesn’t panic you in the slightest. In fact you’r so at ease that you insist on saying “after you? No, after you!” at every door. You get told to move on by the Maths teacher who clearly is not in the mood. (Blah stupid toad woman) By now you’r wearing small pointy heels which sink into the grass of the field leaving a trail of pointy dots leading to your line…… If you can find your line that is...
You then spend a few minutes confused at whether to line up in houses or in tutor groups. Such is the way of year 12.

Then after much whispering and shivering - even though the sun is burning the back of your legs - its still bitterly cold. We get told to shush by Mr Rosen (ha!) Senora Beardmore and all the other "big names" in the school. Oops.
Whisper whisper. Oh really? Apparently this is in actual fact a real fire.
Whisper Whisper. In L2 - with the brand spanking new computers!! LOL at the irony!
Whisper Whisper-
"EXCUSE ME DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?" The voice of Mr Torpey bellows. The offenders profess that they dont and are in fact, also listening to what Mr Rosen is saying... Honest!
"I for one, would like to know what is happening because even I dont know" says Mr Torpey
"Well, actually," CHizzel pipes up, " Its a fire in ... L..." She trails off.
Mr T's "pyscho eyes" look is enough to chill any brave soul.

But anyway, word gets round that the fire was detected by a year 12 language class. All almost close to death of course. Mr Grimes said this and that. A lot of rumours actually. And all this while we'r meant to be calmly waiting impending doom. Silently.

Hmm, word spreads quickly in the strangest places ....

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Final Thought.

This blog has been deleted.

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