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Sunday, August 29, 2004

See you in 4 years

Well, the Olympics is officially over. Flames gone out, flags down - 17 days is now up.
Did anyone see the 4x100 relay yesterday?! SWEETNESS or what?!
Shame about Paula Radcliffe not finishing either of her thingydoos

That little Chinese girl at the end who sings and then says "Welcome to Beijing" - AWWWWWWWW! (btw, apparently i looked like that when i was younger ........... okaaay.)

Olympics over. See you in 4 years! When will London ever get to host it again?

Ho hum, oooh! My job just got EVEN better! You know the person that goes
"This is a staff announcement, will *insert someones name here* report to the shop floor"


lol i have a "tannoy voice" now to add to my list of voices! Posh voice, professional voice, seedy voice, suspicious voice, normal voice etc etc...... lol

They asked me to say something to remind the customers that the shop was closing soon, and even though i was thinking "Everyone hurry up now, its time for you to piss off home ", i came out with
"This is a customer announcement, the store will be closing in 10 minutes"

This is a short post today but thoughts on any of the above?

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/29/2004 07:53:00 pm

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Zoe's attempt at a serious blog...

Hello everyone! This is my attempt at writing something which will hopefully make you reflect and think about stuff but if it doesnt then hey, i'll settle for a bit of money (Bank account no. 193474 336483) lol
As many of you know, tomoro is the 26th August - results day. The day on which we will recieve our results.... Hence results day. Yes. (As you can see i am making this up as we go along and have no idea where im going with this. Enjoy.)
Tomoro's proceedings will stand as our achievement of the past two years, and technically, its what we have to show for all of our years in compulsory education. (please bear with me, im havnt quite found my "flow")
I remember my first GCSE exam like it was yesterday,Business Sudies Case Study exam :S. We started exams over 3 months ago and I dont know if its just me, but those 3 months went fast. Scene: We were waiting outside the hall in our alphabetical lines (i was at the end), i looked out onto the netball court and this huuge f-off black crow descended onto the ground turning those of us who had actually seen "The Omen" into quivering wrecks. (Actual Quote: "ITS A SIGN!! WE'R ALL GOING TO FAIL!")
And now we'r one day away from the moment of truth....
I guess, what the real point of this blog is, is to wish you the most good-est, bestest, luckiest luck for tomorrow and wherever tomorrow takes you. You'r all clever beans so I know you'll all do fine. And secondly, Id like to say thank you - I'd like to maintain that it has been, and always will be an honour to know you. And an honour to have you act like you know me especially when im being an embarassment :) Bottom line? You all rule (deesh style) And for those of you whom i wont be seeing in a long while (tahts quite a lot of people - coincedence? lol) - wherever you'r going, whatever you'r doing for the next few years, Im sure you'll succeed and do "real good" You'v all had an effect on my life and whether i enjoy your company or not, it will be different without you (feel special now) and i wish you lots of luck whether it be for you, or for the school that you'r going to! Snaps for you all.
And as for the rest of you fuckers- I'll be seeing you in September :P

That brings us to the end of todays blog so join me in raising a glass to tomorrow, to the future and finally- to us.

(Good or bad, thats a whooole lot of twisted memories my pyschiatrist will be digging out of me in 30 years)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/25/2004 03:52:00 pm

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Hello everyone!
Long time no blog. I guess its because iv been quite busy recently (hence proving that previously, i really had nothing better to do than write in the bloggy doo!)

Well, update, update, update....
Iv been doing two solid weeks of training with Bootses - Seriously, there is nothing more fun than TILL TRAINING! We have new flash flatscreen tills so you jsut press the screen and follow the instructions- its really that easy. And its soo fun when you swipe the card!! lol, however I'v picked up this habit of saying "Bye now!" to everyone i talk to, even when im the one thats buying things!
Was taken to the CCTV room and as luck would have it, as soon as we stepped inside, the guards were like SSSSH! Cos there was a man stealing something!! And then he ran out the store and then 3 guards ran after him and about 10 came back with him. And then we realise we had to get out of the room because it was the holding room (where they interrogate the shoplifters *gets torch and shines it in eyes*) and we all ran out and as he walked in we gave him the look of shaaame! And he cried mwahah! He then got arrested for assault and theft. And all that for a perfume tester....

More exciting ish news.... Went to Bliss roadshow avec ChazBaz, got sooo many freebies!! :D I like freebies. And theres this band called FreeFaller who are actually really good! And quitegoodlooking too! The roadshow was on Friday through saturday and i popped along on friday for 10 mins during my lunch break and walked away with autograpsh, freebies, free t-shirt and make up! Came back the next day with ChazBaz and THEY REMEMEBRD ME!!! Well, okay, two of them referred to me as the Boots girl but hey, THE LEAD VOCALIST REMEMBERED MY NAME! :D *is happy* (it doesnt take much does it lol)
* Edit - THEY SANG TO US!! Lol, the lead guy was up on stage and like blinked at me!! Not like, oooh, he blinked at me, but proper, "hey there" blinking! Me and Chaz were like EEEEE (blame the lights and loud music) And then in the next song he like pulled a face at us and we were like YEAH!. lol*

Hmmm, why do i detect a obsessive phase coming up, not dissimilar to that of Mark Joseph! LOLOL! Well... at least they arent flogging their first single for 99p. Yet. But they rememebered me! Yay!

Must go, we'v won a fishtank on Ebay....

Note to self - learn to spell rememberd/ remembered/remememememberd properly.

Song in my head - Swing, swing - All American Rejects

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/22/2004 11:08:00 am

Friday, August 13, 2004

Olympics Madness

I dont know why but I sat through about 70% of the 3 and a half hours of the Olympics opening ceremony. Hey, it only happens once every four years. Well, tahts my excuse for now anyway....
As as Olympics opening ceremonies go, it wasnt half bad actually. I liked the beginning with the big timeline and all the people who looked like wooden dolls and stuff, but have to admit, got reeeeally bored of seeing all the countries coming out. I seriously applaud ANYONE who sat through ALL of the countries coming out. Anyone?
Then Bjork cam out and did her thing, tho being honest I couldn't make out many of the lyrics except for "Your sweat is salt-eeee" which im sure wasnt a true reflection of the rest of the lyrics. Hopefully. Yes.
And then the torch was lit and the fireworks went off. Very pretty. Though its made me think. A lot of money has obviously gone into this. I mean, the torch will burn continuously for about 16 days right? That's got to cost quite a bit to keep that monster flame going (imagine that on a car like in "Pimp My Ride"- sweeeet) And dont even get me started on the environmental issues that involves!
Personally, my favourite Olympic thing to watch is the athletics, the gymnastics and the swimming (ok ok, it was for Ian Thorpe but hey)
I bet half of you didnt even watch it (better things to do I guess?) but I have to say, since its a once-every-four-years thing, the Olympics beats the Commonwealth hands down. Oh wait... the Commonwealth games are once every four years too. Bugger, there goes my reasoning...
Conclusion: Olympics wheee!

PS, noticed that the Athens Olympics Committee is ATHOC and my random thought was, if the United Kingdom had one, it would be UKOC. Pronounce as you will.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/13/2004 10:36:00 pm

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Eeee! Im on the Sky website!

Picture eeeeee click me!

For those of you who know, my time in Birmingham was to attend one of three 3-day workshops run by Sky TV. My choice was the Media workshop and it was great! Liberty X were the faces so they turned up on the last day and guess who gots to interview them?! And now Sky have put up some pictures on the webby which is pretty lucky because i didnt have a camera, or a pen (so alas no screams of "Tony sign me sign meeeee!") and now i have a nice memory jogger of "when Zoe met Liberty X" ... and also made a fool out of herself in front of them because she couldnt get the MD player (see bottom of picture) to record - who says third time lucky? More like 9th! And if you look on my right hand you will see the lovely bracelet thing given to me by Greer and the Claydonites one Christmas which clearly states

Boys are stupid throw rocks at them!
Ha, Miner Matt was smug when he got his pic on The Coastguard Kites Gallery .... *gets rock* :P

:D But yeah, as "cool" as Liberty X are, they were pretty ... cool. I asked them THE most random questions ever such as :

"If you were a biscuit what biscuit would you be and why?"

Kevin- Hob Nobs because they have big nuts.
Kelly (who the Sky Guy announced as Holly) - Bourbons because im brown slim and sexxxy
Jessica- Dip me! Dip me! Dip me! Actually, a party ring maybe...
Michelle - *silence*

Hey, you cant please everyone.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/10/2004 06:37:00 pm

Sunday, August 08, 2004

*sings* Im in the money...

Hoooo okay, topic for today - JOOOBS!! hehe joobs, i mean it like Jobbbbbs! or Jobsssss! But anyway!! (stop procrastinating Zoe) lol and stop talking to yourself. Well typing. And reading.. And..

I got the job in Boots. And a letter arrived on my doormat 4 days ago - tho i got it today due to the wonderful beings that are my parents and their short term memory. I quote:
"Your salary will be £2,823.60 per annum, £5.43 per hour, 10 hours per

HOLY COW! Thats like 55 quid a week. Hoooooo yeah!! Who's in the money? la la la la la la! Plus from Monday onwards I have 2 full weeks of training (bar weekends) and i recently found out that its PAID for! I did NOT know that! So that means in two weeks time i will have over 300 squid!! Eeeeeeh! Well, that is, if i did my maths correctly.

And then Miner Matt told me he gets 6.25 an hour for being a dishwasher.... (thunder stealer!)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/08/2004 07:42:00 pm

Friday, August 06, 2004

Aylesbury Grammar has been robbed! Robbed i tell you!

LOL, coming back home today in the car, I was sitting there thinking about how i , get this, was starting to miss AHS/AGS and the lot that comes with it. Suddenly Will Young gets interrupted by the local news, one of the latest stories being
"Thieves break into an Aylesbury school..."

Turns out that people broke into AGS and made of with a brand new rowing machine, still in its box. Ouch it hasnt been a good year for Mr Harvey with vandalism and thefts has it?

Anyways, for those of you still in the country and with web access, you may have been wondering where i have been for the past few days (okay maybe not but try and pretend) There has been a distinct lack of daily babbling due to the fact that my cousins PC is under some kind of AOL blocking protection thing and i couldnt access my blogpad due to too much "suspicious content" .... Strange that, especially as it let me access the MYNSIL main page. You cant get content more suspicious than "Jizzwanks", "Bosh on the mooey" and "Bajooby" i dont think! .. Okay, i made the last word up, but you get my point right?! Right? ...
G2go and unpack soon but heads up for my next blog on JOBS *dances around mysteriously*

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Keep it in the family

Well, today we’re expecting the whole family around the house to celebrate one of the uncles birthdays. The uncle that has the restaurant, not the one that has the fish n chip shop. Yes.

But anyway, I’m expecting a major déjà vu of last time. If you do not recall, I cam downstairs early in the morning to get a drink and lo and behold, I find one of the uncles passed out on the kitchen table. The chinese gambling games obviously took its toll on him.
Only three people are "scheduled" to spend the night here, though knowing my family, everyone will decide to try and win their money back and be gambling through the night. Its been known to happen many times before.
We’r having THE barbeque to end all barbeques! Those that know me know exactly how much I can consume. Times that by ten and bingo you got how much food we will be cooking/burning. The food bill at Morrisons (first time we went there and its soooo huge!) was rather high. But who can resist buy one get one frees?! But only Zoe falls for the buy 5 get the 6th free.....

Anyways best be off, steaks need marinating, floors need hoovering... unlucky for me, all the cousins are in university so it will just be me and a large number of middle-aged drunkards. Sweet. Maybe i should steal from them as they snore blissfully unaware on whichever household surface they see fit.... *contemplates*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/01/2004 11:38:00 am

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