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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

She shoots..... and there goes her shoe!

Oh.My.God. *does best Janice impression*
I never thought id say this, but today i was playing sport. And having way too much fun! Sorry but if kicking a ball at Spangus's head while he stands there and lets you aim isnt entertaining what is?! However, just a quick note, its not ideal to wear ballerina slippers whilst playing as they tend to fly off quite easily. And hit passers by perhaps... BTW though toe punting/punching the ball is quite fun, it hurts like no ones business if you are wearing thin shoes like mine.

But yes, and afterwards some yr13 grammar boy (not Pyscho Ben- though i saw him and ran. RAN LIKE THE WIND) told me that i was "pretty good at football for a girl". I dont know whether to be pissed off that this remark was soo sexist. Or ecstatic that a fit year13 made conversation with me.... Ho hum..

Sixthform morning was not bad. OMG! Am thinking of volunteering for this drugs education project run by these people called D.P (which led to many giggles during the talk) Yeah, not much really happened there. Except i got HOT soup from the vending machine. yes, opposed to cold soup which you can get if you pressed the wrong button. But no. We LEARN from our mistakes. Well, if we remember.
And as for any MAJOR holidays this summer?
Clare Bear says:
im goin to Belgium for the guitar trip and America for a cousins wedding which should be fun. How bout u?
Zoe says:
The Lake District. With my parents. On their anniversary.

Cant wait...

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/29/2004 07:26:00 pm

Monday, June 28, 2004

No fair!

Today we had the sixth form induction day which was all about "team building" activites run by the World Challenge peeps. There were quite a few new people, whom no doubt were freaked out by my "meet and greet" routine.
AFter escaping "lava flows", "boggy swamps", "cannibals" and "piranhas" we came to what was essentially the end of the day and the time for recognising our achievement- through the means of receiving a certificate.
Group 8 and Group 9 sat on the field watching Groups 1 through 7 clapping and cheering. What was going on? And why werent we there? But no, we had been told to wait where we were. Then we saw people leaving the field with bright shiny papers in their hands - CERTIFICATES!!!
And then. Cuh. Then the man comes over and is like, Apologies, but we seem to have run out of certificates. All this hoo hah and no shiny paper to show off with? Gayarse

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/28/2004 07:09:00 pm

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday- The day of rest

After finally come to a pause in my agenda I have decided to update this baby which i havent done so in aaaaaages (ok three days.. what? I swear I get withdrawal symptons...)

Ok, where do I start?
Thursday’s posh dress party was great if not slightly emotional. Had another sangria-style incident, as after eating all the fruit in the punch bowl was told that it absorbs all the alcohol. I really should have learnt that by now…
It was a surprise party so we all waited in the garden as we were told Bekash was almost here. So there was about 20 of us, with party poppers holding our breath about to shout SURPRISE! then 10 minutes in, we received a phone call, she had was just about to leave the house. Bugger.

Friday came. Party began about 4. Was scheduled to arrive at Ellys house at 5 as my dad was taking me after he got back from work. Happily he came back extra early so we would make it for about half 4. Ended up arriving there at half 5 onwards. Turns out my map reading skill REALLY aren’t what they used to be. Well, me thinks the D of E has had a damaging effect on the way I read maps. Plus the fact that now holding them upside down is almost a reflex…. So yes. After I arrived, saw everyone in their fancy clothes, was tres sociable and decided to join Chaz and run around au antural (NOT naked, just with no shoes) before exclaiming “OK, now wheres my drink?”
And then! LOL get this! And then! Elly comes out with this HUUUGE bottle of WKD (blue) and hands it to me. And I'm like. SERIOUSLY?! And shes like, just don’t down it all at once. So yeah like like... Five minutes in of my arrival I'm walking around with a huge bottle of alcohol the size of my thigh. Score!

Later that night, I remember vague attempts at dancing… playing basketball… jumping on a trampoline and eating a large container of flying saucers. Mmm sherbet. And also finding Rosie and Charles behind the shed and running away… well, being piggy backed away (there were pointy things on the ground and i had no shoes on), screaming "MY EYES MY EYES!"

ANYWAY moving swiftly on to yesterday. TOGFEST!!!!!!
For those of you who don’t know, Togfest is a music festival that happens in MK every year. This year I went to go see my very own dear Machete who was performing that day. Arrived at about noon. Listened to some young “rockers” called Bad Incision who most of the time just sounded like … one big noise… Oh my god I feel like an old man. But yes. Rain came, went home, came back later only to find that people I actually knew, Raquel, Clare Bar and Foster were in da house. (not literally as we were in a marquee but you know what I mean)
And yes, saw Machete perform alongside a VERY fit bassist (you'r so right Machete) and after her performance, when outside listening to Togmor and dancing around, linking arms, dosey do-ing (they were a country folk band), the WHOLE lot, GUESS WHO WALKED PAST?!
Lets just say me, Clare and Raquel felt s-lightly foolish afterwards as we watched him walk off. And then back to the dancing!!! Very Cotton Eye Joe stylee.
Oh it was a beautiful sight. Lots of people gathered around n a dark courtyard, the only light being an extensive mother of a flood light that seem to light up the sky around it, random folky music, random folky dancing… Little children hitting each other with novelty inflatables. *sigh* Can you feel the love?

The effects of the party that previous night were perhaps evident as everyone seemed to be shouting and jumping around so that the floor moved under me but hey. NO HAEMORRHAGESESES! WHEEEEEEE!
Wow this HAS been long blog. No doubt I’v forgotten to mention key highlights of the past three days but do care to remind/humiliate me…

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

I am eating toast

OMG it hasnt sunk in that I'v just completed my GCSE'seses............
But anyway, no sooner are they over does the partying begin. Talking of partying Im attending a big send off tonight WHEEEEE
Friday - yet another party
Sunday - Day of rest, duh
Monday- Sixth Form induction
Tuesday- Sixth Form induction plus D of E things
Wednesday ... ooooh.... SOMEONE PLAN SOMETHING!!!
I feel so purposeful again!!
la la la la la
Oh god..... i cant WAIT to get my results.... though im worried that if i get a D, i'll cry and everyone will think im a doofer....
Mmm marmite on toast. I like marmite... Gotta go get ready now - posh dress time!!
Lots of smiles and happy loo la's!

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/24/2004 04:01:00 pm

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One exam to go...

YAY no school today!
However, tomoro is the mother of all pointless exams - Textiles.
Trying to revise it as we speak, though as you'r reading this you can probably guess the attempt to revise is not working out as well as i'd have wanted.
Hmm, random ramble for today....
Well.. i got up at 11 (ish) ... okay, half 11. Went downstairs and had breakfas whilst watching Tony Blair and Michael Howard have the Political version of what would be an East-end bitch fight. Except with less "'oo duh yoo fink you arr?" and more "the propaganda which goes with them, are not really about the Constitutional Treaty"
Didnt know politics could be so entertaining ...

Talking of the East end, WHO SAW EASTENDERS LAST NIGHT?! OMG! Dont let Spencer die!! lol actually, we saw a pic of Dennis carrying a little boy out of the wreckage. God that man would look good in a fireman uniform.
Change of subject!
Yesterdays antics were muchos fun. Noodling, Swimming and a bit of Valeing. Not a bad way to end what was essentially the most dire Physics exam ever. First of all, the people either side of me finished in half an hour (a 1/3 of our allotted time) which left me panicking as i was still trying to figure out whether it was distance is speed times time or whether it was speed is distance times time. Time is speed times distance? Blah.
PLUS my stomach kept on rumbling at random intervals which was mighty distracting. Especially when i was trying to remember essential formulas for 4-mark questions.
Then after our swimming (I did not know K-Smudge's brother was the lifeguard until Smooshmoose and Spangus went up to him going "Are YOU Keiths brother?") we had guys versus girls football.
OF course with our honourary newly reinstated girls - Pinki, Hicksie, Wardgia, Ollivia and Smooshelle (aka Greens, Hicksy, Ward, Ollie and Will) we werent half bad. And even though i got hit, squished and smashed I RAN!! Can you believe it? AND I SCORED! Yay! Ok, Hickson may have, just MAY have dropped the ball at my feet before me tapping it in the goal, but still!
And then Elly got hit by the ball. And ClareBear showed some excellent thigh control with the ball (shame it went straight to Keith) Raquel displayed an excellent skill for blocking the guys views of the goal (mwahaha what great tactics we have)and I just ran around squealing, hoping the high pitch would bring them to the ground in spastic fits. But still at the end of tha match (to which we scored the last goal) the score was about 7-9 to the guys which wasnt half bad seeing that the majority of the girls were wearing certain items that would hinder our movement. In the form of skirts, heels and in my case, ballet shoes (THE RED ONES!!) which actually, to my delight, matched the football.
And everyone knows that COORDINATION is the key in any sport :)

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Monday, June 21, 2004

4-2 4-2 4-2!!!

Rooney (the boy is a god!)
and finally
You know how much I love Lampard!!!

And didnt know that some of the croatians were so fit?! lol
Hicksy says
"blah blah *boring football terms* We kept our cool. Took our time *more boring football terminology* I love Lampard **"
**may or may not be true

ClareBear says
"At least we won ... i guess"

Big Smell Will says
"Croatia kicks ass"

Ryan Jay says
"now we can play the host nation, who hav the support of the whole country on their side! portugal!"

Cant wait. Cant wait.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 6/21/2004 08:41:00 pm

Has Mrs Thompson got a complex or what?!

Mrs Thompson, not dappy Mrs T, the music teacher, Mrs Thompson the “do not bring tippex or corrector pens into the exam room as your answers may have been tampered with” woman.
*cough someones got a complex*
As many of you taking exams in the afternoon may be aware, there was a huge fuck off storm in the afternoon. Pouring rain, rumbling thunder, streaks of lightning. And we were standing in it. We were sent out to “line up” when she lost her temper (as she does 98% of the time) Those of us out first were feebly trying to stand under the eaves of the building, pushing ourselves into the walls desperately. The remainder of us were left stranded to wait until our names were called. Unluckily for me. I am a W. (or a Wo lol Emmaroon)
We were not happy bunnies.
I mean, thinking about it, a week ago, when the sun was shining and we were in a haze of heat and sunshine, we would never have believed that we would be put through what we were today. I wouldn’t even have been able to imagine the scene. Huddling under a tree while the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed above us. Whilst crying and complaining, cursing Mrs Thompson whilst she tried to shout over the noise of the thunder and complaining about our hair getting messed. Nope, never would have believed that I would be in this position.
It was like something out of a movie. Except there’s no Spiderman to come out of nowhere so I can pull down his mask and….

ps Tomoro- Swimming at Noon (ish) Meet at the Vale and someone bring a football for afterwards! I sense a mahoosive guys v girls match... Oh dear god, a fiver says i fall over again...

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Summer XS hits MK today

EEEEEE just heard Blazin Squad on the radio!!
Summer XS is finally here, yet the nearest I'm gonna get to Blazin Squad is sitting in my bedroom listening to the concert from my window. Whilst revising Physics. I hate Physics. Its so…. Blah. Yes, its logical and quite simple really, but …. You know I'm not one for logical-ness. Logic. Yes.
Fathers Day today – how many other people didn’t realise until about 3 days ago?! Lol, ran to Woolies after an exam and got him a fitness book and a doorstop. And later we’r being bombarded by the rest of the family and going into MK town ad storming the shopping centre lol. After a huge family meal in the local restaurant (we get 10% discount) Should be able to hear Summer XS wherever I am. I so want to be there! We were all gonna go this year, but hey, middle of the exams, fathers day. IT was clearly not meant to be.
Though, looking on the Summer XS webby the other day, I had to laugh at the rules and regs.
“Do not bring umbrellas as they can be used as weapons, instead use plastic sacs”
“Anyone caught “crowd-surfing” or “moshing” will be ejected”

The Calling are going to be there. I love Alex Band.
And for those of you who have the faintest idea who he is - MARK JOSEPH IS GONNA BE THERE TOO! (Lol Hollis – its written in the wind)
Meh, looking out the window I can see the neighbours packing a hamper into the back of their car. With a blanket and a large bottle of water... wherever COULD they be going…. *cries*

Anyway, the relatives are due to arrive in an hour. No doubt I’ll be on here later going I CAN HEAR BLAZIN SQUAD! I CAN HEAR THEM! EEEEEEE *runs around* EEEEEE *crash*

No doubt.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

OoOooh a title!

Aloha folkies, tonight as i bring you the MYNSIL word, you may be wondering, she's online at the moment, but shes not on MSN... has she blocked me?! Oh, the tears of sadness!**
** may or may not be entirely accurate...
But yes people, i am blogging to you from the grave. Well, at least from the computer grave at least. Seriously, im am on THE oldest PC imaginable. Its so old its just not "compatible" with MSN or practically anything else. Hell, i dont even think its Windows... Woah unfamiliarity is .... unfamiliar...
You can tell, my eloquent-ness has not been affected. Not at all.

But yes, i'v had a gander around the Blogger motherland and am considering joining the rest of the blogger boys n girls by changing my sites template - its look, its pzazz, its...dare i say, its SPIRIT. (random quote - these are not spirit fingers, THESE are spirit fingers!)
Perhaps i shall. What the hey im feeling spontaneous.
And so dear readers i feel this may, be the last post i ever write on this site as you know it, as there is a large risk of me pressing some random button and deleting all history of MYNSIL. Oh the things i do just to get a colourful background. With funky buttons. And linkage....
OooOooh (Toy Story Three Eyed Alien stylee)
And now i must stop as the computer doesnt sem to like my continous usage of the O button ... no i do not want to debug! Script error?!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

YAY! 3- nil Wooooooar
Yeah, I'm all out of footballing spirit at the moment so I’ll leave you to imagine my next few words.
Business studies, for those that did it, how did it go? I didn’t get how we could go on for 9 marks about that hierarchy thing! But it wasn’t bad and I did get to say PENETRATION so I'm happy.

Still now pigeon-into-the-window sightings : ( lol only 3 more exams to go!!

Today we were approached by a granger who INSISTED that we smoked and were refusing to give us a lighter, a fag, whatever lol

And don’t forget these two little adorable kids who saw each other and ran screaming towards each other. Like somethin in a major love scene but with little kids and screaming…. And no violins… : )

And then we saw a whole line of little boys going to the swimming pool!! Awww they were soo cute, but from the looks of their drawstring bags and caps, they were little grangers in the making.
And some of them were holding hands. And putting arms round each other :D
And then a group of little girls came, none were holding hands, none were putting arms round each other. Just a guy thing? Ok then.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

LOOOOL hope everyones mathes went well. And all the historains amongst us too. Seriously, how many guys out there dont do history?!
Me, Chaz n Elly went a-Vale-ing and went to la piscina today. Its unbelievable what people will do in public to show their affection for each other.
First of all we had the two fatties in the jacuzzi - no words needed. Or wanted. Stop.
Then we had the young ones who were doing somethin remarkably ... eww. Goodness knwos what was being "released" in to the water - which just for the record, tastes like old people sweat. And no i dont know what that tastes like but you get my jist.
ANd then in Vale, there were two sprawled in the grass unmistakebly dry-humping. In the missionary position. By the childrens playpark. *sighs*
ChazBaz swears they'r all on heat. I concluded its the heat thats making them all ... on heat... stuff... something... YEAH!

Gonna go now, my business studies revision awaits - working capital and all that jazz.
But before i do, my last point of el dia.

OK, i know they say that in an exam, if you dont know the answer, guess!But here's how NOT to go about it.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

THE 90th and 93rd minute of the game!
*sigh sigh sigh sigh*
I guess in the words of Independence Day “Its aint over until the fat lady sings” ... whatever relation that has to this situation.
And there I was, 80 minutes in, in the kitchen, armed with the remains of our barbeque, thinking we were about to have what would be a sure win. Frank Lampard (always been my favourite and yes, purely for one reason, which knowing me, unsurprisingly isn’t for his talent.) and his tremehendous goal at about 38 minutes in got me shouting the house down, and choking on some cucumber. My parents weren’t too interested. Neither at the score or the fact I was choking.
And then, before you know it. BOOF. They win. And i was left alone in the kitchen with my head in my hands. (and my elbow in some lettuce.) Oh well, at least I know the neighbours wont be round, suggesting that we start a street party...

Now, *rubs hands* I wonder if Luck is up for favouring my Chemistry and English exams tomorrow?

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Before i start off on one, just a quick update on the questionnaires (just in case you want to know/be acknowledged.
Clare Bear has done it
As has Nicky Peee (lol)
Fawster *does New York accent*
And todays topic....
The Day After Tomorrow. Its good. Its pretty darn good even. Not only does it have great effects, camera shots and a “message” behind it, it has FIT actors! Well… two.. but hey. The message of global warming completely got to me, I said to Spangus “I'm walking to the bus stop from now on instead of taking the car!”
Stereotypically, it’s a guy film, and can easily be placed into the category of apocalypse movies alongside Deep Impact, Independence Day and Armageddon (can anyone think of any more?)
Hey, it even features space in it and theres a touch of comedy if you go see it with Bebs who shouts out random things like “ass” from time to time.
Personally I think one of the best aspects in the film are the graphics. Of course its all done digitally and stuff, and yes, some things we really have seen before (ie a large tidal wave engulfing the Statue of Liberty.) However, it is the sheer surreal-ness of seeing the whole of Manhattan completely shrouded in snow that makes this film stand out from the usual asteroid-and–aliens apocalypse films. Not to mention the stunning camera shots (sounds very director-y lol), my favourite being when the camera smoothly zooms out from an open fire exit door on a tall skyscraper, to reveal LA in complete ruins. This mans just standing on the edge where half of the office block has been completely ripped away. (Think exactly like the MenInBlack2 ending when they zoom out, away from the locker door that Will Smith’s just opened to reveal another world.)
In a word? Impressive. Almost … epic, I could say.

And this debate about Zarus being in it. Now im not sure why Ward said that. Are you insinuating (not inseminating) that Zarus is a nerd? (president of the chess club, the electronics club and the maths club to be exact) Or are you simply saying Zarus is similar to Arjay Smith (who WAS in Malcom in the middle AND allen strange AND the Bernie mac show - so Zarus should know :P ) just because he's black!? I do not understand though i have the sinking feeling i'v just missed a really obvious joke...

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

And whos not at school today? MWAHAHAH!
Jimmys farm is on tonight!! YAY! However i am torn between Jimmys Farm and Jurassic Park 3 ...... NOT!
Who wants to see scary raptors eating people when you can see cute Jasper the runt biting Jimmy! Or Blaze, the depressed stud pig!
LOL and i saw the book in WHSmiths the other day!!

Hmm should be doing some English revision - though i dont see hw you can revise for it. So it loooks to be a fun day of Chemistry.
At least the suns still here. I can go sit in the garden and be brownded!

Chain Email Update -
Tedt has completed it
And Miner Matt
And Ryan Jay
And Jordans Country Birch
As has Spangus (finally)
...You know YOU want to! (or something...)

Yeah. Thats my random crap for today. Rar!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I am going to fail my maths.
Not only did I spend a good 3 minutes trying to figure out what 8 x 7 was, but at times of concentration and focus what did I have in my head?
The oh so delightful Drax swinging his whip round his head whilst protesting “I'm NOT into bondage” and “Yews are poisonous, dont eat them Zoe” again and again….
I really shouldn’t have gone to Vale before the exam should I?

Hehe, now I can say I'm going to see The Day After Tomoro the day after tomoro :D
But if we miss it, we’r gonna go see Harry Potter (says me)

Thing I learnt today. When I first heard the name Pyscho Ben, I thought it was a random nickname thing. But no.
Pyscho ben IS a pyscho
Explanation –Arrived in the bus park as per usual and the sixth former that goes on Greenies bus known as Pyscho Ben hinted heavily he had nothing to do until his exam. So we went to Vale and he decided to tag along. None of us know him and our desperate attempts to not exclude him were in vain. Sitting in vale, I was trying to hurt Will (as normal) and he floored me in one EEEVIL (but clever) move. ( i have to learn that!)
Before you wonder why i was being extra violent to such a person like Will. It was because in an arm wrestle, he floored my arm - straight into some "faecal matter" (of the bird variety) - thus my dash to the public toilets and the dripping sleeve all day
Anyways, walked over to Greenie to pester him and then Pyscho Ben, randomly grabs my legs going “Nyaaah! trying to floor me too. Now normally I wouldn’t be too bothered except he’s a complete stranger who I met barely 10 minutes ago. So I was grabbing Greens tryin not to fall over, with Pyscho Ben still clutching to my legs going asking himself why I wont fall over. Crazy mishap over, we’r sitting trying to revise maths. Me being… well me.. ends up making a fool of herself again. Hence PyschoBen looking at me and saying “Yes, you really SHOULD think before you speak” in THE most patronising way before throwing grass at me.
So the abhorrence (long word for hatred) begins to grow.

Anyway, bitching over. Other thoughts.
HOW MANY INSECTS HAVE LANDED IN MY HAIR TODAY?!?! About 30 million greenflys!

You know that mahoosive email I sent out last night? The one that I was convinced about 2 people would reply to?
Well so far, the new victims who have been helplessly sucked into the world that is chain emails are:

Charles SlowOne :P
Jim x
Ryan Jay is doing it now
Spangus says : “Im doing your questionnaire btw, to prove you wrong”

Funny, Charles reply starts with “I need to prove Zoe wrong” too

BTW, And did anyone hear that watch alarm go off in Maths. It went on for about half a minute!! Just when I was about to work out 8x7!
What IS 8 x 7?!?!?

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

So there I was, dutifully revising my Maths when looking out of the window *no surprises here* I get distracted.
By the return of Mrs Bill Tiggywinkle! For those of you who don’t remember (everyone!) a reminder can be found on October 21st

So, I abandoned all revision and ran to take a picture!
Lol see here
Hmm.. transexual hedgehogs .. now THATS something to be looked into. For some reason or other.

I was going to say something of remote interest actually, but all this hedgehog excitement has made me forget hehe.
But yes.
I’ll probs remember later.

Oh yeah, btw, after English exam on thurs, a load of us are going to el cine (a strip joint in Aylesbury :P) to probs go see The Day After Tomoro. Ask Angus its his plan ... or something...
But last time it was EMPTY so if anyone wants to sit with me in the aisle again is welcome to join me and be FIRE HAZARD

That Pop beach thing on earlier today on T4!
Blazin Squad!! YAY! loool. But their mics wrent all working so it wasnt as good - but i ave the album if anyone wants to borrow it. Anyone? Ok then! ...
Ash - Tim Wheeler is a god! THough Spangus suspects they were miming
I missed Blue but i did see highlights of Lee in a hot pink shirt. Hmmm..

Anyways, good luck for biology tomoro – if in doubt just right osmosis and hope for the best!!!

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Friday, June 04, 2004

Yesterdays visit to El Teatro was pretty fun. Me and Tapa got back late and didnt go to bed until the early hours of the next day.
Unfortunately, im not a fan of KEYPAD LOCK so my phone rang the first person on my list "Angus Home" at little past one o clock in the morning.
Luckily, because my phone is on extra loud, i heard it ring so managed to end the call after two rings.
LOL that reminds me, THE funniest line Tapa used when trying to convince the person she was ringing that she was alone.
"Who's with me? .. No one.. No.. im talking to myself, like y'know when you go to yourself, shut up Tara, just shut up? ... Look, see im doing it again, shut up Tara before i hit you.. i mean.."

Plus the fact that i was hissing helpful conversation aids at her added extra comedy.
"No im just tired cos ... I.. have.. i have... . issues .. yeah.. WAIT A MINUTE! Ignore that! I dont!!"

OMG!! At El Teatro, half way through, we saw a dancer that had a uncanny resemblance to .. wait.. MS MILZANI!
The thing that made us try and stifle our laughter amongst the crowd was .. well, this dancer was a man. But he had hair JUST like her. And he was prancing around all proud and with the "get out of my face" attitude of a Spanish bullfighter.
And oh my god. Me and Tara were practically peeing ourselves. She was crying!! I was choking on a strawberry lace. OH dear oh dear.
unfortunately we didnt get a picture (no flash photography) so i guess its a see to believe thing.

Talking of pictures, a fwe months ago, Tara took a picture of a stweard with an eyebrow piercin at El Teatro just for kicks i guess. This time she thoguht she saw him again, so went up to said steward (Ice Cream Man) and just randomly asked him if he'd had an eyebrow piercing.
This led to a confused "i just sell ice creams" look before leading into an in depth discussion of how he used to have one, but not when he was working there, but did he know anyone that strongly resmsmbeled him with an eyebrow piercing?
I just sat in my seat (behind a nice looking guy we christened "Josh Wannabe" purely he looked like he was called Josh or something) choking on my ice cream (2nd one)
Talking of Josh wannabe, we had Old Josh, Grown up Josh, Ice Cream Man, Mummys Boy Josh and Gayman.
lol i think we got distracted somewhere along the line.

Yeah, thats what i did Thursday and Friday.
Plus we revamped Carmen complete with Drum and Bass - though i still cant do the bass (previously referred to as the boom boom bits)- i dont think girls are made for that.
LOL still remembering Hickson desperately trying to teach me and Emmaroon despite our feeble attempts of "BOOM! P-BOOM!"
"Look, just go bmm bmm mmb"
"boom.. boom booom."
"Not quite"
"Mbmm *chokes*"

WHo's the king of the beatboxing ring? Not me.... Because technically that should be queen.... Wow this has been a long blog. I should stop now.
(Go Jimmys Farm!)

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jimmy's farm. Pure Class.
LOL my favourite bits had to be him hand feeding the little runty piglet only to see it scamper away merrily before chucking it all back up on his carpet.
Its sooo cute though! (The pig, not Jimmy) Its like a little dog! And it bites him!!! LOOOOL
Not many things happening in the world of pig breeding as Blaze the stud boar, whom Jimmy spent 400 quid on, is suffering from depression.
Class i tell you - class.

Anyways, movin onto the hot topic of the moment in my mind.
Who has one? Who wants one?
At present i do not have a job. To which Trowelly kindly replies "YOU HAVENT GOT ONE??"
No. I do not.
And then Elsh comes in one day exclaiming I GOT A JOB I GOT A JOB! Turns out shes got herself a spot in House of Frazer - not bad if i may say so myself.
Many sneaking suspicions are that people just dont want to employ me. You would be wrong - i am very .. employable.. Just according to los padres, i should be concentrating on other things (ie exams apparently)
LOL there was a time when me n Elsh had it ALL planned out. At 15 the only place that would take us on was Clarks.
However, im not that keen on feet. Or even ... no, its just feet.
When im finally allowed im heading straight to the heaven that is the world of department stores - we'r talking bigger fish here people. And if everything fails, i can loom forward to a summer at my uncles Fish n Chip shop or my other uncles restaurant.
Ooh you know you can always count on family...

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