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Monday, May 31, 2004

“Aight y'all got da privilige 2 join dis room dis room aint lyk any otha aight see check it out da moral of this room is Sex Drugs and Alcohol and all da rest so play it tight and holla back!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Aight pplz i sent dis email 2 u coz i fought if u wanna enta a room dat is ur style coz i dont no bout chu but dis room is bout Sex Drugz n Alcohol aight so check dis out if u wanna Holla Back!!!!!”

Undoubtedly two of the most tempting invites I have ever received to join an MSN group… from the same person. Who is a complete stranger. And probably will be for a long time.

First offs – Who the hell is "Lil Stoner Girl"?
After a discussion with Hoskins, DP, ShyamIAm and Miner Matt on the subject, we’ve gathered that she’s some wannabe from New Zealand (LOTR yay!) who in Shifty’s opinion is “some kinda wannabe..hus wellll rough”

Lol didn’t stop him joining though…

ANYWAY! Moving on!
The majority of yesterday was spent at my Uncles restaurant and then at his mansion of a house. However before we got their, my dad came up with the idea of stopping off at IKEA. For those of you who know me well enough – me and home shopping? We do not go. We do NOT work. Especially if the sole target of our mission is a set of table legs. Which it was.
My plan was simple, we go in for table legs, we come out with table legs – and perhaps a sugary snack?
But no.
We went in for table legs. We came out with table legs, a picture frame, a cd rack, a potted plant, a rug AND a random kitchen utensil purely because “it looks fun”. Not even a sugary snack to compensate.

Then we went to the mass family gathering. I assure you, every member of family in a three county radius were there. And it was not pretty.
The drinking started at 9. We had the whole of the upstairs restaurant to ourselves. Then came the … dare I say it.. KAREOKE!
But I have to admit, drunken relatives trying to sing traditional Chinese songs (very similar to opera) is a must-see before you die lol
(Triad Talk - Smooshmoose, the Yakusa group is Japanese so you are right - i am not a member)

Anyways, the “party” moved to said mansion like house.
I decidedly watched the last episode of “Poor Little Rich Girls” which was clearly the media’s way of telling all the girls that “family comes first”
Still on the topic of reality TV – GO JIMMY’S FARM! :D
(Wednesdays 9-10!)

But what with BB5 here, it appear the whole of channel 4 and e4 ha been taken over. There goes my late mornings of Cheers, ER and Friends!
Is anyone even watching BB anymore? Lol
I saw the arrival of the first housemate – Marco- who indeed has a permanent falsetto…. Meh, the’v been there with Brain Dowling and back again. Several times. But I guess its always fun to have a really camp guy there right?
I thought I was sick of reality TV but I watched the series of Poor Little Rich Girls and have decided to watch Jimmys Farm religiously. (lol, I typed it out as Jimmy Farms)
I'm in the mood for a shout out debate - Reality TV – what do you think?

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Irony of ironies, remember last weeks amazing conversation on Armageddon? And how I said it was "Deep Impact" but with REAL men?
Yeah well, looks like Deep Impact is here tomake a comeback.
21:10 tonight on BBC One ("its too good for Five" quote Deep Impact fan who continued on to say "Oh to see Elijah back in his heyday...." )

Friends finale - you know the blog on it had to come up sooner or later. What did everyone think? I wont write about exactly what happened in case their are those who havent seen it yet (and want to)
To be honest, i was expecting to cry a lot more than i almost did. But all in all, it was a good ending, and there were a lot of laughs which was good as they kept it up for the entire hour though i couldnt help thinking - is that it? is that the end?

Only towards the end, well, actually, only at the end when they'r closing the door, is when i started to think, wow. No more Friends.
On a random tangent see which Friend you are
I still think "Frasier" deserves a mention for getting through 11 seasons before its end. And it was a spin-off too. Must have been one of the most successful spin-offs. That was a good show...
Talking of spin-offs - Joey - i dunno what its called, but hemoves to LA to work on his acting career. Apparently joined by some girl in the Sopranos *new york accent* . I personally cant wait to see how that turns out. But then again, i guess theres a limit to how stupid he has to get... or is there?
Thought of the day- Imagine what will happen when The Simpsons ends... oooh...

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of doo ba doo or Eternal Sunshine of the Spot it was called at el cine was quite good.

The storyline is quite complex towards the end - for those with mindsets similar to mine you might get a tad confuzzled.
Basically. [Spoilers ahead in italics]
Guy wants mind erased of ex girlfriend because ex girlfriend had her mind erased of him. (the usual, you do it to me, i do it to you thing)
Realises half way that he actually likes some of these memories.
A while later, during the mind erasing, as he has to live through each memory again. He realises he loves her.

And then comes the whole, mind erase inside a mind erase thing which is completely WOAH! but completely woah.. at the same time.

All in all, it was a good film, good idea, good stuff, good Elijah Wood :P but, a tad long winded.

Ermm. What else can i say? Its more of a girl film than a boys film but guys you get to see Kirsten DUnst dancing around in her underwear with a guy that strangely resembles Vicar Boy Chris off of the Pop Idol thing

Cant believe I'v had 7 exams already. Half term next week - is everyone going to be revising? Lol.

Last ever friends on tonight- i detect a mass leaving of MSN at 9'o clock.
Ward is doing a blog on why it was so good. I gave him my five cents on that already. (its two cents isnt it? pleh)
I can already see it
Me on the sofa eating ice cream out of the tub. Bawling my eyes out because Monica and Chandler have had a beautiful baby which theyv named after Mr Heckles. OMG deja vu of the sex n the city finale. Pleh Friends is better. Always has been, always will be.

Shall be back soon with a blog to discuss the ending no doubt and then possible alternate endings. My, dont i lead a fulfilling life?

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Now that Friends is reaching an end and its the end of the series for Will and Grace, i have found a new means of entertainment.
An essexs boy, wants to become a farmer and has moved out of the city into a "farm" that needs to be renovated, created. . basicaly, made into a farm.
Iv only just started watching the series, but in this episode alone Jimmy, manages to:
Set fire to over 30 acres of his fields through an unattended bonfire. It gets so severe that the fire brigade must be called. And there he is on the phone going "Yeah mate, i gotta go put out my fire" before attacking it with what was unmistakeably a spade and a bottle of water.
THings are not going well for Jimmy, he has torched half of his farm as well as not meeting ANY of his targets for fence building.
ALso, after spending a LOT of money on a rare breed of pig, he went to wake it up in the morning by playing the radio for it.
No movement.
Jimmy puts food on its face
Jimmy pokes it
No reaction
Jimmy pulls its legs
No reaction
Jimmy gets a stick and prods it (which at that point i started exclaiming ITS DEAD! ITS DEAD!)
No reaction
Jimmy is almost at boilig point as this is yet another in a series of unlucky events.
Finally, Jimmy picks up the pig when it squeals and starts to walk about.

"Oh, it was asleep"


Good luck in the Lit exams tomoro - theres a burning of texts at noon along highbridge walk according to ShyamIAm

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

First and foremost - since when do i say random things?!?!

Ok ... maybe today in the jacuzzi (non bubbly) i MAY have said some things that were of interest but of ... no relation such as.

"and the bunny rabbit explodes leaving guts everywhere"

"I want to be a surgeon"

"I'v never seen a pigeon fly into the window... I want to see one fly into the window..."
Can those present think of any more?

Citizenship tomoro - Citizenshit more like! hehe - took me a whole 2 seconds to come up with that one :D

Watched Dumbo again today - cried again today - ITS SO SAD WHEN HIS MOTHER GETS TO SEE HIM AGAIN! I was like a blubbering mess lol
Today was muchos fun BUT!! I LEFT MY BAG OF FOOD IN THE BUS PARK!
it only had a large bag of coco pops and some ice cream wafers (2 packs) in it but IT'S MINE!!
So if you see a random tesco bag with what looks like enough food to feed 4 people - you know who's it is!
I think theres some chocolate in there too....

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Monday, May 24, 2004

No doubt those of you who watch the news will know of the tragedy that happened earlier today.
Thats my friends bus.
Luck for Jim he caught the train home due to exams.
One dead, one critical, eighteen walking wounded.
Im can believe im so shocked and whats more is, even though i dont know those involved, im really stunned by what happened.

Everyday i take the 843 from MK to Aylesbury. Its a 70 minute journey at least. So each day thats over an hour and a half. Luckily for the past five years nothing has happened to the bus worse than a few shattered windows due to boys throwing rocks through the windows.

I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone of how fortunate we are. Not to go along the starving children in Africa lines but it was only earlier today when i was feeling "down" about my life. Its a real wake up call to bring something like that so close to home. Really not meaning to sound patronising, pretentious or even downright tacky, but tonight my prayers are with them all.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

The best film EVER is on! (well not THE best but a pretty darn goodun)
Its got action, tears, space and most importantly Ben Affleck ( or Liv Tyler if you’r a member of the bloke folk) – What else do you need?
Its Deep Impact - but for REAL men (not just Elijah Wood's wimpy Beiderman boy)
And if that doesn’t do it for you than a huge fuck off meteor hurtling towards the Earth alongside some explosive action (no pun intended) should help tip the scales right?
AND! The most classic theme song - Aerosmith's - I dont Wanna Miss A Thing

*reaches for the tissues*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/23/2004 06:58:00 pm
I was sitting in the kitchen revising my English (Lord of The Flies no less) and in runs my mother screaming like a banshee about giant swarms or something. I was then instructed to close all the windows – pronto. So I did, not knowing what the matter was. Closing the last one , my bedroom, I looked out and what do I see? Air thick with flying insects and a large cloud in a bush that seemed to throb. Yes. Already Summer has brought us a variety of delights including an invasion of ants but now it was the turn of the wasp.
I had no idea what it was that suddenly set them off as I had been in the garden peacefully reading Romeo and Juliet (NOT sun bathing) no less then 10 minute before. But now, the air was so thick of wasps that even the neighbours, returning from their trip to Tesco’s had run inside.
So it is here I sit, whilst outside the window about fifty wasps buzz around the roses. Looking outside I can see the neighbours with their noses pressed against the glass (of their windows not ours) open-mouthed. Never before has the area been hit with such a plague. I think we’re just waiting to see who’s gonna crack first and call the pest-control man lol. My Romeo and Juliet lies abandoned on the lawn whilst the rabbit… the rabbits asleep. Oh the joys of being blissfully unaware.

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Friday Friday Friday. Not muc to talk about. The business studies exam was not bad. Though I still think our case study was a load of cack. I quote my revision buddies in T2 “Who counts subcontracting Interior Design as a business anymore?”
Anyways. The exam finished after 3.30 – hence at 3.45 I was power-walking my way to the bus park. I got there – out of breath completely, (I need to get more exercise apparently), and my calves felt like they were being squeezed in a vice similar to those in the Res Mats room. Despite my lack of oxygen I was satisfied that I was toning my limbs. Yay! And I didn’t fall over once despite wearing the slippy shoes and having no one around to clutch to.

Turns out the sodding bus was late anyway.

Talking of buses, I never got to mention the little incident that happened about two days ago.
Me and The Canadian got on our bus – to our great surprise there was no one downstairs – usually full of screerching year 7 floyders, but no.
There was no one upstairs either. Caleb took great delight in exclaiming “Oooh Ghost bus!!” many times…
We sat down for a minute thinking where everyone else was. Then this random little boy comes upstairs and says “I think you’ll find you’re on the wrong bus”
NOOOO!! My record of NEVER getting on the wrong bus for the whole 5 years is broken – 2 days before the end of term.
Caleb:“So where does this bus go then?”
LittleBoy:“Leighton Buzzard”
Caleb:“Zoe, fancy going to Leighton Buzzard?”
Zoe:“Just get off the bus”

Oh well. We live, we learn, we humiliate ourselves.
*awaits the shout out bitching about public transport*

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well I have a business studies exam tomoro... *sigh* I guess this is the beginning. Can you hear the seven horsemen yet? Lol (it is seven right?)
Anyways, just thought I’d wish you all good luck in your exams (ecks hams Hoskins!) though its been said like fifty thousand times in the yearbook.
Remember, even if a pigeon flies into the window, “carry on girls!”
Hmm.. I wonder if the Santa Claus replacement is going to be there again. LOL for those of you that know my car purse (how cool!?) I was so bored in one of the exams I began to … drive it along the desk… (Ssh, I was bored ok?) Santa Claus Replacement stepped in front of me and looked down at me.
I was like … eeeep.
Hehe talking of Santa Clauses’ did anyone see who Mr Huggins got “replaced” by in that genius letter that went in everyones registers? No? lol for the full copy (both sides), see The Orange Locker.

My day of revision didn’t go quite as planned.Being of short attention span and short term memory, in my three hours that I sat in my room I managed to compelte about 20 minutes of work. The rest of the time was spent
Drawing on my arms, hands and stomach
Playing the drums with an assortment of stationary
Trying to twirl the pencil round my fingers like a drummer
Rolling about in the wheely chair
Practising controlling my heart rate (after about 4 minutes trying to find my pulse)

...I worry myself sometimes...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

FINALLY! A good 5 days after the Grammar comes our turn.
Tied a few tampons on door handles and we handcuffed a “Dead arm” to our form room door. Also some people in my class constructed a Grim Reaper in Miss P-C’s office. And hats off to the Claydon homies for the balloons in the tower block toilettes – tho it was mean of the staff to pop them all!
My shirt is signed and looking extremely colourful though I am not appreciating Smelly Macs message of “I LOVE GIRLS!” splashed all over my collar.
My favourites have to be, “don’t fall over!” from Jorge, “Alas no more touching of boobs” from Stophig AND!!
I GOT BETHJOB TO SIGN BETHJOB! For the first and last time (until year 13 that is…)
Heh, Mr Sinden thought he was extremely witty when he wrote “Good luck, and see you in the Danger Zone”
(for further understanding see our D of E route this July)

Ooooh Chisel! We’re from the *pause* SAFETY ZONE!
Oh dear oh dear I think Emmaroon and Undrell were getting very worried about us in PE. BUT, on a happy doo dah note – G1 (plus honorary members) are the CHAMPIONS of dodgeball! We stayed in for a magnificent 4 and a half minutes! WE RULE WE RULE! Safety ZONE! *does action* :D ***

Wow. The yearbooks have now officially sold out.
135 copies were reserved and paid for in the last two days. I'm a born saleswoman! : ) lol after a few minutes of badgering people gave in I guess. But yes. They said I couldn’t do it in 5 days but nyeh!
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to it and to those who bought one. The reprographics lady has learned to loathe me after coming in so many times to re-order lol

Anyways, after the good news comes the bad.
Unfortunately, Mr Williams is set on NOT having a year 11 dance this year due to a problem that occurred last year or something like that. This means the date of the 2nd of July is most probably cancelled. Unless any of you can hassle him into changing his mind lol

Finally. HELLOO STUDY LEAVE! Hope you all have a fun day of revising, “revising” and using “Bitesize” I actually have to revise for my business studies as its this Friday – as in two days. Woot. That’s going to be fun.
And to end, I hope you all have a deesh time doing deesh things.
As the last comment in the yearbook says
“Its not goodbye, its see you later”
“From all the people you’ve touched in this year”
(he he)
I feel like it’s the end of an era, and then I realise I still have to go back for exams. Meh. Til next time : )

*** However at Benchball we are as sucky as it gets.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!
30 pages!!!
30 bloody pages!!!!
I say, you'v got a week to give me things.
In 4 days I'v recived 6 pages.
Last day - i recieve the rest.

YAY!! ITS DONE!!!!!!!!
Now the hard part. Not losing it....
Shall be selling them perhaps on Tues.
Price - A quid i think
Grammars if you'r interested in buying one, let me know and i'll rserve some.

OOoooooh i could SO go into the printing business lol, flogging off the back copies and stuff. LOL

See ya girlies tomoro!

Now for some ice cream to celebrate....

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Well it was won by Xena Warrior Princess and her exotic dancers from UKRAINE. Personally, reminded me a lot of someone dancing around going hiyawiya! (Hmm.. Music lessons? lol)Theres a lot of head shaking like theyr all Loreal wannabes or something?

But yeah. THe people giving the results of the vote were obviously playing the lets-see-who-can-do-it-the-slowest game just to make their 3 minutes of fame last a bit longer.
Obviously the theme this year was love or something along those lines which i thought was cute but kind of .. too many hearts.. never thought I'd say that... but when everything is heart shaped its TOO much lol. Turkish Fred Durst thought it would be "cool" to shout "PEACE, LOVE and RESPECT!" into the mike.

Voting- is it just me, or is like, lets all vote for our neighbouring country? My suggestion is that perhaps music taste is similar? Or something.
LOL the Swedish man was like, "Twelve points goes to .. SERBIA HERZEGOVINA!!" LOLOLOLOL! "... wait.. Serbia and Managnanfkansd (spelling?)"

Why oh why do we have Lorrain Kelly doing our votes? I think it was cool when we had Trevor McD doing them - newscasters rock.

LOL embarasing moment or what?! Come prizegiving time, the old winner gets her shoe caught in the grates as she's walking in with the award thing. And her shoe comes off, she realises shes left it, walks back and puts her foot back in, tries to get it out of the grate. ANd then all these technicians run in and prise her foot out! LOLOL, hey, not as embarassing as falling over on stage (or in a bush for that matter) but still, in front of millions thats gotta haunt her for a while. Hehe i can imagine
"Shes walking... whats that sticking out of the floor?"
"Its her shoe!!"
"Crap, shes walking back to get it"
"Shes stuck!!!"

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/15/2004 10:15:00 pm
Its that time of year again. Yes folks. It’s the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!
The time of year where tackyness and Terry Wogan rules supreme
OK,id just finished my dinner when suddenly I remembered- so I ran out to the lounge, and caught it just in time for number 22 out of 24.
However I caught the “highlights” and heres my run down

Starting with Espana – FIT singer. Nice Enrigque thing going on there.
Austria – They went for some boyband , 3SL meets Boyzone kinda thing and were obviously trying to show off the fact that they could harmonize
Norway and France both went for solo male singers – very Gareth-esque.
Serbia- sounded quite epic and reminded me a bit of Lord Of the Rings .. somehow..
Netherlands went for some twin thing?? I dunno, two blokes with hobbit hair and a guitar. Not so interesting.
Malta - LOL thought of Smooshmoose and his maltese pride. But it looks to be a “trois point” earner tops.
Germany – Well from what I saw it wasn’t that … good. Entertaining yes. From what I could see it was a middle aged man trying to do a Bee Gees impression?
Ukraine – Very Shakira-ry, tribal, what with the whole, I'm gonna toss my head this way! Now THIS way!
Croatia- Just like Germany except with a tenuous grasp on pitch?
Bosnia – Errrgh, just the thing I expect will be hitting the shops with a “Club Dance Remix”
Belgium- First thing that came to mind when I saw the clip was – another Romania. (see what I mean later)
Russia- Points for topless men. That’s it.
Greece- Well, they learnt sex sells at least.
Iceland- Just like Norway have gone for the solo male power ballad.
Ireland – Written by Bryan McFadden, theyv gone for the same route as Norway, Iceland and France. Gareth would be proud.
Poland – first thing my mother said was – WHAT IS SHE WEARING? To answer that. Not that much.
UK – From what saw it was ok, a bit slow, happy la la. But hes in tune and he’s playing the guitar so he appears extra talented.
Cyprus- The girl is only 16. And from what I heard it was pretty good. I'm thinking quite high.
Turkey – Well not that good considering that the singer thinks hes a mini Fred Durst and is repeating the same lyrics over and over again but with a different tune. I want to break you up or something?
Romania – Hmmm, I think we’ve got a case of 1998s Israeli winner who was in fact a transvestite.
Sweden- So so song. But shes singing about how it hurts yet has a happy face on? Plus shes being very suggestive with that pole!

And yes. I think that’s it. Now taking into account Iv only seen 3 songs and the rest were 10 second clips, heres my predictions.


Last place? Ermm... probs Romania? Bosnia Herzegovina? I dunno
Rough guess.
But then again they may vote all "political" so its anyones guess. Hmm, I'm gonna go run back to the telly now as Chaz says I'm missing out on “weird turkish riverdance men”

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Friday, May 14, 2004

QOTD has to be Machetes invention.
“AHS …. Almost had Syphilis … ... AGS….. All Got Syphilis”

Personally, I'm quite liking “All Gay Sods”
How boring- nothing really happened on the last day- though I did notice Mr Torps skulking around after school working on his sense of presence. Its getting better I have to admit. Anything interesting happen today?

:D Happy thoughts, I wont have to face the “bane of my existence” for a looong while! (Hehe, the new phrase learnt from Dodo – I’d been thinking it meant the exact opposite for a few years – imagine my shock when I realised that I’d told many a friend that they were the “bane of my existence” LOL sohwee)

Anyhooos, Dance news as people have been asking me and I’v just been avoiding the subject. Received confirmation from Sixthformers that we could have their date (see? My begging works!) so we now have The Grammar reserved for Friday the 2nd of July. (I don’t see you noting this down!)
However, however, however, we are still waiting for an email from your Yr 11 Head to say everything is hunky dory as Mr Torps won’t let us sell tickets until that happens. Cuh, men.
I am aware that now you have all left the school grounds for a while, I probably wont be seeing you as much as I did lol. So I have a few kind volunteers from AGS to flog tickets during the exams (not literally) Any other volunteers would be greatly appreciated. But you have to be COMMITTED, HARDWORKING AND RELIABLE. Either that or you got to have nothing better to do :P

Ra ra ra and all that jazz, I'm done for now – I have a weekend of typing to do – (Yay go us Dhols!) in time for the publishing deadline. As for Yr 11 AHSers. Iv seen some very “interesting” pictures.

Anyways, as for my "masterpiece" - THEY TOOK IT DOWN! *pouts* lol, i did get some strange looks when putting it up with Ro. hehe, was "amusing" for a while. For thsoe who have no idea what im on about - I created a sign saying "GAY BAR", placed it in the vicinity of the Grammar side entrance with a large arrow pointing inside. Meh, us girls found it hilarious.
Pictures are being copied and posted up this very moment. As for Shyam and the watergun - we are NOT amused!

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/14/2004 06:37:00 pm

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Undoubtedly what was one of our BEST PSE lessons with Mr Sinden!!
We had to write a 1-minute oral on something of interest, value, enlightenment and significance.
I chose to do mine on “The Deeper Meaning Behind Chairs”
I performed what was definitely the strongest argument as to why we take chairs for granted these days (first I had the thing with the bread, now its chairs..)
During my talk Mr Sinden noticeably shook his head and clasped his face in disbelief – I think he liked it!
After he said, “While somewhat .. strange … it was … faultless. A*!”
And then, he goes , “now Jodie will save the day with something less …. odd”

And then Jodes, goes up to the front and starts her speech.
“Its sport, its extreme, ITS IRONING!”
Yep, she really saved the day with her presentation on extreme ironing and Mr Sinden looked as though he was about to spontaneously combust :D
Other enthusiastic talks followed as we had “The Umbrella”, “How Holland is Spiritual” and something about “Farmer Mad who thinks I'm a badger”

My personal favourite had to be Lainies "unprepared" speech on Anime. Lucky for her Mr Sinden is a big fan of Anime. (seriously, he is, I thought he was kidding!) Now Lainie, lovely as she is, isn’t renowned for her ability to go into detail. Her usual answer is always “I dunno” LOL
Now Mr Sinden, getting highly into the talk was like
“Tell us what Anime is”
“Err.. its like a Japanese cartoon thing.”
“And? Tell us about the difference between Anime and normal “cartoons” then”
“Errr… its written by Japanese people”
“And what makes it so special…?” (Mr Sinden is desperately trying to get her to talk)
“Err.. Japanese people can draw better?”

Cue Mr Sinden’s lengthy sermon on the wonders of Anime.
However, the best part of the day had to be when Mr Sinden did HIS oral. On Glamour magazine. (he’d “confiscated” it off a year 9)

First of all he talked about the quizzes and how they make you do maths.
“I'm in a bar, when a gorgeous man ofers to buy me a drink”
“Do I a) Pout and sashay to the bathroom?”
*the whole class bursts into hysterics*
Finally, when we counted up Mr Sinden’s score according to Glamour Magazine
“I am….. The Queen of Tease – I play hard to get with my men and I'm partial to jasmine… which is partly true – I am partial to Jasmine…”

This is a full-grown man maintaining his status as “The Queen of Tease”

Long live PSE!

QOTD -"You got any money? I wanna spend all your money"

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

OK, the people organising the end of year dance (not prom) have dropped out, as of today. That leaves us with three days to organise a little get together similar of that to Febs Valentines Ball.
No confirmations yet but 25th June (Friday) looks to be the date . Probs about 7- 11 timing yet again. And not completely formal but a semi formal - dresses thing like last time too.
Price- probs a fiver again? I dont know, these are just the ideas we gathered at the end of lunch.

Tickets will probs be sold at the Grammar Thurs-Fri and til end of term at the High. Worse comes to worse, it'll be pay on the door.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/11/2004 07:51:00 pm

Monday, May 10, 2004

Quick Question
I know this is really really late and last minute, but what is everyone elses Oral on tomoro in PSE with SInden?

I think mine was either on Bread, Tables or Chairs - you know me lol.

"Lets start a war, a nuclear war"

BTw, do you think he liked my religion on "ObsessiveTeenaism" ?

Hehe, long live the Wall of Men! :D

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Close call.
For a moment there, my blog did a Ben + Keith and ate itself. All that was left was the opening line and a random thing
Then i had WARd and Bebs shouting technical language at me and i was like, log in what? command prompt who?
What can i say? It was a very tense 7 minutes.

However, you'r all probably reading this thinking, why am i still reading this if it got moofed? Well, to cut a long story short, i was a clever bean and had backed up my posts (hey, call me paranoid).
Yay. Panic over.
Not so blog after all are ya? huh? huh?
Meh, thankies to KSmudge and Hicksy Choo anyways for giving the heads up. RIP Plitec and The Deadend.
Ideas for what i could have called the new blog? Plitec-returns was very original :P
Heads up BEBS, Ward, Emmaroon, Hoskins etc. It could be anyone of you next .... niw niw niw niw (twilight theme)

LOL imagine that, the remains of my blog, the only standing memory of it (since the archives got screwed) would have been
"A big arguement.. a mass debate.."

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Taking a break from "revision" i decided id try and figure a route for D of E. So i had a gooood look at our map for July's activities. And my jaw hit the floor.
Steep hills, marsh, bogs, resevoirs and too many potential F.O hill mistakes to be made.
I don’t know if you remember but last time I said I noticed Danger Area marked on one small section of the map.
Irony of ironies. We have no choice but to go through it.
Plus, our campsite is situated in between the two steepest fuck off hills in the area.
Now this is Gods way of either telling me not to do something or I shouldn’t have done something…..

Talking of not doing things, I have now somehow managed to distract myself from doing any Citizenship revision at all. Seriously is anyone else going to revise that?

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Friday, May 07, 2004

I feel great. Im sooo busy! Its ... strangely ... fun..
I'v got School Council stuff to sort, a big meeting avec Caterers etc (yay!) , Yearbook stuff to compile, music to write, people to see etc
Oh and did i mention GCSE's?
Eee Spanish Oral looms and i really really really am not ready! I was like ... "Oui, no si! no OUI! No... shit"
And i have that appointment with Melly next week which i will so forget.

*sigh* Life is good. I feel as though i actually am doing things with PURPOSE!

Quote from Stophigs brilliant Biology answer today.
On Food Webs and Chains and stuff
"What might happen if all the Lynx were trapped or shot?"
"The hare population would spiral out of control, over running the land causing havoc and scaring small children."
A* baby!

Also, in Chem today, D-Hols got caught eating and i vouched for her explaining to Grossy "Shes just chewing her tongue!"
Bethjob, being classic Bethjob goes after a long pause "Why would you chew your tongue?"
Then realises why i said it. Clamps a hand over her mouth. Meh, Grossy got bored and moved on.
I'll miss Mrs Gross. (seriously, thats her real name)

Anyway g2go now but YEARBOOK ENTRIES GIRLS! Technically its not a yearbook, but warning, next week i shall be in with my Digital camera to get snaps of you all looking au naturel!
Oh god im going to get massacred...

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Had an appointment with the orthodontist today.
Rentals are happy that they don’t have to shell out 3 grand on braces, I'm happy I'm FINALLY getting them done. So everyones a happy bunny!
Had some X-rays – (TOO COOL!) though the physics lessons on Radiation had me paranoid lol.
Also had moulds done! After being scared shitless by Elsh’s story of her puking up when she had her moulds done (she forgot to breathe LOL) I was freaked out that I would vomit all over the dentist like she did. However, it appears I have a knack for having things shoved in my mouth for a minute or two without gagging. I'm talking about the moulds people! The mould!!

Unfortunadamente I will have to have 4 teeth taken out. Wooters. After my experience with the fillings- I WILL have an anaesthetic no matter WHAT my dad says!

Oooooooooooh forgot to mention what happened when we went to go see Joseph and his Technicolor doodah in London!

First of all, Joseph was played by H from tacky pop band Steps.
Boy do those has-beens milk it for all it’s worth or WHAT?

First of all he wore these obsanely (obscenely and insanely as one) loooow hipster trousers – so low you could see the pelvic bone. Cuh the things they do to make him look taller.
Second of all he was Welsh. I don’t mean it like that. Just his accent got .. IN THE WAY.. when he was singing.
“Rehd, and ye-llow and greee-yn and or-ange and BEH-LOOO!”
However, Josephs 11 brothers made up for his crappiness.

During a really tense pause (someone died or something) thers complete silence and then this baby goes “he-heh!” and the audience cracks up!! Sooo funny! Kinda ruined the moment but hey. Babies are cool. Lol

And then, when the end finally came, they did an encore, then a repeat of the last song, then H’s solo , and then ANOTHER encore. And then an encore of an encore!!
And then FINALLY, when H is elevated above the audience as the curtain falls, we’r all clapping politely while he’s bending under the curtain going, “Everybody go Ooh Ooh! Ooh Ooh!”
And we’r like err... no.

But H had his own fans, there were these girls shouting obscene things during his solos and when we turned round, to our disgust we saw two old ladies. Two old fat ladies. Shouting, “SHAKE IT BABY YEAH!”
Oh it was a disturbing moment for us all.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hate to say this but, what with the orals that signify impending doom upon us, Iv just realised our GCSE’s are not too far away. And I have yet to properly sit down and revise. What can I say I'm a girl who loves her cramming. (no innuendos please)
We break up on the Wednesday and hey presto- I have a Business Studies exam on the Friday following.
Yeah. I should really go do some work.
In fact the only work Iv really really really done is a good half hour of textiles – Which just happens to be my last exam.
Isnt life sweet?

I don’t really want to go off on a reminiscing streak now but it only seems like “yesterday” when we were Year 9’s doing our SATS – or Year 10’s being introduced to G Groups for the first time and leaving the security of our tutor groups, like young birds being released into the jaws of nature…. Ahem.

I know it’s a bit late for some of the Frenchies but good luck for the Orals!!!!
I have Spanish next Friday. *sigh*
Being at the end of the register comes in useful sometimes…

PS Hit the 10 000 mark!! AM i really THAT fun to laugh at? lol

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

A typing error on Hollies part led to the discovery of a WHOLE new way of looking at life.

Blatantly a commercialised rip off of what happens in MY life! :)
Bank Holiday Weekend ra ra ra. Its been absolutely pants over in "The Park" (my area of residence - wow Bancroft Park, i could call it the B-Park but that would be confusing)
The garden has been covered with grass growing stuff and iv been instructed not to tread on it as it destroys something or other and basically you end up with footprints permantently embedded in the lawn.
Personally, i think its a way of marking it as your own territory - or artistic license, whichever reason you want to go for - but no .

The rabbit is having a hissy fit as he cant go out. That and he's castrated. Meh. You win some you lose some. DOnt know how that works but it sounds cool

The reason for all the chemicals and fertilisers (HORSE POO!) and stuff with cheesy names like "Baby Bio" amd "Miracle Gro" . My dad has seen the beautiful lawns and patios of next door (Leprachaun country) and has now decided to "out do" them by smartening up our own garden.
Well, if that what you can call it. At the moment its a jungle of random flowers and plants. You see, i take the term "sowing the seed" literally.
Hence a few months ago i opened a few packets of seed (we get them free with the paper) and just scattered them about, throwing them in the air so they'r carried by the wind to whereever they are fated to settle. Yes, half of them landed in my hair, eyes, mouth but hey.
I used to have a paranoia when i was younger that if you ate seeds - any kind- you'd grow a huge plant out of your head. Cuh. The silly things we believe when we'r young.

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