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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bank Holiday Monday guess who's coming to town?
Heres a hint. Theres ten of them and they all say "innit" at least once when they speak.

Unfortunately, my unhappiness is not for the same reason as most of yours when yo uheard this news. I shall be in London that day so will not be able to attend their little "concert/gig" at the Sanctuary.
Oh god im so sad. But you know i'v always been a little bit "crazy" with my random musical taste and ... craziness
Meh. It was gonna be so deesh but no. Ah well, guess this wasnt meant to be ...... yet.
*puts on stalker hat*

Zoe's interesting quote of the day-

"You oaf!"
"Wait.. isnt that some kind of Swedish name?"
"No, thats Olaf"

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/28/2004 06:52:00 pm

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Marking out Music Listening papers from about fifty years ago brings back memories lol. Mrs Thompson is so dappy.
“In Indian music, which instrument plays the drone?”
“We didn’t know back then so my answer says … bagpipes…”
Mrs Thompson looks incensed

“And what technique is used to sound the instruments?”
“Er…. Playing?”
Mrs Thompson looks annoyed.

“Mrs Thompson?”
“I know you said I could go at three but I need to get my coat, may I leave now?”
“But its just gone 2:45!”
“ *pause* …. Yeah, but I need to go and walk to reception and then sign out”
“And then I need to WALK to town which will take aaaaaages oh please Mrs Thompson!”
And then we all agreed whilst Mrs Thompson hemmed and hawed before Sarah promptly walked out.

Oh we’r going to do SO well in our exams!

Then we did another practice paper, which turned out to be the one we’d done in our mocks so everything had been done to death. Sitting there listening to 12 extracts, each being played at least 4 times was not our idea of a doss Music lesson. Especially when next door, the string quartet sounds like someone’s strangling a cat. Then there was someone who started singing with a feeble grasp of pitch and. And! To top it all off, five minutes later, someone started to play the Rugrats.

However, we’d rather actually learn than sit doing nothing apart from listening to the Mozarts of tomorrow next door. Shows just how insane we were being driven.
“Mrs Thompson, we’v done this before”
“I know, but you have to hear this extract three more times”
“No Mrs Thompson, we’v done the paper before”
“No, read, it says you have to hear it three more times!”

*cue everyone shouting at her that we did this for our mock exams*

“Oh… well I havent got anything else.. shall we do it anyway? Like just for fun?”

*sigh* Its going to be very different once we say goodbye to the Tomps.

On a happy doo dah note – I have finished Re:Loaded- Finally! It just needs a bit of editing here and there which will be done some time before …. the end of the GCSE’s.
That translates to – don’t hold your breath.

Also just cos it will annoy him, my message to Spangus is – Awwwww : )

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/27/2004 06:39:00 pm

Monday, April 26, 2004

This is a quick note to ALL the special people in my life.
I may be slightly smooshed as I write this. Slightly smooshmoosed too. And smudged. ANd shiftied. ANd spangled. And (thinks of another cunning way to include nicknames) canadian-ified. Also, warded, kenyonised, hazberried, statted, bekashed (both), beaned, katreened, Chiseled and of course Georged.
But yes. Thank you for the support and happy doo dah ness. You are all right. And you are all alright - yes even you Will lol.
Hope everyone is merry and hollie!

Much love to you all tonights!
*raises glass*
*falls over*
Who put that slinky there?!!

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/26/2004 09:07:00 pm
We're under attack!!!
As the sunny days bring lots of sunshine, lollipops and lunchtimes on the field, it also brings the invaders of summertime. The Ants.

They're aboslutely everywhere - think Arachnophobia - but with ants- and you pretty much got the idea. Los padres went out to get some special ant powder to stop them from raiding our fridge. NOO! NOT THE FRIDGE!

ANyways, obviously, ants aside, summer officially rocks! Im thinking ice lollies, cornettos and magnums here people. Not to mention sun tans, picnics and long evenings. Any other reasons why summer rules?

Hehe, life at the moment is pretty humjiggerous (good). I love these just-back-at-school days where we have like no homework. And then i get home, and have abosultely feck all to do. Lol went online at about 6:30 tonight, found a load of moping people who, like me, had nothing better to do with their time than stay indoors looking at the PC screen, shutting out the light, ignoring the brightness of outside.

Saw Shaun of the Dead - absoultely brilliant. I loved when they found their first zombie and were like - LOOK HOW DRUNK SHE IS!!
Superb stuff.

Then i went and be'd merry. With my box of chocolates from Beany!
Its like ... wow! It goes doiing! doiing! BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!

Then i hit myself in the face.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/26/2004 08:19:00 pm

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

First day back – its been interesting to say the least. Absolutely disgusting weather. Many thanks to Robeee who gave me The Book Of Abuse and some Clackers lol They’r these two balls attatched to a pole and they clack. Also, they flash whenever they whack against each other. Getting clacked hurts. I speak from personal experience.
The Canadian had a go with them on the bus and then bus driver flipped out completely (blatantly cos I said he couldnt have a turn) because apparently the sound puts him off his driving because he gets worried that there may be something wrong with the wheels on the bus. Hehe, the wheels on the bus go round and round!!
Ate cake (two in fact!) courtesy of Elsh who did in fact get me the Pig Of Happiness – I think its great especially – “his happiness became sooo big that it began to leak”
Oh the fun of farmyard animals!

Weekly visit to Tesco’s commenced, hadnt been on one for aaages and found myself quite missing our happy little treks – and my happy little tumbles. I bought myself a rather large baguette and took great pleasure in announcing “Check out the size of MY rod”. Much bigger than Henna’s teeny-weeny stick. *grumble grumble* Then siwwy people exclaimed “OMG look what Zoe’s bought!” and I got lots of people giving me looks of disbelief. I was hungry ok?
And then James and John – the terrible twins- decided to pretend they were back in pre-school as they shouted “Me want bread!! NYAAH” in my face, before pelting me with crusts. Now I remember what I hadn’t been missing.

IN fact I was so used to not going to school that I forgot to ring my Dad for a lift when I got to the bus stop and I stood there for about ten minutes thinking “Where IS he?!” Then the penny dropped. And I picked it up. Hey, see a penny, pick it up, every day you’ll have good luck- and then the guy in Grease gets clocked.
Talking of Grease, is anyone up for going to see it at MK after los examenens praps?

Also, farewell to Keiths blog, its been hit by the blog assassinator. *sob*
Welcome http://plitec-returns.blogspot.com !


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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/21/2004 08:02:00 pm

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

EastEnders- Can anyone tell me why Sharon and Dennis have gone from incestous individuals back to brother and sister again? Or are they just not very affectionate lol
Another Fowler funeral coming up, I may just cry ... If Eastenders is good at anything, its the deaths. Tiffany and Jamie stand out as memorable ones, not to mention Barry's recent exit. Cracking his head open on an isolated Scottish moor. Classic.

Though actually the actor who plays Mark, Todd Carty is having a big of a long stint on The Bill, though i swear thats where all the soap actors go when they die. LOl, the big Sunhill station in the sky.

And now for Spangus's reply with something like "I hate soaps- they suck"
PS Grammars- how was your first/second day of school? Mwahah

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/20/2004 07:00:00 pm

Monday, April 19, 2004

Wow its been aaaaaaaages since I blogged on this baby. Well what have I done?
Went to London for major shopping on my birthday – rather good as I had £50 Topshop vouchers to spend in the glorious heaven that is the Topshop in Oxford Circus. 4 FLOORS!! :D
Went to Harrods and looked around Knightsbridge a bit but its all designer shops with stock I can only dream of affording. Though my mother was very close to buying a Hermes bag – why she would spend that much money on a bag I do not understand but I guess I will when I'm older or something.

I got a digital camera from the rentals and was taking mad pictures of anything and everything with the girlies yesterday. We went to Burger King (Double Bacon Cheeseburger) and Hollis got a happy meal and it came with a little man with a spinny thing. Yes. It was fun. And the spinny thing spun everywhere and we got evil-ed at.

And Elsh has got me The Pig Of Happiness!!!! Well, I'm pretty sure she has… Eeeeeeh! Its such a cool book!
Owie owie owie. The other day, I fell over – again. Horrible smashed up knee lol. Blatantly gonna scar – just like the 4 past times- this year alone. Damn it. By the time I am 21 I shall have *does the maths* approx 30 scars …. OH well, I shall have to retreat to the circus, you’ll find me under my new name. Not-so-scar-face.

Ok, I’ll stop with the scarring talk now. Actually, talking of Scar, we watched Lion King 3 whilst partially unconscious seeing that we had not got much sleep that morning (LOL Gimpy the Dwarf – Hollis!)
We’d watched Lord Of The Rings , part one AND two. Extended editions. We were asleep looong before Return of the King started.

Just when we’d got bored of the “No one tosses a dwarf” joke, Gimpy says to Aragorn, “You’r going to have to toss me!”
Cue the hysterical laughter and immaturity. Oh the tossing jokes always get me.

Hope everyone had a great easter - NOTE High school girls, we dont go back til wednesday right?

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/19/2004 07:58:00 pm

Thursday, April 15, 2004

One more day to go. The excitement is starting to kick in. I can tell you that tomoro at this time I will be running around going “EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” whilst waving my hands like a loon.
Actually, on second thoughts, I’ll be in the middle of London so….. maybe I’ll save that for another day.

16 years of age. What does that signify? 16 years of experience? 16 years of knowledge? 16 years of wisdom?
Who knows? Who cares? WE CAN BUY LOTTERY TICKETS.
Personally I cant wait til I hit the road. At 16 you can
 drive a moped
 drive a mowing machine
 drive an invalid carriage
 drive tractors less than 2.45m wide –
What about combine harvesters?…

We can buy caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents and throwdowns, but not other fireworks. Hehe, imagine me and fireworks - singed eyebrows galore. Actually, more Merry and Pippin style as knowing me i shall be daft enough to light in whilst in a tent...

Also 16 is the minimum recommended age for taking up a company directorship. Learnt that in my 3 minutes of Business Studies revision.
I didn’t know this before but at 16 we may now buy liqueur chocolates!
Woo… novelty matches, liqueur chocolates and mowing machines - can you spell mad party any other way? *sigh*
Wait til we’r seventeen when we can purchase or hire Shotguns and drive agricultural tractors...*grins* Life will be sweet

Wow, I’v just looked at this page thing and at realised that at 15, we can hold a firearms certificate and receive a gift of a Shotgun.I could own a shotgun legally now! Wow!
Oh, I’v been wasting my life…

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/15/2004 02:56:00 pm

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

LOL I like this quote from my Physics revision guide
“Hazards in the Home”
Pet rabbits or CHILDREN (always hazardous)

I sat in the front garden trying to get my head around the Fleming Left Hand rule – where you line certain fingers up with the field and the current – then if you’v done it correctly your thumb points in the direction of the force. But its confuddling especially when you have to bend your hand at an awkward angle – wonder how many broken wrists Fleming has caused already lol
Plus I was getting weird looks from the neighbour’s dog. His name is Owen.

New chapter added to Re:Loaded
2 New pictures added to The Orange Locker :P
[ 3days 3 days!]

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/13/2004 01:02:00 pm

Monday, April 12, 2004

4 days, 4 days la la la
The family are still here.
We have just watched X Men 2 - oh god it rocks. Iv said it before and i'll say it again - I want to be a mutant!!
Just thinking, if you were a mutant, which ower/ability would you have?
I think the teleporting idea is pretty cool. Did you not SEE the first scene?! Reading peoples thoughts may be interesting at first but i guess id get pretty tired of it in the end. Controlling the weather is always a goodun. Snow Days somedays, tanning time the next. And no more RAIN!
Actually i wouldnt mind being able to walk through stuff. I wonder what its like walking through a person?...
And what's Rogues power meant to be? Cos it doesnt look very fun... Whats the point in being a mutant if you dont have a cool power?

I bought a pair of sunglasses today. Well actually they'r the kind that are more for decoration rather than protection. They'r purple! Hehehe

Also another thought. (Iv been thinking too hard today lol)
First of all, when we go back, whenever it is, please someone enlighten me.
When we go back, there will be a long lineof us going to collect our POA cards! (proof of age)
There'll be at least Stat, Danielldo, SallyAnndo, Lemming, Emmaroon, Ents, Robee, Elsh and me.
Ahhh nothing like showing a smug cinema cashier that you are in fact over 15. Not like thats ever happened to me before...

Thats all for today, im not in a rambling mood. *reads post*. Ok, let me rephrase, Im not in a rambling mood - anymore. Yes.

PS. Iv completed the first three chapters of D of E Diary Re:Loaded and to give you a sample of whats to come see links on left hand side.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/12/2004 05:59:00 pm

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Chocolate for everyone!! Amd stuff!
And as for you stupid moos who gave it up for lent? Lol i see you raiding the cupboards, shelves, drawers, ANYTHING!!
And for those of you who gave up .. other stuff... Meh, i dont think i want to see that...

Wow, my spellings al over the place, i think iv had tooo much sugar. LOL the familia are down and i have been loaded with gifst of the sugary kind. I HAVE A LINDT BUNNY!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it has a bell! And stuff! Im saying and stuff a lot... oh dear oh dear.

Anyways, yesterday i was taken to London to go see Phantom, no less. It was quite good actually. THe dresses were pretty, the male cast was also not bad. (Even my mother said so :S )
But just my luck to be sitting behind the person with THE biggest head in the audience. Plus the stewards were on blatant power trips as they shouted "NO PHOTOGRAPHY!!" every 10 minutes or so. Lol, i can imagine:
"Excuse me sir-"
"Where can i get-"

Afterwards, we took a little walk down New Bond STreet - the street with ALL the biggest names lol. I took a little gander in Gucci, Prada, Gina, YSL, Chanel, Tods, Hermes, LV etc just pretending i could afford everything in the shop. Hey, it worked - the footmen opened doors and wished us "a good day" :D Heeee

Then the tourist factor went a little over our heads and me and super cousin nathalie took a picture of us standing outside Tiffany's. And the sign as well... Meh diamonds do strange things to a girl... Good things though, diamonds are always a good thing.... WHERE ARE MY DIAMONDS PEOPLE?!

BUt yes. lol, i was looking in through the window of Tiffanys at this huuuuge vase. Then, just like in the movies, i looked up, and on the other side of the glass i saw my future husband lol - Tiffanys - the new singles hang out. Hey, i figured, if he could afford to buy things from Tiffanys that definately makes him eligible. Sorry but have you SEEN the rocks in the windows? OMG they'r as big as a wine gum!
hehe thats a new one.. as big as a wine gum....

One thing we noticed though - to work in the big name stores you must be a) very good looking, b) very good looking and oh, did i mention? Very good looking?
Not exactly the fairest of life's opportunities but hey, these kind of shops can do whatever they want with the amount of money they rake in.

LOL me and Nathalie spent some time analysing people as they walked in and out of L.V - There were girls who blatantly had rich daddies, the professionals - 40+ who were obviously of socio economic Class A (get me and my business studies!), the SJP's of London and of course the masses - the people, who like us, were merely pretending that they could afford everything in the shop.

On the way back home, my Aunts bf was quite close to murder as he had mistakenly put on The Phantom Of THe Opera SOUNDTRACK - to which all 4 of us girls were trying to sing along to. Now for anyone thats heard "The Phantom Of the Opera" - imagine 4 voices with a tenous grasp on pitch trying to imitate the VERY last note.
For those of you musical, its an E ....... three octaves up from middle C.

As i said, he was close to murder.

Anyways, I fear that many people wont see this lengthy sermon as they will be sitting on the sofa, watching James and The Giant Peach - stuffing as much chocolate into their mouths as they possibly can...... Why am i not doing that?

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/11/2004 12:34:00 pm

Friday, April 09, 2004

Good evening ladies, gentleman, hermaphrodites, Will (jk)

Thank you for attending the blog burial.

I'd like to hold a two minute silence in memory of Hicksons blog.
30/3/2003 - 09/04/2004

There were good times. Good shorts. And the times when you wondered just what the hell he was on... But good times people :D
And i am proud that i was the random quote of the week for about 6 months lol

Random quote of the week:

"I like beans" - Zoe

So farewell Bens blog. And hello to its re-incarnation!

Thank you for coming, snacks and refreshments will be served shortly.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/09/2004 09:36:00 pm
The weather this week is pretty good! Apart from the random April showers that come about suddenly. Like when you’r lying in the garden and the POOF! And then when you finally get in after scrambling all your things together in a desperate bid to stay dry, lost your page in your book, fallen over a plant pot, got inside and shut the patio doors, the rain stops.
Not that its happened to me or anything...

I got my Easter egg today. Well my dad bought it for me as it was on special offer. But its got TWO eggs! Ok, yes it’s a Beano egg but TWO EGGS PEOPLE! Plus 2 Beano bars and a special Beano comic. Wow.

Recently I made bread. Not as in the proper bread making with all the yeast and stuff but not exactly the whole bread-machine input process. I used one of those bread mixes – you know girls? Like what we did in Year 8. Just add water and stuff. It was great! However….. hehe, I forgot to read the instructions (Hey. I was trying to do it the Kingsmill way ok?) and missed out the vital direction to leave the dough for about 40 minutes to rise BEFORE putting in the oven. Ok, so the bread came out feeling as though it could be used to put up foundations for a house but hey. It looked like bread at least? Right?…
And it tasted ok too! …. Once you’d smothered it in either butter or jam to mask the taste.
OK ok, so bread making is not my forte? Neither is meringue making…. Or cookie making… BUT I can do a mean microwave popcorn! WOOOAR. I could do with one now…
Tis decided then.
I'm going to go get me some popcorn. And a film…
(7 days...)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/09/2004 04:21:00 pm

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

To quote Tuesday, October 28, 2003 : Tuesday is the day that the old people come out to play.
Seriously, me n Hollis were on the good old X15 today and about 90% of the passengers were over 65! Hehe it took them aaaages to get to their seats- twas quite cute. Woah I wonder what I'm gonna be like when I'm 64? When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now… will you still be sending me a valentine? Birthday greeting? Bottle of wine? (LOL I likes that song)

Today went to town avec people. LOL we walked into Claire’s to look for a present for Stat right? Captain Smooshmoose was RIGHT at home as he strolled in (pretty colours I suppose) but Greenie, Digs and Spangus were like – errr no.

Maccy D’s awaited us. I bought a Big Tasteee Meal – Man it’s the size of my head! Its fantastic!! …….. though I got put off my SOMEONE mentioning a certain part of Melvin’s anatomy. (For a more visual idea)
And Smoosh was happy with his Happy Meal. LOL they gave him a CARE BEAR at first and then they saw him with it and were like, “Err, don’t you want a boys toy instead?”
So we made do with a plastic glider.

After we went to WHSmith and whilst waiting for the others Smoosh decided to fraternise with some evil looking pigeons. Then they all flew around and stuff. Meh I don’t like low-flying pigeons. Creatures of eeevil!
Starsky n Hutch afterwards. That was good. Rather funny. Yes. Alas no food. Why Diggle gave me a look of disbelief when I suggested it, I do not know. I do not know at all.

Then Noodle bar with 11s gals. Twas great. As per usual. AND! My fortune cookie said I will live to an old age and have lots of grandkiddies. LOL the C suggests “granddaddies”

Also, while on the subject of going out and stuff – Bebs has been ultra clever and put up a blog-me-doo where you can announce certain get-togethers in one place instead of visiting several different blogs. To get memberships just ask him. But if you have no idea what I'm talking about and need to see it for yourself, visit


Muchos Gracias.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/06/2004 08:03:00 pm

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Went Ice Skating with 11s gals today. It was a day of pain. With momentary moments of delight when you realise you’r actually moving without holding onto the barrier for dear life. There were many fatalities on this fateful day. Robee fell over first, landing heavily on the hard ice. Lozzi was then brought down by a small boy in her path. Christine’s legs gave way and she ended up desperately trying to climb up the barrier whilst her legs flailed underneath her. Bekash A wiped out by the sidelines. We thought it was all over and then Katrine was taken out by yet another small child. Robee then fell over and banged her head and spent about 15 minutes in the First Aid room. Oh there were wounded and small children everywhere. It was like the first fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan all over again.

As for me? Yes, of course I fell over. I also managed to somehow skate over my hand. I can imagine you lot trying to imagine how that’s feasible but hey, as Hollis says, if anyone can do it, Zoe will. So yes. I now have two large plasters slapped over my wrist and palm. It looks like iv been a bit scissor happy on my wrists… Meh.

But happy thoughts we went to Burger King!! I had an Extra Large Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Meal to make the pain go away, And then diddy donuts after. And then a medium box of popcorn. Aaah nothing like a good meal to keep you happy.
And then we had fun in the “Amusement area” where Lozzi and Robee had a blast “riding” those pony things! Oh the sexual innuendoes were plentiful today. *halo*

Hehe QOTD- We were driving through Hemel by that “Magic” Roundabout and I go , “Hmm, we’v been here before…”
“Yes Zoe, on the way here.”

Meh I blame …….. blood loss …… or something…… OH LOOK A UNICORN!! *flees*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/03/2004 07:12:00 pm

Friday, April 02, 2004

They gave her a mouth?!
LOL Hello Kitty – celebrating her 30th birthday this year has released a new video – and they’v given her a mouth! Since when did Hello Kitty have a mouth? They had a whole article on it in The Citizen today lol. Did you know that Hello Kitty is the face of UNICEF in both Japan and America? Woah. You learn something new everyday right?

Just came back from the easycinema after watching the Looney Tunes movie. Ergh, dont go see it lol, the only benefit i can think of is a double dose of Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton. Oh and Bugs Bunny if that floats your boat...

Eeeeeee the holidays are here. Quick word up for those of you that are interested- theres a get together in Aylesbury towwwwn on Tues 6th Apr. Yeah. Thats it. lol


Am going ice skating tomoro with 11S girlies. LOL we'r all going to end up in casualty seeing that the majority of us havent skated since we were about 12. Sweet.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/02/2004 08:55:00 pm

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Happy April Fools.
I shall not even try and fool yo guys by saying “Oh I'm going to shut down the blog” or something like that because … you are all too clever and stuff. Hahah good one....
I don’t know.
Meh, I havent been online at all this evening. Instaed I spent the majority of my time at the local Tescos where I think the cashiers have been organising a whole “lets see how slow we can go” thing for April Fools. Either that or “Lets see how unhelpful I can be!”

I asked merely where the biscuit section was (I dunno, they seem to have moved it overnight – usually I like live there!) And the person replied. “I can take you to the crisps section if you want?”
“Err… yeah, but I'm looking for the biscuits.”
“Oh, they’re not in the crisp section anymore”
“Maybe I should take you to the biscuit section ?”

Today all our phones went off at 11.30 – Ms Milzani went spare lol. Twas amusing as we were pretending we couldn’t hear anything.
“That buzzing?” Must be the builders round again!”
“Or thunder…”
“Or Zoe’s stomach…”


Plus, SHYAM you are NOT funny!
Did anyone fall for any particular good pranks? Hmmmm?

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 4/01/2004 09:45:00 pm

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