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Sunday, February 29, 2004

By the way, its Oscar Night - GO LORD OF THE RINGS!! Third time lucky eh?
But come on, like Master and Commander is much competition. lol
Finding Nemo for Best Animation thing majig
Peace out duuuuudes! (turtle style)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/29/2004 09:33:00 pm
OH dear god. Iv just realised. House Music is on Wednesday. Technical rehearsal is tomoro. I have yet to perfect the piece. Hell with that, i have yet to LEARN it! And better yet, i have only 2 pages of my suposed four page piece. But thats ok right? Not many people know how The Entertainer goes right? Right?
*breathes* It will be ok Zoe, you just have to improvise that bit. It goes like this now all i have to do is play that... Piece of cake..... *passes out*

Plus iv missed too many humping sessions so i dont know how our part for the chorus goes. I cant even say it, we have to say "haba, ee baba ee why aay" real quick. And i always start giggling. And i dont have what we'r meant to be wearing either .... wait a minute I dont even KNOW what we'r meant to be wearing!

Oooh, id like to take this opportunity to remind Dickson that if i do in fact sing "hump" on the night, you owe me a snickers AND a mars bar! How about throwing in some Malteasers too? lol

Anyways, moving on from my problem, which i have been ignoring for quite some time and shall continue doing so.
In the past two days i have had a Cheap-DVD Marathon. I have watched the following at least once.
Tomb Raider 2
Finding Nemo
Return of The King
Legally Blonde 2
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


talking of nice,. my eye is healing up nicely, the red patch has shrunken itself to a mere blob taht you cant see if i look down at my nose. Lol, so now you will know why i'll be making that face.
Hmm, i should really go and compose the rest of a 102 year old classic.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/29/2004 08:02:00 pm

Saturday, February 28, 2004

OK, I said I would blog, so here it is.
El party last night of my dear Lelimo and Henna – One word – Abosultely-fan-floobidly-fun ! (wow I just made that up on the spot)
Well, where do I begin? From the beginning? OK then.
Shyam-I-Am decided to pick me up stupidly early hence Zoe had about 15 minutes to get ready. Zoe then proceeded to try and put her face on in the car, in the dark, whilst going up and down the country roads. Zoe stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand.
Anyways, we got their nice and early – 15 minutes early in fact- because you know what? We’r HARDCORE! YEAH!
As the evening continued, we were joined by crowds of sexy sirens and erm… blokes in shirts and were all given a character name to sit under at the table. Ironically, I ended up with The Virgin Mary though I must say that Kinkylicious was well suited with Brad Pitt.
Bacardi’s all round and I managed to spill mine all down me after approximately …. one sip. Wooooar! – I must say it wasn’t my fault, it all fizzed up ok!
Ended up sitting next to Joseph – more commonly known as Bill and David Beckham –aka Johhny Boy for the sumptous three course meal – I had to help Shyam and Stophig finish their food. Cuh, honestly! Had a great time trying to do a Miss Congeniality and play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but ended up half choking on a lump of bread that Rrrrryan had “accidentally dropped” into Stoph’s drink whilst “fighting a rabid racoon” – I was there, I saw it all. He’s lucky he didn’t get rabies. We also had fun with the video recorders + cameras and btw Ryan – Cauliflowers gonna get ya! *mash mash*
Next came dessert by which time, I was sitting next to Foster – who I must add was being the perfect gentleman compared to my …. Interesting behaviour. Well lets just say I was eating butter, smearing it on our faces as warpaint whilst eating cheescake – … whoevers it was. (though I hope Foster didn’t mind too much lol) Also managed to delightfully spray Kinkylicious, Lane and Bill to which Kinky raucously burst out laughing declaring it a classic , Lane was bemused and Bill had his rahter clever comeback – Spray that again?
As the night progressed to cut a long story short – this Virgin Mary had a lot of fun!! Twas so great and I must apologise for any interesting comments or performances on my behalf – I blame the alcohol … though I only had one bottle ……..

...Which I filled up with other peoples drinks when id reached the bottom….. So sue me :P

But eventually the evening had to end and I went home with high spirits – but fell asleep in the car – sorry Shyam, did you have fun talking to my rents?

The morning after however … NO HANGOVER!!! WOOOAR but .... but ....hehe, turns out Zoe had so much fun last night, she woke up this morning with a subconjuctival haemorrhage. WOOOOO! For those of you who know not what it is Click Here

Smiles :D

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/28/2004 11:45:00 am

Thursday, February 26, 2004

LOL!!!!!! Have finished reading your wonderful shoutyouties –all 50 of them- and I have to commend Hicksy for his perfect ending lololol Havent laughed like that in a long while. Oh the irony, oh the hilarity, oh the immaturity oh the EVERYTHING!

Anyway, news on my normal notsointeresting days of my life.
First music lesson back and whilst pratting about in the practice room, me, Ents, Hoskins and Tash came up with what was unmistakeably an 80s remix of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
I was just messing with the chords on the piano and suddenly Ents presses this key on the keyboard and we get a “duhm duh-duh duhm chh” (if you cant quite decipher, that’s meant to be a perfectly in time drum introduction to the main theme)
Anyways we were randomly playing stuff and suddenly it turns into the Olympics/Airline song, y’know the song that always plays where people run in slow-mo time. No? You’ll probs hear me humming it soon. But anyway. Mrs Thompson comes downstairs just in time to catch us launghin into The Rugrats – 80s stylee. Unluckily she doesn’t buy our “its our variation composition” excuse and sends us all back upstairs.
English was also great. Strangely enough, in my first few days back I'm too enthusiastic… But yes, I was back to my usual antics in English whilst partaking in a hotseat debate thing and when someone asked “Mrs Birling” what she should do to Eric my suggestion of “Spank him” was taken down quite well LOL.
Chisel was marvellous as Gerald, wildly proclaiming – I LOVE SHEILA.
Gah gotta go unpack now … start unpacking…. Ok, you got me, its just throwing things from one bag to another, in an attempt to fake progress. Meh.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/26/2004 09:05:00 pm

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

HELLLOOOO MY PRETTIES! Its good to be home and back on the blog. OMG, iv forgotten how to type, my fingers are going all over the place. Plus its freeeeezing so my fingers are no better than having mashed potatoes for fingers. Mmm potato. Anyway, many of you have been asking of my holiday in HK (though we all know its just being polite and you couldn’t give a rats arse lol)
Let me enlighten you. Ready kids?

It the beginning, it all began at the airport. We had a marvellous start seeing that we queued for 12 minutes in the wrong check in line which was in fact for Malta. Strangely enough, I got a D of E flashback where we went wrong from the start…
Anyway, when safely on the plane, (you can see I'm skipping the minor details as I have 12 days to cover lol) on the plane, mid flight I found myself sitting by the window listening to Red Wine by Prince. Yeah the onboard radio station was a bit backward seeing that it only played oldies and embarrassingly enough I found myself singing along to “Believe” by Cher - Cue the “do you belieeeeeve in love after love (after love after love after love)” and the shocked silence of the children in the seat behind me who coincidentally, spent most of the flight kicking the seat and flipping the table open/shut/open/shut/open ARGH!
We were sitting above the wing and when night came I had to shut the window – iv seen that scene where the man opens the aeroplane window and the monster’s outside his window… *shudder* And no it was NOT sesame street.

Arrived in HK , it was like a frozen pizza being put into an oven. And yes we looked slightly bizarre walking around the airport carrying scarves and gloves. Obviously after the SARS alerts, HK has become a lot more secure. I had to go through heat scanning, passport check, x-ray baggage thing, immigration dept and customs before I could get out of the airport.
Actually, going off slightly on a d+m thought for a minute – when I arrived back in the city, I stepped out the cab and in that one moment, I smiled to myself and thought …I'm back – and there was this sense of … security, wellbeing. I don’t know why but it just felt … good to be in a place where I don’t stick out like a sore thumb for those of you perceptive enough to know what I'm talking about.
BUT ANYWAY! Sorry to diverge from my usual manner (ie. Shouting BOOOBIES at the top of my voice) but just thought id add a bit of depth into my blog.

Hong Kong is a place full of new technology, cheap clothes, good food, not to mention pirate DVDs and fakes. I must say the fakes are quite hilarious. On my travels I came across “Oalvin Klain” knickers and “RQ Polo” – which I did buy a few of seeing that they were 10 dollars (70p) for 3 pairs. Oh the cheapness!
TV is …. Interesting. I got up one morning, switched on the TV and was watching a cartoon that featured various assorted fruit with dancing potatoes and, what was unmistakably a singing fridge. Give them hair and voila! you have “ The Boobahs go Catering”
Also the adverts are pretty much the same, but some in Chinese. They even have the “I'm LOVING IT!”. Herbal essences seem to be a big hit but its hilarious hearing and seeing the monkey that says “I think we’r using the wrong shampoo” jabber away in Chinese. There was much mirth when the adverts for a shop called “Wanko” and a music CD called “Lets Folk” came on.

HK is so technologically advanced. They have automatic paper towel dispensers that say “have a nice day” in a hundred different languages! EEEE! Lol. However, no matter how advanced they may be, the people of HK seem to worship Derren Brown and The Cheeky Girls – where the relation is, I know not but the high streets of the city are full of bright lights and happy tunes. Its teenybopper paradise! Seriously, I'm not kidding, it’s the first place where iv heard the Bring Me To Life dance remix.

On my last days we took a trip to Macau, the neighbouring island. I’v renamed it Wonderland for it is INSANE. The cars zoom around like they’r on amphetamines. The lights flash on/off at epileptic-fit speed. The taxis think they’r being hailed if you merely scratch your arm. OH the trouble I had explaining that no I didn’t need a taxi and no I didn’t want to go downtown. Such is the problem with language barriers though I'm sure that Hoskins books of foreign swear words would have come in handy.
In Macau we went to a casino and I WON 40 DOLLARS ON THE SLOTS! …. Then I lost it all. Darn. Heres a tip. Once the machine pays out big money, go and find a new one! It was on my first go so I was like, hey I’ll just have another go… and another.. and another.. etc
It’s extreme in Macau. There are so many people. The businessmen who flip out their cool cellular phones whilst running to catch a bus just to prove they are capable commuters. The tourists who take a picture of EVERYTHING about three thousand times. The old people …. *shudder*

Life Lesson - DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE GRANNIES OF HONG KONG! They come across as small and frail but nooooo , it’s a completely different story. They’ll curse and hit you with their stick (which any hardcore granny will carry), before pushing you out of the way. AND, if you’v come across a real traditionalist, she’ll spit on the street. If this event- Get out of the way. FAST. Trust me on this one kids. They don’t just spit, they hack it all up for about a minute too. Its rank. Its like hwaaaaaack-ptuh. *shudders*
And if spitting grannies are not your forte then you don’t even want to hear about the men.

Everything in Hong Kong is either fast or busy. The traffic for one. There was many a time when I almost walked out into the path of a taxi who’s driver is a blatant Speed fan.
Days of death – I think I'm seeing a correlation.
Day 1 – times I almost died – 11
Day 4- 5
Day 7- 2
Day 9- 19 – that was the day I went to Crazy Town -Macau where they’r apparently “too cool” to pay any attention to zebra crossings.
Day 11 – Just the one and NO it wasn’t by a plane lol

I think the best thing about Hong Kong is the shopping. And the food. Yeah, the food actually. There are little vending stalls and machines everywhere! I MANAGED TO PUT ON ALMOST HALF A STONE!! EEEEEEEEEE! :D
Shopping was fantastic. Iv already told most of you about the bargains but I shall enlighten you of my DVD purchases.
Finding Nemo
The Hours
Tomb Raider 2
Gangs of New York
Down with Love
Legally Blonde 2
Genuine ones -
All costing roughly £3.50 each

Return of The King
Matrix Revolutions
Brother Bear
Lion King 1 ½
DVDS from China most likely pirate lol all costing … £1.75 each

I guess I'm coming to the end of my tale now so lets think of a nice conclusion.
In one sentence?
Hong Kong – Too hip to spell Pooh bear with an H.
Imagine the hilarity when I found “The Book of Poo”

LOL iv got this box and its got a picture of Pooh bear carrying a net, running after Piglet who’s being attacked by a butterfly. It looks like Pooh is chasing Piglet whilst wielding a carving knife.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/25/2004 07:33:00 pm

Thursday, February 12, 2004

OK, you may know tomorrow morning I'm jet setting off to the marvellous land that is Hong Kong. SO when you guys are at school for one more day I shall be looking out over the white clouds thinking of you all ….. Well actually I’ll be asleep or watching the in flight movie but the thoughts still there.
But then again thinking about it, iv got to do some Physics cue cards *hits head*
Heres a tip, when you have your Academic tutoring and they ask you how you could help yourself improve – DON’T say things that you wouldn’t want to do!!! I said improve my revision by writing cue cards and look what I have to have completed by the end of half term!
I spent my last chem lesson throwin half eaten grapes around the room. Sorry Jules!! *halo* That was a good shot non?
Anyways I'm not coming back until the Wednesday when we come back so you guys have got three Zoe Free days LOL Enjoy while you can!!! :P
I'm going to have so much fun shopping. ITS PIRATE DVD TIME! In more ways than one as I hope to acquire The Pirates of the Caribbean DVD – last time we got 7 for a tenner so happy thoughts!

Yes I know its Friday thirteenth tomoro. Pleh, I say if its my time, its my time.
Further note – Happy Valentines Dya in advance and much love to you all – yes including you sickeningly cute couples. Pleh I cant be arsed to name them ALL its all too in-my-face lol.

But yessr. I'm signing off again for the next twelve days. Feel free to use the shout outs for your own entertainment (when I get back I expect to see about 70 comments! Lol) Shall see you all very soon and if you’r lucky, I’ll have brought back pretty things for you all!

Happy half term holiday – have a great one boys n gals

Now, the packing begins. Btw, on a final thought, does anyone else find that theres never enough room in aeroplane toilets? You can barely move and then the flush is extra loud and its like argh and then you can never get the doors open or shut when needed because they fold in all the wrong places. …. yes…… But anyways, so long, farewell, auf wiedersen goodbye, ima gonna grab me some aeroplane souvenirs .. maybe an air steward? That would look nice on my mantlepiece …

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/12/2004 08:01:00 pm
Im in French at the mo, lets see if this works.
Madame Grouille has just had a long rant at us for not spending our time wisely. Apparently, according to her, taking Fast Track was not just so that we could doss around for the next year. Thats where we went wrong lol.
We all presumed that it would make life easier, espesh as some of us were stupid enough to do more that one subject. But nooo, we have to do a French AS Oral. Thats "only" a 15 minute talk with a someone we'v never met before - because apparently we'r going external since we'r a language college and cant have an internal examiner too or some bollocks like that.
Well actually, iv just read that its 35 minutes but we get 20 minutes prep time. Oh dear god. Im so glad im not doing a language for AS.
Actually, a point that The Canadian made this morning - I do four languages. Dont i feel all clevererer? lol
Ergh talking of The Canadian , he did an Angus and sprayed me with Lynx yesterday. Deja vu of the man smell in the bus park *cries* Unfortunately, my supplies of So? are running thin - i only have 2 cans left :p Must wait til they are speical offer again hehe.

Anyways i really ought to be getting back to my work, im talking for 15 minutes on French Food - touche.
IM GOING ON HOLIDAY TOMORO! WOOOOOOOOOAR! I get to miss three days of school. Mwaha!
What can i do before i go? Erm..... *thinks*
Oh the mirth!
*runs away giggling like a leprachuan who's lost his hat*
(je ne sais pas)

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/12/2004 12:30:00 pm

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Music lesson today – a good blog always comes from that. Hmm, todays “inspiration” was from our new music textbook.
Aural Matters! – a students guide to aural perception at an advanced level.
Lol, so thats what we learn at school these days.

Anyway, Mrs T had brought in her bongos – let me rephrase, her indian tabla drums which she couldn’t stress enough were NOT bongos. Pleh, any small drum that comes in pairs = bongos. Don’t try and convert us, we will shall not, we shall not be moved.
So she passed them round and we had a terrific time banging on the drums when she tried to speak. I quote “Look at me I'm drummering!”
Also we gave her small heart attacks with
“*BANG* Oooops….”
Luckily the drums were undamaged but I bet Mrs T has made a mental note never to bring in any instruments that we can strike…. Though ballpoint pens are pretty fun to click while she’s talking…

PE – suckiest of the sucky. I'm now the caller-outer of aerobic moves for my group and its tiring!! There’s only so long I can smile like an air hostess whilst doing jumping jacks like a loon shouting “Keep it up!” “ One more time!”
Seriously, if this continues the words “ and 5,6,7,8” will be considerably enough to send me into a spasm.

I have my appointment avec Mr Torps tomorrow though my mother is running worst case scenarios through my mind. Though in her case worse case scenarios are very different. I quote:
“What if you only got a B?! Would they still let you in?!”
Oh dear god, I got a B, the world is going to implode.

Hehe, iv been approached by Mrs Dean several times thanking me for meeting all those inspector people. LOL I was like, free lunch, skipping lessons – ANYTIME! Our shields still havent arrived yet : (
I'm positively angelic. Apparently. Though I do remember before I met them, Mrs Livingstone said,
“You’r not going in like THAT are you?”
“Like what?”
“Tuck your shirt in! And could you please remove those rings! And roll your sleeves down”
Hey, they wanted a representative of year 11, jewellery and untucked shirts come as standard.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/11/2004 07:24:00 pm

Monday, February 09, 2004

Stupidest question today was in Spanish.
What can you do when you have your drivers license?
Duh! The most obvious answer was “drive” right?!
But nooo, people were replying with all sorts , from
“Stop using public transport” to “Get my dad to buy me a car”
Desafordunadamente I didn’t know the Spanish for “Get arrested for speeding”

Its only just occurred to me that soon I will be of the age where I can legally learn to drive. Ok, iv already passed the test with my legoland licence but this is a whole new world waiting for me to screw up in.
Hmm I'm seeing the fines for road rage already. Lol I’ll say it runs in the family, my father already refers to the keys as if they were human ie “Where are the bastards?!?!?”

I have yet to finish my Textiles – it is in for the end of tomorrow. I was planning on finishing it at home tonight but have just bent the fucking needle. HOW AS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE FOOT FOR DIFFERENT STITCHES? LOL the school machines have a universal foot thing. Damn damn damn. Well anyway I started doing my zigzag stitch and as if it was all in slow motion I saw the needle go straight down, missing the cloth and going straight onto metal casing. Whoops. I bent the needle, yet its not broken... since when was metal flexible?
Anyways the house is extra busy at the moment. We need a “rabbit sitter” for when we go to HK on Fri and a “fish sitter” and I also need to pack, finish my textiles, eat AND ring various people.
ts so hectic in this house …. Wow I feel like I have purpose now!! *does a dance*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/09/2004 07:19:00 pm

Sunday, February 08, 2004

MY day today was pretty non eventful.
Had an eye test at some god earthly time in the morning (aka 10 o clock). For those of you who have experienceed these, does anyone else hate it when they look at your eye with the torch thing shining in and get reallly really close. The optician has to look closely into your eye so their face is barely millimetres away from your face. Eeeee, makes me flinch.
Anyways, after that we all piled into the car and went to visit my aunt who’s in la hopital at the mo recovering from a hysterectomy. My rents presumed I didn’t know what a hysterectomy was and were merrily talking about other things. Pleh, ignorance is bliss. Got to Aston at about noon and then sat there for hours drinking hospital coffee whilst I ate the biscuits. Also mobile phones were prohibited so I sat there not doing anything, apart from eating biscuits. Hmm hysterectomies…. thinking about it. That must really hurt. Owch. *crosses legs*

Heh, isnt it weird how when you think about stuff like that you have to protect the area that it would happen to, if you know what I mean?
Take for example... when disecting the pig eyes in bio. I remember distinctly, I was asked to take a stab at dissecting –lets just say I took her meaning too literally and I remember Dodo grabbed her face (eyes). Also when talking about the whole being impaled on a broom handle story, we all crossed our legs. You do know the broom handle story though right? Eeeeew *crosses legs*
Hell I’ll just announce it online for everyone to know.
This girl was in her bedroom …. “having fun” with a broom (Yes “having fun”). However it was too long so she was standing on a chair. Her mother came in abruptly and the girl was so surprised that she fell off the chair and ended up impaling herself. Whether she died or not is a different story.
The End.
Wasn’t that nice kids? We’ll read the happy mass murderer story tomorrow night! :D

But yes, that was one of our discussion topics in Textiles that resulted in a very quiet lesson and a mass crossing of ones legs.
Jesus my blog has veered slightly off course….. though it never had a point in the first place. What is up with that? Lol

OOH! Life lesson!
For those of you who come to MK so often (honestly you might as well be living here! :P ) the best place to go is Sunday morning. Seriously, the place is empty but the shops are open. Or you could just come when England are playing in the Rugby World Cup Final like Lyndy did. I'm guessing it was so deserted that there would have been those dry bush things bouncing around like you see in those western movies. What are they called?!
Final thought – Hospital Biscuits are nice

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/08/2004 09:32:00 pm
OK, first things first. The ball.
Was actually a success so hats off to Goody and the rest of the team for organising it. Hmm highlights?
1) Amahnda in her orange ball dress and being reprimanded for supposedly hitting someone.
2) Christina and Ward mwahahah!! ( i had his permission)
3) Frisky Jim n Bekash Malc LOL!! And I cant wait til those photos get developed.
4) Meh, there’s loads more but I really cant be arsed.

But yes, twas great fun. Everyone looking absolutely spanking and amazing. And yes, even the bloke folk managed to smarted themselves up, including The Canadian in his school uniform and Will Wakeford in his pimp ensemble : P
Naturally, Shyam and I were the first on the dancefloor as its ALWAYS dead in the first songs but we got right to the front and were then joined by a load of peeps cos we’r trend-setters lol
Spent the night extra hyper as I was being fed on a diet of polos and coke seeing that I couldn’t do anything as I was sporting two of the most disabling inventions known to man. High heels and false nails.
False nails are . You can’t do anything with them on except poke yourself in the eye and YES I am talking from experience. High heels also result in tremendous agony but as they say “beauty is pain”
I thought my feet would stay on the ground seeing that James wasn’t there but no, the Canadian decides to take up the vacancy and pick me up whilst in the middle of the dancefloor. Meh, my feet were paining too much.

Goodie – you KNOW what you’v done. And YES I was a cold bitch but only because you asked me to be. You’d better be grateful you silly moo! (I was rather good wasn’t I?)
For those of you unaware, I shall NAME AND SHAME!
Said Goodie was dancing with said Emily (renamed by someone but I wont go into that lol) Anyway, his hands were definitely “otherwise engaged” and I bet he was loving every minute of it.
However, prior to the ball, I had been appointed as the official “make sure I don’t get with anyone especially Emily as I am not single and neither is she” person alongside Ward but Ward was “otherwise engaged” with Christina Faranda hey hey go Ward.

Moving on. This has been mentioned on Wards blog but I’ll bring it up as it’s a source of amusement with those in the know. Gopsill was being Gopsill and asks for the one thing he always wants. A hug. *screams and flees*
Not this time mister. He went in and I grabbed both of his shoulders, pushed them back with a defiant “steady on Gopsill”
Needless to say, he didn’t ask for another. :P
(BTW, I don’t actually have that big a problem with him. He knows exactly how I feel about him and I'm sure he wouldn’t have it any other way :D )

Decorations – I have to confirm, Ollies balls were magnificent. The flashing lights had a way of turning on at just the right moment. Ie when Hollis and Diggle decided they would like to partake in a public display of affection. And again. And again.
Shyam and I had other ideas for them hehe, seriously, if you’r ever feeling immature/bitter just blatantly stare at them and move your face closer and closer to theirs, from both sides. LOL, lest just say Hollis n Digs had a pleasant surprise.
*Diggle opens eyes* ARGH SHYAM!!!
*smiles innocently* Just wanted to say hello…. again!
Then that was our cue to flee before we faced Diggles … “wrath”
Or you could do what Laura Fogden and Gaz did and have a raging "argument" on either side of an unsuspecting couple, over their heads which im surprised we didnt think of.
How romantic. Who needs the violins?

The main point of discussion was the fact that most of the male species either cant dance or wont dance. Lol, they tried to use the excuse – but I cant dance. So they got taught. Lol, and yes they looked like clowns but still!
See you get those who are too … timid to lay a hand on you but then you get those who are more self assured in that department. And I do speak for most of us when I say no, that’s not appreciated when we meet for the first time.
When he says “hey nice to meet you” , he might as well have said it to my arse. For future references to all you poor girly wirlies, just get the hell out of there. I would name and shame such but in particular stay away from “manky/skanky J” who is very aptly named lol
Heres another tip, yes you may have mastered the tango but there is a time and a place. When dancing to 50 Cent = not the time. Please learn the difference. :P
Also, yes we already covered the fafct that high heels are very pretty/painful but another fact is that we have very poor balance when wearing them. Please do not throw us around like we’re rag dolls.

Anyways iv yabbered on for too long its even got boring to me.
Life lesson? False Nails = Bastards

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/08/2004 09:28:00 pm

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Shall give a long updated blog on the ball and stuff soon as im going to watch Signs in a min but i shall say one thing
"CHRISTINA AND WARD SITTING IN A TREE! *you fill in the rest*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/07/2004 09:52:00 pm

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yesterdays Music Listening was hilarious! W all decided we wouldn’t take it anymore and filled in the last page with complete doss remarks.
“How are the drums played in this extract?”
By hitting it
“What technique is used to produce sounds?”
“In Indian music, what instrument usually plays the drone?”
The bagpipes

Chemistry today was interesting as Stoph and I were bored. We decided to test the pH of our saliva and placed a bit of universal indicator paper on our tongues. It went green so pH 7 then lol. However, I realised that on the bottle of universal indicator in front of us the word “HARMFUL” was boldly printed on it. The next 5 minutes consisted of Stophig and I trying to dry-clean our mouths with blue tissue paper.
Then I realised it didn’t say “Toxic” so we were like “YAY! WE’RE NOT GONNA DIE!”
Then it was time for break and all was forgotten.

Had another meeting with some inspectors today. I had to smile and pretend I was all for salads and macaroni as part of a “healthy eating scheme”
LOL its great how when they want a representative of year 11, they put ME forwards! LOOOOL
On another high, the school council are getting shield badges!!! EEEEEEEEEEH! Just like the house colour I got, then lost.
Heeee I like sharp pointy things. *rocks back and forth like the psycho that I am*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 2/05/2004 08:21:00 pm

Also, thanks mucho for the support of the groovy chicks in 11s - I agree and yes i am quivering in my red shoes lol. Im just worried I'll get suspended for resorting to violence LOL. Shall see you babes at the ball!
Word to the funky peeps goin to Clare Bears. HAVE FUN!! EEEEE She's going out with pinky! .... I mean *OH LOOK A UNICORN!*


*ps, may i add, dont get your hopes up because IT hasnt happened. Yet. *fingers crossed*

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Ok, its been a while since anyone posted up any shorts and seeing that our post mock situation, post snow day situation has left some of us tres bored i have decided to post up my own just for good measure.
I know it does not even begin to compare to the three greats (one should be a greatette may i add) but hey, hae a read, possibly a weep lol and comments would be much appreciated.
Here goes:

“Look at me Kevin! Look at me!”
“I'm looking!”
“Look at me!”

I turned around smiling, what was she doing now? Rosie sat proudly in the saddle her little legs swinging wildly around. I laughed. My little sister sat in our old, brown saddle balanced on not a pony, but a large stool.
“Look Kevin! I'm riding!”
I laughed again. “Not without a helmet, you’re not.” I plonked an old riding hat on her head. Rosie beamed.
“Why can’t I ride a real pony yet?” she pouted
“Because you’re not big enough yet!” I pouted back
Rosie sighed. “That’s so unfair” she said miserably
I looked at her, if I didn’t play my cards right, this would result in tears.
Too late.
Walking over to her calmly I said “Rosie, remember what Mom always tells you?”
Rosie nodded as she wiped her eyes and smiled.
“No more tears” she replied. “Life’s too short”

My little sister Rosie loves horses. We have this fight. Every Saturday I take her down to the stables to see the horses and she loves it. She’s only 7. I know there’s a big age gap between us, 12 years in fact but I'm glad of it I guess as I'm at the age where I can see my sister as cute and adorable rather than adolescent and temperamental like Kristen my other little sister. We live in a beautiful ranch in Carson City, Nevada. We’re happy, we’ve got practically all we could ever need, all we could ever want. It’s just me, Kristen, Rosie and our folks. Krist is only two years younger than me and has only just grown out of that moody teen stage. Sheesh, all I'm saying is I'm glad I survived. Jesus Christ, every day it was like Kevin, this, Kevin that or “Kevin, get out of my face!” (complete with hand movements à la Clueless) Heh, I'm glad I’ll be out of the house by the time Rosie gets to that age. Well actually, now thinking about it… she wont get to that age. Not anymore.

All is not well with Rosie. When she was a bit younger she had a meningitis scare though luckily it was detected in the early stages and could be treated. That was a year ago. We thought we were rid of it. However two days ago, after many tests and assessments, Rosie was “officially” diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis again.
“Meningococcal meningitis,” said the doctor, “usually responds to treatment with penicillin if diagnosed early enough though … though”
“Though what?!”
I said anxiously
The doctor cleared his throat, I could tell by the look on his face what he was going to say. It was his eyes, now devoid of all professionalism that said everything.
“Few are saved, despite treatment with appropriate drugs.”
“How long …. How long do we have?” my father asked
“ If the operation is successful then 11 months, if not then…. 11 weeks”

That’s when I knew my little sister was going to die.

That day in the doctors surgery… I will never forget the shock I saw on my father’s face, or the way that my mother burst into tears. I’ll never forget how Kristen grabbed my arm in alarm or the way that the doctor hung his head. No, these things stay with you. As for my reaction? That’s the most memorable. I’ll never forget the way it feels when your body turns to ice and your heart turns to lead. Never.

The journey back home was tense. Dad, who never cries, never shows emotion, was driving the car, a single tear running slowly down his face. I sat next to him up front and Mom was in the back spending every last minute she had with her daughter. No one said a word. No one spoke. The car was still. Surprisingly Rosie broke the silence.
“Mommy?” she asked quietly “Am I going to become an angel?”
I turned around to look at her. Rosie sat there serenely with a sincere look on her face, the sunlight shining through her hair. I smiled through my sadness. She was the bravest little sister in the world. And you know what else? She was mine. And for that I was proud.

I'm in my second year at Yale Medical. With one of the highest GPA’s in my year I'm not doing too badly at the moment. I love it there, though at this moment I time, I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to leave my sister. But come January I flew back to Connecticut all the same. I spent my last week in Nevada walking in the mall creating a memory of life as it was – perfect. I was walking home one day when I passed a small card shop. In the window was a poster of this magnificent white horse. It wasn’t exactly white, kind of shimmered like a pearl. It looked like the ponies at the stable. Rosie would like that. But what struck me was that it was just a small pony, though it seemed more glorious than all the other pictures around it. In a way it reminded me of Rosie so I bought it for her as my parting gift.
I helped her put it up on her wall and we sat for a while just looking at it.
“I'm gonna call it a real pretty name,” she said happily
“Like what?” I asked her
She thought for a while, chewing her lip and frowning slightly as she thought.
I smiled wistfully “Ok kiddo”

The next days flew past quickly like leaves being lifted by the autumn winds. Come the day of my departure I went up to Rosies room. She was sitting in bed with her pink Barbie bathrobe wrapped around her.
“Look Rosie, I’ve gotta go back now so I wont see you for a while.” I began “I know you’ve got your big operation next month but..” I slowed down, ”… its gonna be ok…. you’re gonna be...” I stopped, the words just wouldn’t come out. This was probably going to be the last time that I saw my sister alive and well. A tear rolled down my cheek.
But then the most remarkable thing happened. Rosie smiled.
“I'm going to be just fine”
I looked up. She saw the sadness in my eyes. And for a moment it felt like she could sense my pain. She smiled up at me. “You want to know how I know?” she whispered knowingly.
I looked at her and slowly nodded.
“Moonbeam said so”

I looked at the poster above her head. It must have been a trick of the light but the way the colours shimmered almost made the poster look like it was moving.
Rosie continued, “Moonbeam says that if I don’t get better, he’ll come with me” she yawned.
“I don’t understand Rosie. He said that?” I asked her gently.
“Mmhmm” Rosie sighed closing her eyes and sinking under the covers, “He’ll be there…” she yawned again, “ with me”
“But where are you going?” I asked again, leaning closer to catch her reply
She said no more. She had fallen asleep. I smiled to myself and left the room gently closing the door behind me.

Time passed. I was in the fraternity house one evening when I received a call from Mom. I ran to the phone and picked it up urgently. She must have news about Rosies operation.
Putting the receiver to my ear I could hear her sobbing down the phone. My heart sank.
“What is it?” I said with dread.
Mom struggled to get the words out “The operation failed, it gave us about 2 weeks more… we only have 3 months left..”
The words hit me like a bullet to the chest. I dropped the receiver.

I was scheduled to return back to the City the week after but I fell ill with food poisoning and was declared unfit to fly. Heh, mom always warned me to be careful with the frat food. Anyway, it took me a while to get back on my feet but I rang home once a week to check up on them. I wish it could have been everyday but phone calls from Connecticut to Nevada don’t come cheap.
It was about 3 weeks after id fallen ill. I was a lot better, in fact I had a flight to the City that weekend. Then I got the phone call. That same feeling of dread filled me. It was Wednesday. Mom never called mid-week, in case it broke my “study cycle.” I picked up the phone. My heart thudded in my chest.
It was Dad. He spoke clearly and simply.
“Kevin, Rosie’s taken a turn for the worse.”
“Wha? I.. what? No.. oh…no this… this..” Words failed me
“Come home son”
“Dad, I don’t understand, they said we had 3 months, its only been about one, iv got a flight this weekend but…” The words gushed out of me in my shock
Dad spoke again amidst my confusion, but my heart was racing so loud I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Something about technicalities. I just caught the last of his words before his voice started to shake.
“She won’t be with us this weekend”
And that’s when it happened again. For the second time in my life, that’s when I felt it. The feeling when your body turns to ice and your heart turns to lead.
I got a flight back the very same day and arrived back in Carson City the next evening.

Dad and Kristen picked me up from the airport. As I walked towards them I noticed how much they had changed. They weren’t the same people I left behind. They used to be cheerful and spirited but now they were solemn and grave. I reached them. There was no movement. No words. There was a pregnant pause. It was all too formal. Then suddenly Kristen burst into tears and hugged me whilst Dad placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed.
I was unable to speak. My mouth was suddenly dry. But I managed to whisper.
“Its good to be back”
Dad nodded and opened his mouth. But what came out was completely different to his normal bellowing roar. He spoke in a thin and weary voice, but the meaning was clear.
“Let’s go home son”

As the station wagon pulled up into our drive I noticed how much the house had changed. The door was opened by Mom. She ran into my arms and I held onto her before she broke down in tears. Looking into her eyes I said gently.
“Where is she?”
Mom sniffed as she led me inside. She said in a soft voice.
“The doctor was surprised she’s still with us. But she’s been waiting for you to get back.”
She gave me a gentle push up the stairs and I walked onto the landing. I looked at Rosie’s door in front of me, covered with pony posters and stickers. My head swam with tears but I brushed them aside and opened the door.

Rosie lay in bed, her eyes closed. I pulled up a chair next to her. God it was good to see her again. Rosie stirred and coughed. She muttered something quietly.
“Ssssh, its alright Ro, I'm here. I'm gonna stay right here” I said reassuringly, stroking her forehead. Rosies eyes flickered open slowly. Her big brown eyes stared into mine, almost as if trying to recognise my face.
“K..Kevin?” She said weakly
“Hey kid” I smiled bleakly.
Rosie smiled faintly.
“I knew you’d come”
“That’s right” I replied,” And I'm gonna stay right here too”
Rosie looked into my eyes. She knew my sadness. It was almost as if she knew how I felt. But then again we’ve always had that bond. But then she said something else
“I know why you’re here” she said calmly
I couldn’t say anything. I was numb. I just held her hand in response.
“And I want you to know” she continued, “You don’t have to worry about me”
I was silent for a minute. She sensed my confusion.
“Kevin?” She whispered secretively
“Remember that secret I told you last time?”
she asked “About Moonbeam?”
I smiled. “Yeah”
She smiled in relief and feebly prodded my nose “He’s gonna teach me to ride too”
I laughed quietly and nodded.
Rosie was insistent “So don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. Ok?”
I nodded again. “Ok”
“I promise”

Rosie looked into my eyes again. She knew that I didn’t really mean it. How was I not meant to worry?
“I promise” I repeated firmly.
“Ok then” Rosie beamed. She sank back into the covers with a happy sigh. I held onto her hand desperately trying to hold back the tears that were fighting to get free.
“Oh, and one more thing.” Rosie whispered, her voice getting quieter.
I leaned in to listen as her voice was getting weaker
“No more ..tears... life’s t.. “ Rosie yawned and started again “..too…short” her voice faded, her eyes closed and her head started to droop.
“Rosie?” I said quietly. “Rosie?”
I felt her delicate hand squeeze mine and then … nothing. That was it.

I sat there for a minute saying a prayer. The room was silent. Slowly I straightened up and brushed away my tears. Rosie lay peacefully, with a smile on her innocent face. I looked around the room, preserving the moment. My last memory of my sister. As my eyes swept across the room they came to rest on the poster above her bed. Wait a minute. I closed my eyes briefly. Surely this wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be. Could it? I looked again and my heart skipped a beat.
Moonbeam was gone. Completely. All that was left was a background of an endless skyline.
Another solitary tear trickled down my cheek. Softly kissing her pale forehead, I leaned towards her and whispered gently.
“Don’t forget to wear your helmet”

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Monday, February 02, 2004

The Captain says I should blog more…… Ay ay Cap’n. Hehe, I always wanted to be one of the kids in Cap’n Birdseye adverts. They got to have fish fingers. Mmmm fish fingers.
Today was completely non eventful I guess.
Bus was late (nothing new there) but actually we got a coach now!! Heh, trust James to choose the seat by the skylight. My hair was all phwooosled.
I thiink my rents are serious bout buying a fish tank. Theyr even going to Petsmart to look at the prices! I like Petsmart, it has a nice smell… kind of appetising… in a weird way…. But yes! MOVING ON!
French was interesting today – as always. The highlight being Danielledo’s little turn. She’s doing her project on The Notre Dame cos shes bee there before. I quote
“Hang on a minute, *look at picture* that’s def not the same one Iv been to! Is there more than one in France?”
“No, just the one. *looks at picture* That’s THE Notre Dame”
“No its not!! When I went there was a building here! And that wasn’t there!”
“Danielle, let me rephrase …. *points at picture* That’s THE Notre Dame... “
“..In 1736”

*sigh* Its great to feel cleverererer than the person next to you.
Fell asleep in Spanish :0 had to be prodded and punched by Stoph and Lemming.

HMm… OOH! Big up UTI! (see links) AND! I must tell you all!! That opening shot of DK? Yeah, you gotta click his face. LOL I sat there for a minute or so waiting for it to “load” before realising I had to do something. HEY! STOP LAUGHING! I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE! ….. Honest! … *trails off*

Meh nothing of note to blab about except
Here comes the “Zoe has the potential to do well, if only she paid attention in lessons” and all that jazz. They always mention “potential” Hmm…. kinda rolls off the tongue….

Anyway last note. For those of you who know what I'm talking about. Iv been asked to put in a quick wordup. Their choice. Their business. Their life.
(Didn’t that sound cool?! *does a dance*)

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Yesterdays shopping spree was greatly appreciated. I ended up buying a load of crap that I shall only use once then throw it into the wild jungle that is under my bed. Meh that’s the fun of it I guess. Anyway I bought THE dudest bag (for now) it’s a guitar!!! And its sooo cool! (Picture Link)

We went to the cinema afterwards and whilst walking to Xscape experienced THE strongest winds ever! LOL we were walking up by Toad and Maccy D’s against the wind which was getting strong and stronger. We had to hold onto a tree for Christs sake!! Well, I was holding the tree, Hollis was holding me, Katrine was pottering about in her heels and god knows what Elsh was doing. Seriously, it got really scary! The winds were so strong we felt like we were walking on air. Hehe, I can imagine what the people in Maccy D’s must have thought we were doing. Eventually we got to the ticket office but to our shock it was absolutely huuuge! And by it, I mean the queue. Seriously, it went past the escalators and to the entrance of the public toilets. There went our ideas of arriving four minutes before ROTK started. In the end we opted for the next screening of Scary Movie 3 which I must say scared the crap out of me in some parts. (Back at home, the crap was restored to hits rightful owner) but yes.
Ergh I don’t want to see The Ring ever. Ever. And if that wasn’t bad enough I had Hollis freaking me out of my own house by telling me that the girl was in my garden or, on the other side of the window or, on the skylight looking down at us, her hair slowly dripping and then …. a droplet from her hair falls through the glass, right onto my magazine page and I look up and …. *shudders*
Great, in fact absolutely bloody wonderful seeing that my parents start leaving me all alone at night now. I hate you Hollis lol.
Anyways the night was interesting. We were watching Scary Movie 2 in the early hours complete with random anonymous calls on my mobile LOL. Very appropriate.
After that we watched Dude where’s my car? Which is one of my favourite films followed by LOTR and then The Goonies and then The Mighty Ducks and then Con Air and then The Matrix and thenand then … (LOL iv seen it 5 times and it hasn’t got old yet!) Shibby.

Today was good. We went tropical fish shopping though we do not own tropical fish. Or even a tank for that matter. We do however have a male goldfish named Sylvie. Well, we know not the gender for sure but Sylvie has always been referred to as a male. He’s well over 5 years old which is surprisingly long seeing that I can barely look after my sea monkeys.

Did you know the average lifespan of a goldfish is 25 years? Heh, I thought my fish was pretty old at 5 years seeing that all its predecessors have lived for about 18 months. The oldest goldfish lived for 41 years! *sigh* bye bye Guinness books of records dreams….

Anyway! My last note.
Thank you very much for all of those who have been quoting to me the Newsround story but yes, I do know and yes I am so there. Well, that’s if my parents let me, though at the moment all they’ve said is “we’ll see” its GOING to be a yes. I'm not embarrassed to admit that yes this would be a dream come true and if I don’t go, I’ll always regret. There’ll always be the what-ifs? (Ok I know the chance of it happening to me is VERY slim but hey, I can dream right?) But yes. Thank you for the thought. Much appreciated. And fingers crossed!

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