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Friday, January 30, 2004

Today felt like Monday. I don’t know why, but one day off in the middle of the week really turns your sense of time around …. probably just me but yeah. Anyways, today was absolutely non eventful even though the bus failed to turn up in the morning leaving us waiting in the bus shelter listening to the year 789s playing their ringtones but yeah, nothing new seeing as the suckiness of public transport really is an everyday thing now. Hehe have got The Calling in my head as some year 799 hadnt gotten over the fact that it was polyphonic yet. Anyways, bus failed to turn up, I received a bazillion calls (and I'm only just getting over the flippiness of my phone *flip* hello? *flip*) and after a half hour of confusion (no one knew which bus service we were so the bus company couldn’t be contacted) we decided to call it a day and go home. But not my parents. Like I said before they’r either too eager to get me a good education or too eager to get me out of their line of view. So anyway my fun loving father drives up and decides to take me to school himself even though everyone else has gone home. He’s not even phased by the fact that the reason why the bus didn’t turn up was because it skidded and broke down. Apparently he’s made of “stronger stuff”. Stronger than metal? Ok… if you say so.

But yeah, I got to school and thanks to the prompt driving of my father only managed to miss ten minutes of maths. WHATS THE POINT IN THE BUS BEING LATE IF YOU’R GOING TO BE ON TIME ANWAY? Life’s like that right?

The day was interesting – in the House Music choir Ro, Lex, Dickson and I get sing “hump hump hump!” so I guess that was rewarding. Dickson has offered to by me a Mars bar if I sing that on the night…. Might have to take you up on that mdear. I have the piano solo for House music woo but am going to look like a complete twazzette because whilst everyone else shall be playing big masterpieces and sonatas such as Moonlight and “Flight of the Bumblebee”, I shall being bobbing along with “The Entertainer” complete with an insane smile on my face which shall no doubt be forced and shall closely resemble the smile of one in agony. Heh at least I get to “sing” the word “hump” about 10 times at least. Sweet.

Hehe, Greer is a silly moo! She’s shit scared of spiders right? And needless to say after school today Lilley had something in his hand that she did not want to see. After much screeching and screaming whilst walking up Turnfurlong, the spider had been passed from Lilley to Lane to my head to Lane to Lilley etc Greer was almost hysterical LOLOL and no matter how many times we offered to let her see it she refused defiantly with
“I don’t fucking care how many fucking legs its fucking got I don’t want to fucking see it?!”
“But Katie, it DOESN’T have eight legs, LOOK!”
“NOT FUCKING LOOKING! How many fucking legs does it fucking have THEN?”
Erm, as many legs as any other leaf would do Greer…..erm .. fucking fuck fuck?

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

It was 7:30 – I had been waiting at my bus stop for about 20 minutes. I was the only one there. Out of about 14 students I was the only one there. Shows how die-hard my rents are. I phoned the people on my bus in particular a disgruntled James who id woken up (sohwee :P) and many thanks to Elsh who kept me up to date. Many phone calls later, I knew that the bus wasn’t going to be coming. So yes we trundled back home with many sumg remarks of I TOLD YOU SO to my dad who all the time was convinced that public transport wouldn’t let us down. Oh look a flying pig.

Anyway iv just come back from making a snow man!! Well… I gave up after 9 minutes so it was a stump… Then I stuck some stones around and shaped it a bit and voila! Now it’s a snow dog / rabbit. You decide.Not bad though for 9 minutes of “freezignuss”
Then I made snow angels again which was fun. The snow fall last night meant that my previos one by my afternoon stop is now partially covered so the ZOB probably looks like … something else.

Heh, AHS isnt closed yet, we phoned up to a very stressed Mr Rosen who was obviously aware that his empire was in complete chaos. They put Mr Rosen on reception – they must be busy.
Anyway, its 9 o clock and the feeling has been restored in my fingertips now though I fear its too late to go back to bed. Oh well. Tomorrows another day.
Gah my parents and their morals. When everyone else was asleep –what do they have me do? Get ready for school. I was listening closely to the radio for any sign that the school was closed – half the ones in MK are INCLUDING the Royal Latin – why didn’t I go there?! Lol
But noooo we had to go through it right to the last minute. Damn their determination to get me out of the house and a hundred miles away from them! (Can you blame them?)

Almost stood on the rabbit today as his white coat comes in ver handy as camoflauge. I was sweeping the path with this random wooden broom and he was behind me. Needless to say I fell over into the snow and he scampered away without injury. Bastard. They’r all against me.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well… we wanted snow…

Bejeesus Christ, I got home just after six. That’s right six o clock. It all started when me n Jim were on the bus.
He got a call from his mother who said that it was snowing heavily in MK. We looked out the window, we were just about to enter Stoke Hammond. Then, almost as if we had stepped into a different world, the sky went dark and thick fog swirled around us. However, on a closer look we realised that the "fog" was in fact snow. Thick snow. Thick heavy snow. YAY!
And the phone lines were all down. If i hera "Sorry, network busy" one more time ...
OK, 5 snow filled minutes later we were slowly cruising down the A5. Then smoke started coming out the back seat. Uh-oh. Bad memories of December 3rd!!! You know the time the bus was on fire and had to stop in the middle of the A5 and we all had to get out. (If you don’t know see December the 3rd entry here)
The smoke smelled funny and there were screams of panic from the drama queens downstairs and some interesting shrieks of "THE BUS IS ON FIRE!" "WE’R GONNA DIE!" from the Year 789’s.

Anyway, even though the smoke was not so good (we had a discussion of whether it was Carbon Monoxide or not), we all hoped we wouldn’t have to get off because it was blizzard conditions out there- no joke, it was so thick we mistook it for fog.
SO yeah, the bus is chuggin along and FINALLY! It gets to my stop. WOOOOAR. 30 minutes late but woooar!
I step outside. Fall into snowdrift, as the whiteness is DECEIVEING I tell you! It looks shallow but its really 5 feet deep. Well, actually it was 2 1/2 inches and don’t ask me how I know because I'm getting to that part. Basically the snow was very deep.
Then the five of us decided to have an impromptu snowball fight and I ended up with a grated iceberg down my neck which I have to say was rather unpleasant (I'm going to get you Richard Fenner, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE – really I do)
Then the urchins had to go home so I went into the bus shelter. It was 5 o clock. I’d already phoned my dad to tell him to come and pick me up so I went into the bus shelter and waited …… and waited …… and waited.
10 minutes went past, I was getting rather cold so I took to pacing up and down to keep my spirits and heart rate high. (See I listen in PE).
15 minutes. I get a call from my dad. He’s only just managed to leave the house. Wooo.
20 minutes in I'm immensely bored and decide to go and randomly make a snow angel. Hey, I'm bored ok?!
25 minutes later there is a nice Zoe-shaped imprint on the hill with Z-O-B scrawled hastily underneath. (The E- fucked up a bit lol)
27 minutes later I am numb. I am bored. I am numbingly bored. I phone a friend. (I win 32 thousand pounds)
36 minutes later I am numb. I am not so bored. I am numbingly not so bored. I take to jumping up and down and flapping my arms.
36 minutes and 6 seconds later I realise I look like a prat (no sarcastic comments please) Jumping up and down and flapping of arms ceases.
At 17:49 the car appears and I pile in only to be greeted by “phwooar its cold outside – you been waiting long?”
Like you wouldn’t believe.
It then takes us a further 10 minutes to undertake what was essentially a 4 minutes journey tops.
I am numb. I am sniffling. I am hungry. I am shivering. I am probably dying. But most importantly. I am home.
Iv only just begun to appreciate airing cupboards and socks.

Ergh, my mother thinks I should get school trousers. *bang* Sorry, I'm not THAT stylish.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

On an additional note
"I love horses, they'r my friends!" la la la

I HAVENT SEEN IT BUT IV HEARD SOOO MUCH ABOUT IT! It sounds interesting..... i mean ...... not my kind of thing of course..... *flees*

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/27/2004 10:40:00 pm
Guess what i just found out?
Its gonna be soooo fun.
Im probs leaving on the last Thurs and coming back on the Tuesday or something. BUt wooooar!! Oh its going to be too cool. Fooooooood! Shopppiiiing! WHEEEEEEEEEEE
So thats only about 2 weeks from now.

However on a more serious note there have been many cases of that chicken flu thing plus the after effects of SARS however i believe if its my time to go, then so be it.
But! On a happy happy note.

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/27/2004 10:37:00 pm
Two days into "The Big Freeze" but WHERE IS THE SNOW?!
The weather man said it would snow in MK tonight. Hmm i was told that the temp would be in the minus numbers during the day - IT WAS SUNNY OUT ON THE FIELD!!!
Oh dear god, just remembered, i have PE first thing tomoro morning. Woooo..... I hope we'r indoors. After a few minutes of cold air and physical exertion i develop .... allergies.... Yes..........
If it does snow remember - "white snow - go go, yellow snow's a no no"

Music was amusing today seeing that Mrs T has pen going from her nose, down her mouth to her chin. SHe didnt seem to notice that we were actually looking at her when she talked today. WE had the random lady whos been in some of our lessons. SHe actually tried to help us but we shot her down with "What does Fragmentation mean?"
Her reply was "Well, we all know what fragmented means"
*blank faces*
"Like broken up"
"What like bitty?"
"Hehe, random"
LOOOL hats off to the superior reply of "No *sigh* in MUSICAL terms"

Pssh, those all- rounder teachers who think they know EVERYTHING.

The citizenship assembly today was needless to say - boring. Everything we'd said in the exam was "too vague" but we managed to scrape A's so woowar to that.

BTW, who has everyone got for their sixth form interviews? I have MR Torps, he's scary sometimes. Iv never noticed that scar on his face until some one pointed it out. I dont like looking into his eyes, they usually have a murderous stare on them. He reminds me of G.I Jane .... And no i dont know why i said that ... probably because they'r both balding..... pleh

One last thing - isnt it GREAT proving teachers wrong? Mwahaha, predict me a double B? In your face MRS GROSS!!! AA!! AA!! AA!! Hehe, strangely enough all us G1-ers have missed Grossy and her ways.
"Zoe, please stop being violent with Sophie and behave!"
Maybe not.
However playing with undiluted acid is fun :D

PS, LOTR - 11 NOMINATIONS!! We gotta win the Oscar this year! WE WERE ROBBED I TELL YOU, ROBBED! Finding Nemo for Best animated feature film!!

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

The current status of the Shout outs has led to a lot of us realise how un-funny our blogs are without them. Hence i have installed a new majig. Called ... "comments" now, though i shal confusingly call them "shouty outies" just to confuddle you all.
So yes, give it whirl and the link for the thing is in the thing. Heh, im extra eloquent today. What i mean to say is if you want to install it on your own blog, then click on comment and its at the bottom,
Or you could just visit http://www.tecknik.net/blogback/

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today was interesting. English with Ms Milzani – we discovered a whole new side of her. Whilst having a heated “discussion” (argument) with Chisel, she made a very good point resulting in her triumph however it was followed by a very familiar “nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh!”
Hehe, SOMEONE is still at primary school. Ah Ms Milzani, never ceases to astound us with her unique … charm.

French was soooo fun!! We had another microphone lesson in L3 where we all wear huge donut headphones with little mics on the side :D Lemming and I were having fun being airplane pilots though we must have looked rather strange with, and I quote
“The emergency exits are here, here and here”
“MAY DAY MAY DAY ! krrrgh krrrrgh“
And the like.
Also, imitating various noises such as trains and blowing raspberrys is fun.
“Pfft hee hee Pffft”
“Oh god, we’r so pathetic”

Yep, we’r self-confessed psychos.
On a happy note, we can now BEATBOX! But only with the headphones on lol, I don’t think girls are designed for bass lines. Lol, we were getting strange looks from Kinky, Dodo and Eliza but when I explained what we were doing, we all launched into a long impromptu remix.
“What the hell are you two doing?”
“Beatboxing , boom chika boom chika boom boom “

*pause* “Yo, yo, yo, a wiki wiki wiki”and the like.
So yeah, all in all, a good French lesson

The weather was …. DESPICABLE (touché) today, though there are many talks of the upcoming “big freeze” next week. According to one, temps will be as low as minus 10, and at least minus 2 during the day. And we thought the temperature in the exam hall was bad?! Soooo glad we’r not doing exams next week.
Talking of exams, Zoe looks to be a happy bunny this time seeing that all of the exams she has received back have met the high quality standards of the rentals. However most of us got crud marks for our poetry, everyone making the same mistake of answering the wrong bit of the question. Lol the looks on our faces when we got back our English exams – “I got a D? I don’t get D’s *hyperventilates* oh my god I'm going to be massacred” – luckily the other sections were a-ok so the end result wasn’t too bad. Hehe, though now the rents are acting like they knew it all before – “Zoe, didn’t we always say that you have to read the question properly?”
GAAAH! *breathes* Still a happy bunny. Still a happy bunny. Still a happy bunny.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Oh the hilarity. Blazin Squad were on Watchdog last night LOOOL. I was having dinner at the time. Note, never squeal and eat at the same time –the heimlich manoeuvre may be necessary…. Actually, that’s never happened to me, the thought of it is too … amusing isnt the word, but I'm not feeling very eloquent today so that’s my excuse.
Anyway, we all know that Watchdog is for naughty companies that have been ripping off the gracious general public. Lets just say that The Blazin Squad Fan Club had been a very bad business this year. Or something. But yeah, it ended happily with Kenzie and Flava apologising for all the “unforeseen circumstances” (its hilarious watching them trying to be serious and mature but trying to maintain their propa good accent at the same time.)
After the explanation came the shameless plugging. I quote
“for more de’ails visi’ Blazin’ Squad Doht Cohm. Yo yo yo, big up the ea'side massiv *”

*some words may have been added for effect

Today came the first “Wednesday outing” of the new year. I stayed in to talk about House music. Woo. However, I was brought gifts from afar (Tescos) by means of donuts. (LOOOL the PC is underlining Tescos in red and suggesting testes. Hehe)
7 donuts later I was feeling happier. Though I discovered yellow sugar is down to the vast amounts of oil the dough is drowned in. Forget about yellow snow, don’t eat yellow sugar.
Yellow is a weird word. But anyway.
Am going to go and look up the word “heimlich” so I can say it and pretend I know German. (it is German right?)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

THe mocks are over. So long to the endless sitting-in-the-cold-while-your-sanity-slips-away and all that jazz!
AM extra bored so decided to blog quickly about nothing really but I GOT 100 IN MY MUSIC! ***

La la la, check out Ollies radio, i will put a link up for it soon, as well as one for Captain Smooshmooses blog. DOnt know who he is? Wait and see lol.
I have nothing to blog about, the suggestion is - Spangus so here we go
Angus, more commonly known as Spangus or SPunky (weekende and evenings only) is that "quiet one over there" and is .... *thinks* a .... a ... bloke. (see why i did so well in my English orals lol)
He is extra quiet and shy though secretly im sure hes real hardcore and a real tough man .... sometimes .... (hey it COULD happen!)
To be rechristened - Angus the mack-daddy
There goes my boredom, THE END!

*** out of 120, in just the listening paper

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Ok, we all know the shout outs are buggered at the mo so im gonna put this reply to KSmudge's blog right here. FOr those who know the cause of its outrage, visit Keiths erm.. "homosexual palace" (i resent that... somehow)

Keith, i think i speak on behalf of most of us, when i say:
You'r not going now, you'v still got another 5-6 months to torment us!!
Hey, is this an excuse to organise some wild parties? *plots*

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Spent 2 happy hours in La Senza, revelling in the fact that I could walk around with bright red underwear (“panties” as JB likes to call them) in my hand and not feel any shame. (PS Sto, shall show u in Chem LOL) Also the fact that it was half price went to my head. ALSO! I found the “ho-pants” that the Claydons wore for House Dance waaay back, but in red. I bought a pair…… IT WAS £1.50 PLUS 10% off. COME ON PEOPLE! Anyway! Walked out a loong while later with a smile on my face. My conclusion? Underwear is good for the soul.

Went to Chappells, got me a gig bag WOOAR. It has pretty pockets and zips. : D
Bought some nice shoes in this French shop. Trés nice. They’r red. (Duh – its me we’r talking about, red shoes are my weakness lol) and only set me back £15, from £55.
Found some nice cheap cords in Zara. Actually a bit long but apparently, according to my mother, thats for “growing room” …. Enough growing room until I reach 6”2 then?

Went to Tesco’s and did some food shopping for the house. While mis padres were choosing fish at the counter, I was looking at the artificial-ness that is Seafood Sticks. You know those red and white “crab” sticks. In actual fact, they’r only 35% “fish” and the rest is … actually, I didn’t pick up on that part, but its not meat. Meh, I don’t care, they taste damn good. And addictive too… I think they put the same chemicals in Pringles. And Choc Chip Cookies. And Haribo. And *inserts entire consumption list*
Lol, there’s nothing like a good day of shopping to make you enjoy the small things in life.

Hmm… I have a sudden craving for cheese….

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

LOL, in the Oral, she asked me
“When you have children and they become teenagers, what THREE pointers would you give them?”
“erm... Get a good education as ... EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS *choke* ..."
*big smile from Mrs Queralt as she ticks*
“Erm ... Don’t ... Don’t ... mix with the wrong people ... Because as teenagers we’r ... influenced easily? “
*Mrs Queralt falls for it*
Hey, I'm getting ticks in the A section! Woo!
As for my third point?
“Be true to yourself, because ... if you’r not true to yourself then that’s ... ... bad”
*crashes and burns*
I tried to recover
"Because you have to be true to yourself, because otherwise you'r not beign true to yourself and thats not the actual point"
And my point there was what exactly?
*sigh* Oh well, I was almost there.

The music exam was … interesting, seeing that we havnet learnt ANY world music stuff and the only Electonic word we know is "synthesiser".
Lisa and I were having an argument about the definition of “Gamelan”
I was convinced it was “AFRICAN MUSIC!”
She was convinced it was “INDIAN MUSIC!”
Turns out it was Indonesian. Whooops.

We had to listen to some random drum piece and comment on it. The question was “Apart from drums what other instruments were used?”
Well, the only other sound I could hear was very similar to someone bashing on a saucepan. What could I put? Crockery? Kitchenware?
In the end, I went for “Bells”
As for the last question? That was a job for my friends Eeeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe.

Oh well, at least I know I got the Gamelan question right…. Wait a minute… THERE WASN’T A QUESTION ON GAMELAN! … or was there?
If all else fails, blame the teacher.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Have just been doing some furniture moving.
We were doing some furniture re-arranging because my family are stupid perfectionists. I was clearing out the bookcase so that we could pick it up and move it somewhere else, then put the shat back in it.
Anyway, the top top shelf was a bit out of my reach but i stretched to bring down the books at the top. hehe, lets jsut say i brought a bit more down than i expected.
LOL, books bouncing off your head does strange things to you. You know what i said when my dad asked my if i was ok?
"I think i'v broken my eye."

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 1/14/2004 06:50:00 pm
Quick word as im extra hungry and am going to have fun with the microwave in a min.
1) ITS SNOWING!!! WAAA! And you'r all indoors at exams! MWAHAH! maybe for good measure i should go outside and dance ... again ... i mean ... WOOOOAR!
2) Music revision sucks as we have no notes or anything and all i remember is lento means slow and vivace is lively , not with vice lolololol

For those of you who know what i mean, guess what i read today?
4"33 is being performed on Radio 3 on friday by a full orchestra!
WOWOWOWOW i sooo have to hear that!
For those of you, not in the know. 4"33 stands for 4 minutes 33. Composed by John Cage (an american), it consists of pure ... silence.

This is the listings site for RAdio 3 on Friday
Its between 20:40 and 21:30 so im presuming it will be around ... 20:15 ...
LoL, sorry if you dont understand our humour but this ... piece... was a source of relief during our music lessons.
I quote:
"Mrs Thompson, can we listen to 4"33?"
"Mrs Thompson, can we do a variation on 4"33?"
"Mrs Thompson, can we listen to a bit of 4"33? Not even like 10 seconds?"
"Mrs Thompson, can we research 4"33 and see who can get it on CD?"
"Mrs Thompson... can we play 4"33?"
"Mrs Thompson, can we do it as coursework?"

Hehe, we were going to do a variation on that for our cw . I present 33"4 !! Dah dah!
And me, ents and hoskins were going to perform it at the christmas concert LOL.
Talking of hoskins, shes set up her own blog me doo. (see linkys)

Jesus this snow is a lot thicker than last time! WOOOAR! Its covered the top of the car already!! Hehe, i know you wont be able to read this right now, but while you'r in exams, IM JUMPING ABOUT IN THE SNOW!

PS Daytime TV is boring. Apart from ER and Cheers. The rest is " i have a ball, do you want to play with it?" and "WHEEEE"
*dies from the irony*

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

LIke he's gonna read this but hey!
WOOOOOAR. 27 isnt it? who says 11 years is a big gap? lol

I got up at 1:30pm today. WOOAR! Lol, iv got all the time in the world seeing as I have three days of nothingness, I mean “solid revision” ahead.
OK, time for my rant!
Points to cover:
Keith’s bitches (no not the ones he goes home with every night, I'm talking about his blog lol)
Teen Angst topic on The Orange Locker

Ok, that’s a bit of a wide topic so I shall categorise them:
Women V Men
Pressure from the Media

Yeah I’ll put that on my plate for now.

Ok, politics first off. I myself am not into all that jazz yet though I do see daily purchase of The Times being involved heavily in my future. Having only just realised what proletariat means I have to say I do agree with most of you there. For those of you in my situation proletariat = collective for the working class.
The argument was that Britain is suffering from the overflowing population of those who are uneducated, below the average and unemployed.
My view. Without them, society collapses. Without them, where would we be? Pretty much at the bottom end of things. I agree “ the proletariat is by no means a negative influence of society; the proletariat is the foundation for society,” though there are times when I have to side with Ward esp. about the fact that some of these people are parasites that “feed off the hard-working middle class by staying on the dole and buying Sky-dishes with the money they receive.”
However I believe that to be generalising. Especially with the reference to the proletariats in the middle north as I do not believe that all are like those described above. There are times when we do look down on them for not “bothering” to get an education or to get a job but without them, our society as we know it is nothing more than survival of the fittest.
“Education is important yes, and educating the proletariat is the way forward, yes, but we must not strive to do away with the proletariat in the process.” (thank you Dr Mike)
Meaning, yes we should educate them, but not to an extent that everyone has a decent education. Links back to survival of the fittest. Its hard enough trying to apply for that 1 in 5 place at Uni without making that 1 in 5 place a 1 in 15.
Ward claims “The most sensible and respectable countrys in the world are the ones who have outbred the proleteriat and where the mainstay of the population are above world average intelligence”
I agree though not quite. In the Usa – and forgive me for taking their side for now, clever people are looked upon with high esteem. Think about those with exceptional academic ability at our schools. DO we give them the respect they really deserve? I'm going to blame it on the fact that we are nothing but immature children. Back the USA topic, of course I'm generalising there, as they have their trailer parks, we have our council estates (generalising again as there are many educated people who live in council estates)

Economy – which jobs should be paid more /less . Obviously, I think that the jobs which require more qualifications and credentials should be the ones that get higher pay. I quote Dr Mike
“Ask yourself this. If a person got paid exactly the same wage when working as a carpenter that they did when working as a lawyer, would there be as many lawyers?”
However there are expections.
Teachers for one. At the moment I think the pay for teachers should be increased slightly seeing that they are “people that get paid frankly abysmal wages for putting up with a lot of crap from the general populous” (hats to Keith) However, there are benefits, long holidays for one, fairly easy job some say compared to corporal lawyer – I disagree, have you ever had to deal with 30 hormonal teenage girls who are clearly thinking things in their mind that they clearly shouldn’t be. (I'm generalising but pay rise for MR Sinden!)
Yeergh iv said enough on this, so I’ll end with a nice quote from Dr Mike
“The people should drive society, for that is what society is”
Coming soon: Women V Men.

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Monday, January 12, 2004


Big thumbs up to Hollis for slipping Guiness into the cake - me and beans were laughing at the old man teachers for a while. Also probably started hallucinating uring Eng Lit - there was someone constantly behind me. WAit a minute, there WAS someone constantly behind me, patrolling the areas as if we were going to lean over and copy our neighbours work.
After a distressing chem exam iv realised that staring at the question as hard as you can doesnt help in the slightest. Nor does watching the clock hands for 2 minutes 12 seconds. (shut up). But hey it passes time and makes you feel less stupid...... who am i kidding, WE FAILED! WE FAILED! Acceptance is the first stage right?
Now to add up which exams I failed:
Bio, Chem, Maths, Eng Lit
Now to add up which exams resulted in deaded hands / freezingness/ pneumonia...

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Thought id interrupt my course of learning with something i just encoutnered on an English revision webby.


LooooooL LOLOLOL. ....... ok, probably just me then.... What am i saying? Most likely just me .... Definately just me.... Damn it.

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

The drainage system has gone bust in the whole of the 'hood. LoL its not nice, not nice at all. Especially seeing that there’s a manhole near our garden and its been churning out not so nice substances. Hey, all I can say is, I'm glad our toilets didn’t flood like our neighbours' did. On such a bejeesusly cold day as this too. What’s stupid is that my neighbourhood is filled with men. And we all know what men are like. In particular old and middle aged men who have nothing much to do except try and prove their masculinity. So instead of calling a plumber at the first sign of trouble, we had about 5 men out there with all kinds of tools and pipes trying to do it themselves. Honestly! You’d think theyd have something better to do than swirl around in … ergh that’s disgusting. Its like a "Life of Grime" featuring the cast of Father Ted.
Actually, do they still show a "life of grime" anymore? That was a nasty show. And it was on at about our dinner time too. Lol, you’d be eating, switch on the TV only to come face to face with raw sewage. AFTER THE WATERSHED PLEASE! AFTER THE WATERSHED! Ew you’d expect it of Channel 5 but not the BBC!

Anyway, on a happier note. Yesterday was 10% off day at Debenhams. AND my dad had a further 25% off card too. SO we went shopping! Mwahaha! And I saw the prettiest dress. And it was originally £50 (its Warehouse). I saw it and was like wowow! Sparkly!! And then I thought, hmm, Valentines Ball? I hear it’s a formal. So that was my excuse for buying it, even though I shall probably wear something else but hey! Its pretty and sparkly and pink so I got it! Also bought some decent shoes with my christmas money.
All together:
Dress (£50)
Shoes (originally £65, now £16)
Shoes (£20)
Cosmetic Set (£10)
Cosmetic Set (£5)
Toiletries bag (£10)

Should be about £160, I got it all for *drum roll* £68 WAAAAA! Lol there goes my budget for the next few months but WAAAAAAA all the same!

BTW, the plumber has been called now and apparently it was due to some nappies blocking the pipe. Ew. And to put you all off your dinner. The plumber man just reached into the drain – OF HIS OWN FREE WILL (we didn't hold a shotgun to his head honest) and pulled them out. Ew ew ew. Didn’t want to see what else he brought up with him, but you can imagine.
Have a nice dinner.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Life's a struggle when you’re on your own
We can do this together, you dont have to be alone
Remember when your in trouble, dont do this by yourself
If you ever need some help your not the only one thats felt this way
Its gonna be alright again
Its gonna be alright

You gotta tell somebody now before it goes too far
Cos a problem shared is a problem halved
Forget the past we all no your stronger than that
You shouldn't listen to the rumours just ignore the chit chat
Its like a lesson depression is what your going through
Needing to maintain, keep the same frame
You aint the only one
These things happen.

Oh wise words from … well, kudos to those who know who “sung” this – big hint there hehe. LoL, when Jeremenymoo found out who this was by I quote:
“No fucking way”
“Yes fucking way”
“No-ho nu-uh its just not … its .. its..”
“Don’t push it, but its acceptable”

First person who knows who its by and admits its quite good gets a free indian meal/ takeaway. I'm not kidding. You know those voucher things? I won 7 in a row and they expire in a few months so hey.

Anyway. Exams. Lol, Maths calc – ergh. Spanish – muy ergh.
I went in knowing only “Oiga Camarero” – which is apparently something waiter-related not camera related. Lol, I quote in my spanish lesson a while back. “You lost your waiter?” … “Yes..”
Lol, I came out of the exam feeling crap and now the words “socialidades” and “physicales “ mean something in Spanish and since I couldn’t remember any adjectives apart from “ruidoso”, everything about my Christmas was “noisy”. *breathes* Its just a mock… just a mock lol.

BTW the bagels and paninis (pameemees!) are lush lush lush when theyr heated up. The dinner lady can grill it for you and stuff. And it is niiice. I had two whole ones in 20 minutes. Wooar.
Also, try their Caucasian cake (white icing, yellow sponge) Coloured cake (brown icing, chocolate sponge) and Michael Jackson cake for those who cant decide between the two. (white icing, chocolate sponge. Aptly rechristened by Stophig and yours truly. Lol, you can see we really don’t have anything better to do at break.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

“Ironic in a way.. we spend the holidays doing absolutely nothing and get more tired than at school”
Couldn’t agree less. Its been 2 days and I'm knackered. Probably because I haven’t been getting much sleep lately but lol that’s not the point. My bio clock is scre-hewed. As is my alarm clock for that matter which has resulted in me getting up 10 minutes before having to leave the house. Also, bus driver Ted has been moved onto a different bus which according to my sources is Shyams bus. But hes not accepted there – hes now known as “paedophile ted”
LOL, “who will make sarcastic remarks about u?” Agreed. Lol, however theres a line that this bus driver tended to drive over. A lot. And no I'm not referring to the zebra crossing incident. Now we have an old man who sounds like hes constantly stoned. And by the way he speeds down the road after Wing he probably is. Sitting upstairs gives you serious whiplash with the low seats though at the mo we have posh seats which have high backs. The only bad thing is theres no space. Before, James and The Canadian could put their knees up to their chest no trouble. Now theres not even space for my knees just when sitting normally. Isn’t that going against all the major fire regs? Lol, if you have to squeeze out of the seats how long will it take us to get out? Even the year 7s have problems – that’s how bad it is.
OH I miss our old bus where we’v scrawled random stuff on the seat in front.
James loves : Zoe’s feet , Rhinocecauruses, Meeseses … oh yeah, and Wednesdays. Some others too but I cant remember them. Shall have a reminiscing moment tomorrow. lol

Hmm, went to Stoph house today for study leave thing. Sorry I ate all your ham. And ice cream. And winders. And a satsuma. And the cat biscuit – jk, it was too small. But about that bio! Bloody hell, I'm screwed – as are about another 165 students too it seems lolol.

My Sea Monkeys say hi. Lol, well, they swim about anyway. I got a pack for crimbo and they are sooo cool! See, its like a something you buy a kid to see if theyr ready for a fish. Just add water and they hatch and theyr like shrimpy things – has anyone else owned Sea monkeys?!!?!?!
And yeah, they grow and get bigger and you can feed them powder stuff. And oh shit. I just picked the jar up and managed to spill half of it down my sleeve, Sea monkeys and all. Crap.

BTW, the most irritating subject around we’v decided is Bennifer. Ergh I'm sick of it. Personally its all stupid. Lol. We’v had enough of Ben/Jen stuff as its … monotonous. She has a hissy fit, he goes to a strip club, she falls out with Matt Damon, he buys her matching dimaond stuff etc Bfleck has become … boring, boring and boring-er. Wow iv repeated the word boring with a list of three – see, the English lang. exam is rubbing off on me! Hopefully hes going to go back to his Benny from the Block roots and look the way he did when he was married to Matt Damon. The league of screaming-teen-girl-fans awaits in hope.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Quote of the day
"I could be a cheerleader" - TJ Ward
"Awesome, oh wow, like totally freak me out, i mean right awn. The toros sure are number one."
I havent seen Bring it on in aaages.

Anyway, first day back at school. First day of mocks. I HAD A PANINI!!!! LOLOL, not bad for cafeteria standard but it was edible at least - and i know i eat everything but thats not the point.

LOL, my dad the "gynacologist" - "rox" - according to Ward. LOLOLOL, sorry Ward that you'v stumbled upon me in this particular mood. I have no desire for you to become a circumsision performer - more commonly known as a rabbi actually lol.

Note, the Orange Locker is up and running with pics of everyone from DofE , bus park oh yeah, and the Black Ward.
The Orange Locker
Feel free to add your own pics and shorts and what not. Im making it a big collective thing so its all in one place ..... yeah.

LoL, interesting bus journey. Told some year 10 about the troubles of relationships. I quote "Stay single while you can. Year 10 eh? I remember when i was in year 10 ... no GCSE mocks .... wait! Where are you goin?!" lol
Younguns these days. *shuffles around in slippers*

Before you hear it wrong, the Cladaghs the other way now - Scanlers you know what im on about at least.

Anyway! Good luck/buena suerte/ bonne chance for the rest of the mockies - if you had Mr A in your MAths/English *shooots* lolol, we got some random old man who shouted at Jegs if she had lost a calculatrice. Hehe, he had a cardigan. Safe.

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Its over.

The Christmas tree has been taken down. (And not without a fight may I add – those balls refuse to come off!) We went for the oh-so-traditional fake Christmas tree of course so it has to be packed up, sealed and put in the attic for another year. Farewell friend.
That’s it really, once the tree’s gone, its finished. Now back to the depressing reality of life. Meaning mocks. And revision. And all other nasty words like that.
Thinking about it, the mocks are in 2 days. Maths first up for me. What a great way to start the new year. Lol, *reminisces* I remember, on one of the first days back last year the bus broke down. Oh the 673 days of yore.
But then again, the New Year mantra is “Out with the old, in with the new” or something along those lines. It always is. Dear god I sound depressed hehe. With great power comes great responsibilty. Heh, that’s not even related to whatever my point is but I heard it yesterday in Spiderman and thought id quote. In fact, with age come choices, duties and trouble. Hell, why talk that far ahead when teen angst is already prevailing us all. On a happier note, we can all be satisfied knowing that we should grow out of it. Hopefully.
Actually, talking of growing out of things. I'm not so sure now. New years eve, I went to my uncles restaurant. Absoultely teaming with old people who thought they were high and mighty because they were on first name terms with the manager. (mon oncle)
I quote “Excuse me, but Tony reserved us a table”
“He did? Whats your surname? I'm the owner of this restaurant” Way to go Aunt Irene.

By 11 o clock we were at war. It started amongst the other tables. The usual party poppers being popped at each other. Then they got us involved. Soon they ran out of ammo and just threw the poppers , hell why pop them when you can THROW them? Being the biggest table, we were given a whole box of 72. I quote myself shouting “IV GOT 59 POPPERS HERE AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!”
Soon enough you see people as old as 68 crawling under tables to get discarded poppers. Its quite amusing seeing them emerge from under the table with a look of triumph on their faces – not to forget the dishevelled white hair. And then, when they ran out of poppers (I collected them and made a pyramid mwahah) They started throwing food.
And get this, this is me right? And I said “JESUS, OLD PEOPLE ARE SOOO IMMATURE!”
Then I realised the irony of my comment but hey, they were 4 times older than me, I'm allowed to be immature lol. I realised that no matter how old these people were, they were having fun. And they were happy. They obviously didn’t “grow up” lol So I say screw it all.
Hell, lets go to Never-never-land!**

** Disney reference

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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Oh dear god, i have this sudden urge to go outside and start jumping up and down.... Maybe i will....
"Im dreaming of a whiiiite ..... 3rd of January, with all the revision notes i write , may your days be merry and briiight, and may all your 3rd of januarys be whiiiite"
Mwaha, i see a career in songwriting coming my way.
OH shit, just remembered the rabbits still pratting about outside. Kwaah. Time for the stick! heheh.

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Friday, January 02, 2004

Jesus, I never thought id say this, but I think that Beauty and the Beast (theme tune) no longer has that place in my heart. Sorry, but there’s only so many times you can play Disney, Elton John, Pop Songs- hell, PLAY! Before going insane. And even more so than I already am!
The relatives are around. Again. Yes, this is like the bazillionth time iv seen them this season. I already spent weeks with them in Birmingham – so long that I think my accent is starting to have a Brummy twinge. *clasps hands to face* Nooooooo! Lol

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Who's going to be lucky guest number 4000?
lol, you might win a "pamplemoose" as Hicksy so delightfully puts.
I am revising atm. Woo ..... I can feel my sanity draining away as i type... Well, whats left of my sanity.... I lie, i have none.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh dear god, I spent the best part of New Years Eve participating in a marathon.
Lol, I paused to give you time to recover from your shock. What? Zoe doing … exercise??! *duh duh duh!!*
Let me clear a few things up, first of all, it was nothing remotely athletic, the most vigorous exercise I would have got was from a) crying and b) stabbing the air in front of me with a plastic fork whilst shouting KILL HIM! SHOOT HIM! WAAAA!
Yes my friends, I was watching Lord Of The Rings. Lol, there is nothing quite so satisfying (and exhausting) as watching TFOTR and TTT extended DVDs, back to back. I’m talking major bloodshed and violence in those few 8 hours lol. Afterwards came the analysis (look, its my family we’r talking about here lol) All Frodo (lol the PC wants to call him Freda) does is fall over, scream, pant and look pathetic. And if Sam says “MR FRODO!” one more time – he said it approximately 18 times in the second film alone – don’t ask why we counted, yet we lost count when seeing the beautiful face of Legolas – promptly re-christened Legoland by my darling mother :S
Talking of re-christening. Boromir is now referred to has Boring-mir and as for Gimli? Well, my Mother said to me, why would they name a man Kimberly? Enough said.
Dear lord, my mother has a knack of asking these amusing questions. My personal favourite is being, after we saw TTT for the first time. “Zoe … why isnt Strider in the film anymore?”
I have to say though, there are not many moving scenes in films such as LOTR but when the Ents all march to Isengard in TTT, that did it for us. LOL, me and my 13 other cousins (I'm number 13 lol) were sitting there weeping like babies. And yes, these cousins are all above the age of 18, half in Uni. studying to be dentists, lawyers etc The other half, already grown men and women. And when Legolas did his shield skateboard thing, we all clapped and whoooped. (I missed my action figure lol)
There was many a lip sync of “I WILL TAKE THE RING TO MORDOR THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW THE WAY!” (with drunken slurring too)
Also, we had “IF YOU WANT HIM…COME AND CLAIM HIM! WOOOAR!” easily the best line in the FOTR yet SHE gets it. Grrr. (Of course, she doesn’t say WOOOOAR – that would be quite funny actually)
You cant forget the shouts of “BECOME WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE MAAAN!” even though that’s in the third film lol. Its quite funny when the silences are broken by random line quotes and impressions of Elvish ( I quote “ narsh la natharr mari heem no eeem natharrrr”– which at this point turned into Johhny Depp) I realise that my cousins are of similar mind to me. I quote “Neeemo eemo … hehe, nemo, anyone seen Finding Nemo actually?” etc

A New Year is upon us. *sigh* Here comes the pensiveness. I cant believe time has gone past so quickly. Half of you Iv only known a short while, though it seems longer (too long if you ask me :P )
Iv tried to revise for the mocks but alas, my short attention span does not help. I tried to revise some Physics the other day and ended up trying to twirl the pencil round my fingers for goodness knows how long. Then came the game of seeing how long I could twirl it before my fingers got all tangled up. Then came the studying of nails – Emma I so understand the need for shiny nails lol
And before I knew it, an hour passed and I’d done about 10 – 15 minutes of revision. Shat.

Anyways what I'm trying to say is … I don’t know. Lol : ) Just a smile for you all, interpret it in your own special ways. And no, I'm going to clarify now, do not interpret it as a “pimp smile” Thank you very much you know who you are. *shoots*
I’v yabbered on for long enough, completely digressing from the actual point which I'm actually not sure of, so there is no point of me talking about missing the -why am I still typing? Jesus why am I asking myself questions whilst typing? Shut up, I heard that! *looks around in paranoia* These questions are all rhetorical ok?
Happy New Year everyone, may 2004 bring success, luck and happy times for all. (And wealth too)

I sound like a bloody fortune cookie.

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