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Friday, October 31, 2003

BAH, computers suck! I had this nice long paragraph on my opinion of Halloween, trick or treating and the like, but no, it gets deleted and cant be recovered. Its somewhere in the depths of my hard drive … meh, cant be arsed to type it out again. As my friend quotes “Why are computers so selfish?” .. Yes…

Anyway, Halloween is here again. Iv made a plan for the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Pretend I'm not in. Hooo original. Well actually I wont be in so I'm leaving my rents to deal with them. Personally I agree that the ultimate way to defend your house from trick-or-treaters is SHOTGUNS. And if they’r not readily available (I know some houses are not in war zones like my neighbourhood) the next best option is to adopt a scary looking dog or a small dog that sounds like a scary looking dog. But remember people, A dog is not just for Halloween, its for life.
Anyhow, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. And if you think you hear something rustling outside your bedroom window tonight, don’t worry, that’s probably only an chainsaw wielding maniac out to kill everyone…
Sweet Dreams.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hehe, was talking to K Smudge today, and we were talking about pies. Did you know Mr Kipling is now “exceedingly merry” . It says so on the box, and the box never lies. In fact, I haven’t had a mince pie since …. last year …. Yes that would make sense.

Anyway boys and girls! Today’s brainwashing I mean discussion will be on .... something christmassy (you can see I make this up as I go along) TURKEYS!!! Hee, this talk has been meaning to come up for aaages. OK, turkeys. They petrify me, seriously, no joke, I find turkeys soo…. horrifying.
First of all, they have that horrible dangly thing under their necks, its like having a random pair of- whoah, I’ll stop there. Ew, imagine if they did have them there, do you reckon it would hurt as much as it would if you kicked them in the groin? Wait, what am I saying turkeys don’t have groins… oh dear lord. Today I didn’t have anything to talk about except the non-existent parts of the turkey’s anatomy. Anyway! They also go gobble gobble gobble, I'm going to peck your eyes out! Well, something along those lines anyway. AND when they walk their necks jab about and then it makes the chin flab waggle and that’s just wrong. Sick and wrong. Me thinks God was a bit cuc-koo when he made turkeys. Oh, lets just put these here, and this there…
I really don’t like turkeys, they are just evidence that the world is full of strange, creepy animals (like The Slow One may i add) My final thought? I'm glad we eat them.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Mwahah, today was rather eventful. First of all, serious stuff (shock horror!) I just received an email with an interesting attachment called SeniorLibrarian or something. However, my clever little computer managed to detect that it was a virus. Just thought I should announce to prevent any .. technical glitches or so….. yes.. anyway!

Yay, was getting donuts from Sainsburys today (well, 4 to be exact) and then found a tub of 5 which were cheaper than the 4 that id got in the flimsy plastic bag. So, naturally, I went for those .- hey, one more donut, for a cheaper price. I think I made the right decision.
Anyway, I decided to put the first donuts back –maybe some other soul wouldn’t make the same mathematical sum as me… I succeeded in getting the first three back into the container but failed miserably at the 4th. It completely missed the container and fell onto the floor with a satisfactory splat. (well, it was more of a “duhf” but hey) Quickly, I kicked it under the counter and prayed to god no one saw that. However, the only possible witnesses were some nearby gingerbread men. I found it extremely funny and started chuckling in a somewhat evil manner to myself as I walked away. Then my mother has to point at my foot and go, “Zoe, is that sugar on your shoe?”

I bought myself a new pair of gloves and a scarf today. My new gloves are bright red, as I have a habit of losing my gloves. Hey, I figured, if you can’t miss them, you can’t lose them. They’r fleecy *big smile*
Hehe is Tuesday is the day that the old people come out to play? Maybe, the radio station sends out a weird signal to hearing aids like … zombies! WOW. Wait, isnt Tuesday the day they can collect their money? Heh, no wonder they’r all in the shopping centre. I counted 39 old people, just in the time it took us to park. Hmm, but then again, judging my dads driving skills. 3 point turns are not his forte. Wait til I get a car! Mm, but maybe by then they’ll have passed some kind of law that prevents me from being entrusted with one. Let alone with spoons (for those of you who have experienced that heh JB)

Nothing much more happened today …. Cept this old lady tapped my shoulder in the market and says “Excuse me, I need to reach my balls” - i would leave you with that... delightful... thought, but for your information (and sanity) she had dropped a tube of tennis balls.

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Monday, October 27, 2003

Hmm, was talking to Razmatazz the other day. He was saying about how he was going to MK for the first time and buy some cheap trousers. He asked where to get off and which shops to go to. Apparently, he thought it wouldn’t be that hard even though he’s only been there once and even then it was on a geography field trip. This time, it was just himself, on the X15 and on a Saturday – the day when the locals turn kerazy and walk around swiftly and quickly as if to prove they know their way around. Ha, imagine Raz in the middle of that, going ... where’s Eisenegger? I was like Raz, are you crazy? That’s suicide!
He was like “So do I just get off at the first shops I see?” Hmm, you mean after the shops in Leighton Buzzard?
LoL, however, turns out that he’s not going just yet, and he won’t be going by himself. He’s safe people.

Anyhow, now that the coving is done, we’r moving onto putting chicken wire over the gaps in the fence so that the rabbit doesn’t escape into the neighbours garden. Ha, id like to see it try and fit through the holes lol, fat arsh! (Yet can you believe its faster than me?)
ATM, I'm doing English CW, I have yet to do a French essay based on my opinions of this French film we watched lol, run Antoine run! (Hoskins can play the music to that.) I have also to do a Spanish thing that will hopefully take me five minutes. We had scary tall man sub us on Fri. He doesn’t like me, because I'm too “lazy” to say “ten-goh” instead of “tengo” Oh shush, we all know my accent’s crap, that’s why they were laughing at me actually! I go in my oh-so-spanish accent “Tengo quince anos” and then I get my appreciative giggle from those around me. He then goes; do you KNOW why they are laughing at you? (Err, same reason everyone else does?) Then he says, say ten-goh, ten-goh! Then he asked me when my birthday was. I replied “El dieciseis de abril”
NO! Its de *pause* abril. Ok, fine! I mean, normally I wouldn’t complain but ask anyone else in our Spanish class. He didn’t pick on anyone else, just me lol, gilipollas! (Hehe, thanks go to Hoskins lil book of foreign swear words.) And BTW, he was 6”6. Hats off to Sarah who guessed 7” and Lemming who guessed 6”10 but I was closest with my 6”8 nyeh!
Anyway, I also have maths coursework to do, but it’s not compulsory so naturally I wont do it. Hooo, *rubs hands in glee* this looks to be an eventful half term…

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

PS, i have a new word, well several. In bio the other day, we were learning about the skin and epidermis. Somehow, epidermis led to penis and that just went on, you know me.
So, at various intervals i ended up saying random "funny" words in a not so low voice that the people around me could hear, but low enough so that the teacher couldnt.
My new word of the week is "Scrotum"

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Last two days were … uneventful to be honest. Family came round yesterday, which resulted in me earning £2.40 for playing the piano. Woo. I see a career in entertaining blossoming ahead of me.
Today, I … I helped my dad put up some coving stuff. Hem, we were smoothing the grouty stuff down with credit cards and hehe, I was doing it quite successfully. However, I slipped and managed to gouge out a large hole in the filler. Opening my mouth I said, “Crap”. Now. ( and this is the complicated bit) Seeing that the coving is about a foot above my head, I have to tilt my head back and stretch to reach the edges, where I need to smooth out the wrinkles. Now, as I said, I managed to gouge out a bit. This chunk, being a glob of filler, then acted under the laws of gravity. And, like I said before, I said, “crap”. … you can probably guess what happened next- Let’s just say, I hope that its not too poisonous.
I spent the morning watching my rabbit scamper happily about in the depths of my garden. It got a bit cold so I decided to go back in, after getting the rabbit back in the hutch. However, the rabbit had other ideas. Such as seeing how many times I would run after it shouting “Come back you little bastard”. After a few unsuccessful tries, I made a plan. When the rabbit is scared, it runs back to its hutch (note I call it “it” I wasn’t sure on its sex until it had a successful castration- lol, imagine the vets surprise). Anyway my plan did work (naturally) but I must say it must have been quite interesting for the average passer-by to see a girl roaring around her garden waving a stick about her head at apparently nothing. Lucky I live in a small-secluded estate ……

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Well, last night I went to see the play and to be honest, it was nothing short of abso-fucking-lutely amazing.
OK, starting with Our Day Out.
Stride and Goody were wicked as the kind Mrs Kay and the bossy Mr Briggs (hey, I'm alliterating here, people!) Accents and all, these people are great. Special mention must go to Becky Scanlon who I must say made me jump when she almost fell off the “cliff” – and don’t say I was getting too into it, someone else did too …. probably.
Anyway, highlights being Ward’s sudden desire to strip and go swimming and his interesting fall into the sea. That was quite amusing. I must say the accents were pretty interesting yet we weren’t sure of Colin’s accent so we called it “Scoirishudlian”. Seeing Gopsill trying to look uncomfortable was history in the making as iv never seen him anything but confident. Dave, our dear Dave was a regular little Ronson, and we were all shocked as Dave is usually seen as... well... perfect and .... not interested in animals like that lol.
Then came the interval and Stophig reprimanded me for hinting that we go and pick up the sweets that were lying in front of us on the floor.
Now, Educating Rita..
One word – breathtaking. It completely blew me away. Kinky’s skill in the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she … well... acted, words can not describe. Foster was simply brilliant as the bitter Frank, the failed poet and his drunk scene was hilarious. Hmm, note to self, must try and get Foster drunk for real to see what he’s really like when he’s pissed , I wonder if he would be “off his cake”? Hehe, memorable lines from Educating Rita – “Look at those tits!” and “Its not like I'm going to rape you in the middle of the seagull!”
Isn’t it so neck-throttling-frustrating that Kinky still manages to look acceptable in a bright jumper and black 3/4 leggings? And was it only me laughing at the irony of Foster having to make that crack about Fosters and E.M Forster? Yes, most probably…
Anyway, all in all, it was a great night and I felt incredibly untalented and amateurish when talking to the budding actors and actresses afterwards.
Anyway, despite the many highlights, one of the best bits I have to say was Gopsill stating proudly “I'm not like you ugly gets… I'm *pause*… HANDSOME!”
Congrats once again to the amazing cast members and I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of us all when I say, thank you for such an entertaining evening. I now have a sudden desire to take up Drama...

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Am going to see the school production tomoro. Have heard excellent reviews about it so hats off to Kinky, Foster, Dave etc
Am desperately trying to find my fave pink top -the one i wore when i met the Matrix twins - you can tell why its my favourite top lol and despite my attempts at not washing it (it had been touched by the hands of angels) i decided that it was necessary if i were to wear it out on the streets again.
Blah, g2go do poxy homework. Oh the interesting life i lead.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

WOW!!! I went out to feed the “lapin” and there was a hedgehog!! ITS SOO CUTE!!! However, it was startled by our automatic light switcher on-er thing and tried to run away. L O L!!!! Have you ever seen a hedgehog try to run?! Its like an old washerwoman with big bumbly skirts oh dear, im thinking of Mrs TiggyWinkle now . But OMG! It has a weirdo run too!! It can join my club. Anyway, as it scurried away, I promptly renamed it Bill, for reasons unknown, except it looked like a Bill to me …. A Mrs Bill Tiggywinkle

Hehe, in citizenship today, we were learning about laws and stuff. Guess what, if someone puts information that damages your name or reputation online, you can try and sue them for libel. Wow, I'm gonna get me a lawyer man.
Also had house dance rehearsal today, which was tiring …. these arms don’t move as fast at they used to. Lol, you better come and watch it. Talking of watching so and so’s creative efforts, a group of us are going to see Our Day Out and Educating Rita –we have tickets now, its official, so we’r gonna support you budding actors and actresses –That’s *big breath* Dave, Wardy, Stride, Goody, Gops, Foster and The Kinky One, yeh, many more, but I'm having a mind blank. And as The Kinky One likes to put it “No pressure of course”

Anyway, must go now, but look out for “Why I hate turkeys” and “Awkward silences in the toilets” in future blogs. Hehe, bet you can’t wait …. :S

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Today was cold. Very cold. First lesson Physics, me and Stophig were messing about much to the annoyance of Dodo. LOL, she was daring me to touch her breasts! Oh dear, I think I may have just given something very precious to the bloke population out there. We’r so immature, even the word “BOOBY” makes us laugh! Yes, and “penetration” too….
I really don’t want to go any further into this before I embarrass myself, or Lightbulb Boy (Stoph’s Blokie)
Ergh talking about lesbianism, i know someone who pulled 5 girls- i dont know how many times each- IN ONE NIGHT! SHe says she wasnt drunk and claims she's completely straight. Then she asked me why I wouldnt do it. Im not going to say her name but thats sick and wrong - SICK AND WRONG! lol moving on...

Stupid bus was late in the morning so ended up walking into assembly much to the annoyance of Miss P-C. I seem to be annoying people today lol. We walked to some seats and the whole room started to chortle, and then started to laugh because we had stopped Mrs Chubb (aptly named) in the middle of her talk.

Also got whacked in the jaw by a very…. active Shifty lol. Well, he did have his hood over his head, flailing his arms about like a ragamuffin. However, I did not appreciate being hit in the face but I was too cold and tired to castrate today. Shifty, count yourself lucky I didn’t knee you in the bollocks at least.

Blah, central heating seems to be not working, so I am feeling like an Eskimo in an igloo, except, without the dude clothing and without the neighbouring polar bears. Well, our neighbour has this huge white puffy marshmallow coat but I don’t think that counts. My fingers are going so slow …. hurry up and move! …. No that didn’t work either…. Darn, I'm all out of ideas now…

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Went to a partay yesterday, courtesy of Jenstotle. Highlights …. Hoo, hard to pick from Razmatazz singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder …” Then having a complete mind blank seeing that he didn’t actually know the words. Jim, Lane, Jegs and Machete getting up and doing their rendition of Summer Nights – complete with the HUH in the right place avec gyrating hips. Erm… oooh, Lilley doing his “funny walk” and completely proving why we call him chicken boy.
We played several games and I am proud to say that I actually had 24 buttons left! Well, it would have been 25 but I gave one to Keithy Smudge who was …. buttonless. See, you think you have it ALL and then you lose it on your last go at the roulette table *cough Hickson cough*
Everyone looked rather fetching in their gangsta and moll outfits –shush Raz- and particular mention must go to The Kinky One for wearing a bathrobe. Also, Emma, who I must say I found rather attractive with that 'tache tho I concluded she resembled a Colombian drug baron (I watched Blow the other night you see)

Today I went to an all-you-can-eat and I ate , and ate, and ate. However, the management were clever and put a time limit down. We were given 1 and 1/2 hours to .. eat all we could… and then we would be turfed out because they “had a reservation on our table” . So much food, so little time…
Anyhow, after endless trips back and forth, 4 overfilled plates, 3 ice creams and 2 slices of cake, I was decidedly full –which is probably one of the firsts. YAY, and can you believe, all this for £6? Sweet.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Today I am 15 and a half. LOL, when I was 9 I had a half birthday that year cos I was ill for my real birthday. I was proud cos I was ORIGINAL. Well, at least I thought I was.
Anyway, EVENTS!
Today was … quite amusing. After having a bit of a ruckus with Lyndy and Chisel this morning over my coloured cake (they kept stealing bits of it and throwing it about!) I was walking out of the cafeteria. Then behind me, Chisel comes running, in her “sneaky” way in order to playfully slap my … behind with her folder. However, I could see her reflection in the window and turned around, just in time to see Chisels high heels give way and see her feet slide from under her, landing on her back. See? Try and mess with me and that’s what happens! Now while I was standing there desperately trying not to piss myself AND trying not to choke on the whole slice of cake which I had just crammed in my mouth, she was helplessly flailing about on the floor complaining that she was dizzy. Oh dear, turns out she smacked her head, we discovered through her random drunken slurring and my just-crammed-cake-in-my-mouth muffles. We went to the medical room with help from Stophig and Nic (it took them a bit of work to get us up –despite my protests that Chisel should be left on the floor in case she was concussed) However, we were getting some looks from people walking past. But then again, how often do you see someone lying on the ground clutching their head with someone almost sitting on them, bent double and clutching their stomach?
Anyway, after much limping and dramatic “ow”-ing we made it into English where we promptly discovered that Ms Milzani was not in the room. After a moment of confusion (we had our speeches all planned out) we rushed to our seats JUST AS she came in. Whooops. Anyway, our excuses, I mean valid reasoning, were believed and we were allowed to continue with our learning of English poetry (yes, those dirty poems)

Hehe, chemistry wasn’t much fun either, I was put right in the corner by myself, facing the tower block for about 20 minutes. Mmm, did anyone else know that there are 87 blue panels on the tower block face, 85 panes of glass, 24 of which are windows? Just me then? Yeh, you can see I was pretty bored…..

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

LOL, just finished watching EastEnders. I don’t know if i've said this before but WHERE IS VICKYS ACCENT? Am I supposed to believe that she’s gone native and lost her mother-tongue in the space of about 2 months? Blargh, her “american” accent wasn’t too strong but now its “proper cockney”

Textiles lesson today was rather interesting today. We were discussing that if we where Disney characters what would we be? Strangely enough, I could relate more to the Disney animals rather than the humans. The Disney humans are pash tho , all they do is sing, dance and fall in love. The animals however, sing, dance, fall in love AND have dude accents.
You think we’r strange? I’ll tell you what’s even stranger – we all agreed that the fittest Disney character of all was Robin Hood , (for those of you who have seen the film –which I know you all have - yes Robin Hood the Fox.) Heh, sounds rather pathetic when I write this, hey, what can I say, it sounded better in Textiles.
Lol, ok, thinking a human being is good looking , that’s understandable. Thinking a cartoon character is good looking, I suppose that’s a lil weird, yet understandable perhaps. Thinking a cartoon fox who wears nothing but a shirt (have you noticed he doesn’t wear PANTS?) is one of the most desirable bachelors around, is just … damn weird, not to mention disturbing.
*Sigh* It’s a good life

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Monday, October 13, 2003

LOL http://www.rathergood.com/buffy
We went on this in PSE and Ents, George, Bekash and the like were making the PC shout WANKER and CUNT at random intervals. Funnily enough, MR Faulkener didnt seem to notice for a while.
There was an OHP linked to a PC and Mr F was sitting in front of the screen so his shadow was on the board. LOL get this, the person sitting at the PC that was linked, drew all kinds of ... "pretty" things on him with arrows pointing at certain areas. He didnt notice AT ALL until he turned around to see "I love Mr Faulkener" being written on the board. Lets just say that he was more embarrassed than angry. Yeah Mr F, like THATS gonna happen
Also, we managed to access some extremely nice pictures of the Rayment twins including one from there "Better Homes" days with Carol Vorderman. Lets just say all they were wearing was a smile. And a bucket in the appropriate place. Score.
Citizenship lessons are so enlightening these days.

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

PS, IM ALMOST AT 1000!!!!
THANK YOU FOR BEING SO INTERESTED IN ........... me? Pash, we all know that the only reason why u read this is cos its funny to laugh and point at me.... I'll go and sit in the corner and eat jellybabies ..... hehe, its headless now mwahahah....

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# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/12/2003 04:27:00 pm
Questionable question of the day.
When you tlk to someone on MSN or ... actually, when you tlk to someone, why do we always go through the formalities? Like How are you? Cos, more often than not, theyr ok, you'r ok, you've both had an acceptable day and you'r both tired.
SO why do we do it?
Its like, even tho we have pressing matters to talk about, we always start with the how-are-you's?

Ok, thats my little garble for today, just be thankful im not going on about why we take bread for granted again.

Meh, nothing much has happened recently, well, nothing that i can remember, and before some of you start thinking -she cant remember? Why? Had she passed out from a drinking spell at one of thsoe mad teen parties you hear about?- I just dont remember because ... i dont.

Blah, music teacher is still trying to get me to do something for the christmas concert. She wants something jazzy, dancy, possibly bluesy (if those are words) yet something happy AND (if thats not enough already) something that may involve audience participation .
Why dont i just start a rendition of "If you'r happy and you know it clap your hands" and get it all over, done and dusted? Or, if that doesnt work, how about the Macarena? Everyone knows the Macarena!
Oooh, then i could face a suspension from school for causing such a display. Tricky Choices.

Reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in WonderLand - this way? or that way? but i however, prefer the shortcut....SEE, he is THE original king of laziness.... not to mention the fact that hes half mad .... and bright pink....

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Music was fun, we spent most of the lesson writing down useful words and phrases from Hoskins' lil book of foreign swear words. Hooo, now i can say "Bastard" in five different languages. Sweet.
Hehe, i also learnt how to say an interesting phrase that goes along the lines of "You have a small ... ahem" but this phrase involved engaging intercourse with rats that paid no attention. Why dont we learn things like this in Spanish lessons? I mean, they will be more useful than "I get £3 pounds pocket money on weekends" For example, if you'r on a small island in the middle of the Balearics and you see a policeman shouting at you and waving his stick (hey it might happen) You can at least tell whether A) hes shouting that hes got a stick and hes not afraid to use it, or B) if hes trying to make seductive passes at you by waving his erm... stick (Hey, I said it MIGHT happen)
Worse comes to worse, at least you'll know how to tell a local to ... get lost while also being sure that he's not taking "get lost" as some English "come hither" thing.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Today’s sermon will be on certain emails that have been flooding in. Yes, it’s the “Do you think I'm nice/ bad/ funny email”
Dear god! Iv had about 9 of those from various people LOL And being the sucker – I mean kind hearted person that I am, I have decided to answer them all as I'm honoured that you valued my opinion enough to send me one of these “tell me what you think of me” things. However, PASH, we all know that you don’t so its not the real reason at all. Actually, why? Ooooh, thats the questionable question of the day. Don’t I make it clear enough about how I think of you? Hehe, some of you will know how blunt I am. Some of you will have EXPERIENCED how blunt I am. (Sorry, about that –why am I apologising? YOU LOVE IT REALLY!)
Heheh, watched Dogma the other day. There is nothing as hilarious as seeing Alan Rickman sporting a large pair of wings claiming that he’s one of those Seraphim dudes. And Rufus, the 13th apostle who fell from the sky in a huge act of nakedness. I'm pretty sure that’s the Mercutio bloke from Romeo and Juliet. And Ben Affleck? Don’t even get me started!! *Gazes at colossal Ben Affleck poster dreamily*
Anyways, enough gabble. OOOH! I GOT MY NEW PHONE TODAY!!! Same number, well it will be the same number, once iv phoned 02 for the pack code, then phoned Virgin to tell them, then phoned goodness knows who else to get goodness knows what else. BTW who else is on Virgin? 3P TEXTS BABY! I think, but then again, that’s only if I get my phone to work, maybe I should plug in the battery and stuff. But no, someone’s stuck a really tight piece of cellotape on the edge and its one of those boxes that has the flap tucked right in. Oh the complexity of it all.

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Monday, October 06, 2003

LOL, ok, I’ve kind of gotten over the hype of Collectormania now. Pash! What am I saying?! Lol, there's so much I'm remembering now, I was probably still in shock yesterday. Christian Coulson kissed me and I was like OH.MY.GOD. I am never washing my cheek again!!! Lol Funny thing Keithy Smudge mentioned the other day about the Matrix twins
Hmm do ya think they’re in their hotel going
"You remember that incredibly hyper one?"
“ I picked her pocket lol"
"nice one dude"

LOL, heeee I really really want that picture to come out all right!!! Heeee, apparently, its “twincest” tho …. whatever that is. mmm ….. Matrix twins
Anyhow, that’s enough for my CollectorMania gabble today.
HA!!! Greero, my dear, you know that I'm gonna do this. I’d just like to announce that Greero and Chicken Boy are to-geth-er. Heeeeee. She’s gonna “fcuking kill me” now. Hooo.
Pash. Pash I tell you.
Must go and do my textiles now.

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

OMG! HEEEE I'm SO HYPER!!!!!! Today I went to Collectormania –a sci-fi convention thing that’s held in MK every year. AND OH>MY>GOD was it fun!!! However, I am ANGRY!!!! We did not get to meet Elijah or Dom Mon!!!!!! Reason being. They said that tickets would be given out at 10. WE got there at 20 to 10 on to find that tickets were given out at 8 and now all tickets to see Elijah were SOLD OUT. However, we scraped the last ten tickets out of a thousand to see Dom Mon but these were not guaranteed, meaning there’s no chance in hell that you will see him today. WE WERE LIVID! If we had known that they started earlier, we would have been here at THE CRACK OF DAWN! SO now, we’re all writing angry letters to Watchdog to complain.
However, on the brighter side of life. We went to see Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle in Harry Potter 2) who was sooo fit. We sang him Happy Birthday and consequently got the attention of practically everyone in a 10-metre radius. Unfortunately he was turning 25 yet he didn’t understand why we were so disappointed.
Then we saw the Weasley Twins from HP and they are actually pretty fit in real life – and yes, I do have eyes, and yes, I know that they are ginger. Anyways, I got a pic with them and then we went to see Neville Longbottom from HP as well. He seemed really shy and when the ppl before us took their pics with him, they were like 1 metre away from him. However, I, being the madly obsessed fan I am leant in really close for my pic (even tho I did accidentally sit on some of his pictures whooops). According to Katrine, he had a BIG smile on his face, but I deduced that that was probably because he could see down my top. LOL
OOOOH We went to go see the Matrix twins and after camping out for aaages (collapsing on the floor for 10 minutes) they finally arrived! MY friends had seen them the day before so we had a rather cosy chat, followed by individual pics with the stunningly good-looking twins. HEEEEEE< one of them put his arm around my waist and I was like TAKE ME NOW!!! Ahem
Who else did we see? I think that was it, WAIT!! OMG OMG OMG, I saw COREY FELDMAN!!! As in Mouth from THE GOONIES (one of my all-time fave films) HEEE< he was all growed up! OH yeah, I got a pic with Anthony Head who is Giles in Buffy too. That was cool. CAN YOU BEIEVE ALL I HAD TO DO WAS QUEUE? It was FREEEEEE hehe, im still broke anyways but hey
Anyway, as for Dom Mon and Elijah. I did get my pics in the end, yet I didn’t actually meet them. Whilst standing around looking dejected some guy gave SallyAndo and Bekash his “spare” ticket. OMG!! However, that was only one ticket, for one person and we all decided to let Bekash have the honour, as she is the one who is madly in love with Dom.
And as for Elijah, well……. Lets just say, I don’t know how, but I ended up outside the centre, on someone’s shoulders frantically screaming at a woman behind the glass “MOVE OUT THE WAY!!! MOVE OUT THE WAY!!” lol, it might have been scary seeing that we were standing on concrete and I was precariously balancing without the use of my hands but I however, am used to functioning at this height seeing that I've been on the shoulders of Lane many times before.

Hooo, long post, last night I went to Dodo and Hatstands party which was great fun seeing that everyone was all dressed in formal attire and looking brand-spankingly smart (yes I am aware that brand-spankingly is not the correct word but hey)
I got high on some chocolate cake, which was amusing, seeing that I started talking at hyper speed and started to scare Shyam. Lol, hey, he scares easily. Their brother’s band was v good and there were many comments going around about certain good-looking bass players LOL.
Me and Stophig tangoed our little shoes off and I succeeded in hitting someone’s face in my energetic out-spin and then breaking my hipbone when spinning back into Stoph. LOL, we are the Tango Queens. However, I did get a bit dizzy from all my spinning and salsa-ing so we decided to take a break lol. I did notice tho. Most of the bloke folk didn’t really dance, they just stood there looking awkward, not knowing what to do LOL. I however, was having the time of my life at the food table.

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Friday, October 03, 2003

I SMELL ALL MAN-ish! *sob* TOday, Pinky and Spangus got me in the bus park with man spray. Rather rude actually.
AND, if that wasnt mean enough. THis morning, they took my scarf and it got passed around the group with me running (well, walking with purpose) from one place to another after it. Then, afer a bit of exercise, i got mad (you see i dont like exercise or any form or physical exertion) I grabbed LightBulbBoy's ear (John) and he was on the verge of shrieking like a girl. Surprisingly, thats when i got my scarf back (with a very successful one-handed catch may i add)
Anyway, during school i received many comments about my distinct aroma (Lynx Dimension) and then got a few nudges and "eh-ehs" which were not received with kindness. I also had a rather suspicious stain on my skirt which did not help at all.
But, i must mention, i did get my own back. In the afternoon, armed with my can of girly spray, i successfully coated Pinky and Spangus in the sweet feminine scent. (which apparently was Melon, tho it so is not!)
LOL, Spangus got stopped by random townies whilst on his paper round. NB- at this point, he was smelling of me. But apparently he escaped on his bicycle after they tried to set fire to his paper bag. *snigger*

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

LOL, today I brought a slush puppie thing into Music. Mrs T noticed it and told my friend to drink it quickly because it did something to the keyboards. Hmm, I think that’s only if you pour the slush onto the keyboard… Anyway, just at this moment some visitors came in and Mrs T hissed at us to hide the drink. After the visitors had left, Mrs T carried on with the lesson, not before giving us a large, exaggerated wink. *shudder*
Talking of teachers, Ms Milzani is getting a bit confused. Trying to teach us the Iambic Pentameter she went from “Stressed, unstressed, stress, unstressed” to “stretched, unstret” lol, we did another poem today and its just as bad as the other one. However, this time the message is “See this flea? It’s bitten me, it’s bitten you, our blood is united in the flea. So, if its already united in the flea, it wont do our reputations any damage if we have sex now” Ha, talk about corny chat-up lines
LOL, Stophig, BethJob and I were in hysterics after we heard the line “It sucked me first, and now sucks thee” Yes, we’re immature, we know. Lol, I cracked up after I heard “Where are our balls? I had nothing to do with the removal of the balls.” on Recess. P-lease! This is a cartoon for young children! I was watching it for my….. textiles homework ….. yes…. my textiles homework… *cough cough cough*

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