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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

“L … A…X … Lax? What’s a lax?!”
These were my first comments after hearing Rachel Stevens’s new song. Lol, then I saw the name and was like, oh, I see! She’s named her new album Funky Dory. Stophig is convinced that she’s trying to rip off David Bowie (His album was called Hunky Dory) but I however just think she’s picked a crap name. And as Dodo said “So, of course she’s NOT basing it all on how ridiculously pretty she is then?” Or something along those lines… But then again, The Kinky One is convinced that she has “squinty eyes” LOL. Why oh why did she drop Jeremy Edwards? He is one of God’s many gifts to most of us females (or femmels as Jim and John (who is still yet to b christened) call us)

Anyhooo moving on.
I have a sore leg and a pair of laddered tights. This is from doing my music work in the Harding Hall. with Ents. Of course, that is when “Music Work” means assuming the superman position and being pushed around the hall in a wooden wheelbarrow shouting “LOOK AT ME! I'M FLYING!” whilst narrowly avoiding random chairs (and pianos). LOL, we heard the caretaker coming so we hid behind a partition when he came in. However, there was also a large drum kit behind the partition and Ents ended up stepping on the bass pedal which resulted in a large BOOM and a “SHIT!” from the Caretaker. Poor Mr Caretaker Man – I think he’s called Jeremy.

LOL, this morning Pinky was trying to mess my hair up, but I didn’t care cos I said it goes back to its original place anyway. John (TBChristened) decided to test that and messed it up real good. HA! One shake and its back to normal. He exclaimed “Dam it! She wasn’t lying!”
Greero now has rechristened my hair “Flexihair” Its also known as “Warrior Hair” from Beth Job and Chisel. Strange, my hair has almost as many names as I do.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

I'm slightly embarrassed, I think. Jake Laslett Junior has a black coat. I bought a new black coat on the weekend (apparently, according to Mother, the one I wear does not adhere to the school regulations)
It was not cold enough to wear my new coat (it’s a serious big momma coat) but I noticed today that the hood of JLJunior‘s coat is ever so similar to mine. Oh the shame!
Well, actually, I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed as the hood is black with a large fur trim.
Talking about the lovely Lasletts, they do a bit than talk on the bus lol. The Canadian had to tell them to “get a room…. when, you’re... unrelated!” Which is partly true seeing that the older one was trying to stuff his head into the arm of the younger ones coat. However, the person sitting closest to them, yours truly, was petrified seeing that the “stuffing of heads” thing was developing into a contest to see who could squish who first.
If that’s what brotherly love is like, I'm glad I don’t have one.
I'm doing textiles work, which is in for tomoro. I started it yesterday but there are so many DISTRACTIONS! Hehe, fun distractions such as making paper chains but distractions all the same. Lol, if you want me to focus, DON’T give me ANYTHING! Not even a piece of paper or a pen. I will guarantee you, I will find a way to entertain myself. And it may involve fire or sharp objects…
Must go and work now.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Ive just prickled my finger! Sheesh, tahts what happens when im given sharp pointy objects. All i was trying to do was customise my dress by sewing on some pretty stuff but nooo, i have to stab myself . Sods law, thats what it is. STupid stupid stupid.
On a happier note. IM GETTING A NEW PHONE! YEAH!
I can finally retire my 4 and a bit year old phone! Man, that feels good. No more Brick phone! I had fun having a go on all the dummy phones today. lol, clicky keys. Like they say, simple things.....
Mlah, theres nothing to talk about, my life has become even more ... non interesting. Why am i still talking? WEll, typing actually, but hey.
HA! Guess what Angry Beaver Boy said to me on Friday?
He goes : "Im sorry, we will try and be as quiet as possible,(If that is physically possible) i know we annoy you (ha, thats the understatement of the century) so im gonna make sure that we're quieter than normal."
I was like, why do you care what i think?
LOL, anyway, to those of you who'll get this, I had BEEF today for dinner. lol.
Will write when theres something , ANYTHING to write about. lol, i sense another repeat of the , "Why we take bread for granted" talk.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Interesting day. Well, actually, the only kicks I got were from a children’s Mr Man book and a poem example of romanticism in Ms Milzanis Class.
First of all, lets talk about Monsieur Grand. Aptly named of course. I opened the book to find a most delightful picture. It was of, so called Monsieur Grand, in his bed with his knees up. Of course, it would look, kinda normal for any other …. Mr Man, but Monsieur Grand was not named so for no reason at all. I’ll just leave the rest of the details to your twisted little minds.
Now, the poem. Named “To my Coy Mistress” it has as many sexual innuendos as an MSN conversation about socks with me. Lol, shouldn’t have admitted to that. Anyway, the moral was: If you don’t have sex with me now, you’ll die a virgin and the worms will have you to themselves, so basically, do it with me NOW. How Romantic.
After hysterically cracking up at mention of the poet’s “growing vegetable love” For those of you whose minds I haven’t already corrupted, think of a vegetable with a certain shape and think of …. Ok, ill just stop there.
Anyway, not much happened today so..... Happy Hanukkah
Ps, Ellis, I like your haircut, as do many other ppl. Just thought id say it, whilst you’re trying to hack onto my site. Have a nice day.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Stupid bus, stupid bus.
It completely failed to turn up yesterday morning. Yes, the morning when it was 2 degrees with a wind chill factor in the minus numbers. According to some random year 8s, the bus had “exploded” at an earlier stop and there was smoke coming out of the engine. We waited for an hour for the replacement bus and after that failed to appear, someone rang the bus company. Apparently, they had no idea that our bus had broken down in the first place so would be sending a bus in the next hour. Wooo, another hour in the bus stop with the Canadian, little Tom Welling and Jake Laslett aka the wimpy flimpy gimpy etc (avec Jake Laslett Junior). I could hardly contain my enthusiasm…..
Went to the Noodle bar today, was great, but the timing was a bit tight. LOL, Hollis, Katrine and I were running down the high street as fast as we could whilst spooning rice into our mouths. Then we decided not to run in the centre of the road bcos we were getting looks from the elderly who were eyeing us as if we were shoplifters.
The year 7/8/9s are getting a bit rowdy on our bus. There was a fight this morning but me and Jim were too tired to join in, I mean, to stop it. Then in the afternoon Angry Beaver Boy decided to come upstairs whilst avoiding another yr8 who was trying to pour coke on his head. Ok, I may have been shouting, THROW THE WHOLE BLOODY CAN AT HIS HEAD! but I took no sides. I'm a good girl me. I'm think I'm just allergic to Angry Beaver Boy.

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Well, its been an …... interesting day today. First of all, in the morning, my violent side was reawoken when some poxy granger chucked a conker that hit my dear Eliza Minelli. Bastards. They threw a firecracker/smoke thing which landed by Fosters feet. He then preceded to stamp it out and was then challenged by the offending Granger (Who also happened to be the one who threw a stone at Spangus lol, it landed in his pocket –that reminds me, is that a stone in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?) ANYWAY! Him and a friend decided to come and start on us, but then after facing the entire wrath of the group evils, they decided against that. Clever move. Im not surpirsed, id be shattin myself if i had to face Foster, Jim, Dave and the like. I was going to shout some clever remark about his stupid hat but I was then distracted by the fact that I had just succeeded in cracking my knuckles. By then he had walked off. NEXT TIME!
They chucked another one which Keithy Smudge kinda caught and then he shouted "IM NOT A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL YOU COCK!" which was rather amusing. Lol, hes kinda seen as a hero... for some reason lol In fact, it was soon well known that some vicious grangers had thrown a conker -still in the shell- and it had hit Lisa Minelli and she had puncture marks. I had nothing to do with that one *cough cough *

Ergh, and as if that hadn’t made my day, it started raining just as we hit the bus park. It was absolutely chucking it down. I have to say, the drowned rat look was very popular this afternoon. Id only just washed my hair! Youd think more ppl would have had brollies but no one brought an umbrella, because of the recent hot spells we’ve been having. STupid STupid STupid.
About 15 minutes in, half of our group had disappeared onto their buses, leaving me, Jim, Lisa, and a few others. Then, a bus, very similar to mine and Jim’s went past, coming out of Bay C. I shrugged it off, thinking that it was Hollises bus cos hers looks just like mine, but comes in C. not B. But then, Jim says what I dreaded.
“Zoe, we’ve just missed our bus”
He could tell, cos some kind person that goes on our bus decided to stick his middle finger up at us as it went past. And to set the scene, i even got splashed as the bus went past. Great.
So there we were. In the middle of the pouring rain, shouting every single obscenity that we could think of. I think I actually burst into tears in my despair - I was drenched and had completely lost the feeling in my nose.
Jesus, what a day to miss the bus.

ps I think I'm getting the sneezles ........ :(

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

My cousin is off to Uni. and has completely cleaned out her wardrobe. And where did all her clothes and junk go? Well, lets just say that my room is a little crowded now.
I went to a Tapas bar last night with the family, who are flying back home now. Lol, it was quite amusing as we all downed Sangria which was about 70% liquid and 30% fruit. I was quite engaged eating all of the fruit that was in the Sangria and was told by a relative in hysterics, that the fruit had absorbed all of the alcohol. I didn’t know that, did I? *cough cough cough*
I received a txt from dearest Greer and I'm sorry to embarrass you m’dear but you are bordering on the line of obsessive. And to answer your question, NO, he hasn’t talked to me about you since the last time you asked me, which I believe was yesterday. And don’t ask me if I'm going to talk about you two on this site as it’s so obvious that once you’ve asked, I blatantly will. And now I have. Hope I didn’t embarrass you too much (though you’re clearly loving it)
Anyway! *breathes*
As the evening of Sangria drinking went on, I was quite unaffected, even after consuming 5 times more alcohol than everyone else and took great delight in watching my relatives being “merry” whilst concocting myself a new Sangria-infused lemonade and coke. Isn’t it Ironic how I can control myself after drinking several units yet I'm a complete lightweight when it comes to sugar?

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

For the benefit of Diggle who “couldn’t wait” to see what would be on my site tonight.
ITS HAPPENED!!! ITS FINALLY HAPPENED! PRAISE THE LORD! OMG! After about 10 months, Diggle and Hollis have FINALLY made it official! I gladly told this to the several dozen people who had been following their relationship since it started and received several dozen happy whoops of delight. Ha, I beat them all, I squealed!
Apart from that, my day was non interesting, partly because Mrs Gross said that she was “naughty” lol. Also, according to her “S for Gas , no wait, that’s stupid” Err….. no duh. Also, we watched the Jane Eyre video at lunch which was actually rather hilarious. Apart from the bad acting and the frumpy dresses, Jane was the same height as the fireplace and Mr Rochester had a delightful pair of tight trousers and bulges in the oh so wrong places. As for the mad wife Bertha, well, I admit I MAY have screamed and hid behind Chisels arm when she did her thing, but hey, I wasn’t the only one –Jane Eyre screamed too.
Today I am also celebrating the union of Stophig and….. John – he is yet to be rechristened. That also took a lot of time, but still not as long as Hollis and Diggle.
AND! The union of Jegs and Pliars who are so cute together!
LOL, in french today, we were doing the Mr Men. We were each given a random Mr Man book (french of course) and guess who I got? Monsieur Avare also known as Mr Mean. Woooo. Hmm, coincidence ? lol
Hmm, come 3:30, I get hit in the face by someone and then some pash year 7 tries to throw a toffee at the people behind me but it ends up hitting the back of my head. Great. Lol, I turned around and he was just shatting himself. I was quite liking that part.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Emma squeals when the bus revs its engine, covering her in a cloud of exhaust. I shake my head and mutter Newbie
Lol, i cant believ we've been at this school for like almost 5 years now. Heh, thats a whole lotta memories. Eww, i just pictured me when im like 64 and im looking back and , and , its too disturbing. Ew wrinkles and Granny..... parts . Hmm, im quite liking the Orthopaedic shoes though lol
What did i do today? Mmmm, its was Wednesday again so i went out at lunchtime. lol, i forgot my pass but luckily i didnt get checked. Im a good girl so the teachers dont expect me to have had my pass taken away. Heh, little do they know i was busy creating my quite acceptable fake and other notes that i shall not mention now in case this incriminates me in the future.
Sudden thought, i wonder how Mr Twiss is getting on? And Mrs Ward. Did you know she ripped up my D of E Diary? (when it was in its paper form) Lol, yes i know it was being passed around the class but she didnt have to rip it up! That way id have just gone and got it out of the bin at break like the scavenger i am. cough cough cough
Anyway, must go, Im cooking pizza! Well..... im putting a frozen pizza in the oven. (Yes, my parentals now trust me with the oven, but at the moment, the other kitchen appliances are off limits. In particular the blender. Dam)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

SPANGUS FOUND OUT THAT IT'S TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY ON SEPTEMBER 19th!!! check out http://www.talklikeapirate.com for more details. WE SOO HAVE TO DO THIS. Everyone else is doing it and apparently, if i publish it here, maybe one out of the 400 hits iv had will do it too. Or something. TELL THE PEOPLE
“how do you breathe? do you have an extra lung or sumthing we dont know about”
This is Pliars’ theory on the fact that I can speak extremely quickly and still make my speech clear.
“seriously do u have extra fingers u hide during the day?
This is his theory on my “like lightening” typing.
He claimed to be drowning in the sea of red (my font colour is red) I was really proud that I could analyse that to be a metaphor and also a distinct use of imagery. So I guess Ms Milzani ahs drummed SOMETHING into my head –or at least awoken what was in it before.
Yes, the family are still here. Theyre staying until Friday at the earliest.
Hmm, Wedsnedsay tomoro, what shall I do? Last time I went to the park off Turnfurlong and went on the SWINGS. Get me. AND for a certain someones information *cough ….Pinky cough* THERE ARE NO DRUG DEALING GRANGERS IN THAT PARK AND THEY DIDN’T COME AND BEAT ME UP OR STEAL FROM ME. There was an old lady walking though…..

PS it didnt happen today either.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

No it didnt happen today. Her bus was late. Bloody hell, iv had quite a few ppl come up to me and go ....NOOOOO! WHY NOT!!"
For those of you who know me as the girl with the short fuse -yes, im getting very impatient. Its been going on since ... before April!!!!!

My family are round today. We're sitting at the dinner table and they're firing questions at me in rapid Chinese. Im just smiling, gritting my teeth thinking - i have no bloody idea what you're on about- whil'st nodding and looking agreeable.
I just hope Im not agreeing to be sent over to a boarding school in Australia or something. Hmm, actually, Australia would be quite cool. No worries.

G2go, they're starting to shout now, i think its due to the exessive amounts of wine they have been drinking. (plus i slipped some vodka into their coffee) Hey, everyone knows that drunk families are easier to cope with. Right? Well, I'll just have to wait and see......

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Quick Note.
GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW! (You know who you are - and everyone probably knows too, lol, stupid publicity stunt loving couple)
Tomorrows the day! Hmm, i remember saying that last time.....

PS Donkey- Its the Black Eyed Peas not Beans. Fool.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Just finished reading “A child called ‘It’ – by Dave Pelzer” He was a victim of child abuse and this is his autobiography. OMG. I had a Lion King moment –yes, it made me cry. (Come on, like Mustafa’s death doesn’t distress each and everyone of us) There were times when I had to try and stop myself from retching when I read about the things his mother did to him. Sheesh. And I thought my parentals were bad.
Anyway, on a more happier note. I BOUGHT THE SHOES!!! Yay! Well, actually, TopShop didn’t sell the same exact style anymore BUT, the ones I got were practically the same, just not glittery. Hey, I wanted red ballet shoes, I got them.
I see that some of you who know me well enough to know that I'm completely broke are wondering how I could afford them. Well, after clearing some of the debris in the bombsite, *cough* I mean my room, I came across two beautiful slips of paper. Gift Vouchers. God Bless my dear cousins for giving me TopShop vouchers for Crimbo. *jumps up and does ecstatic happy dance*
So now, the shoes are carefully wrapped in tissue paper in my room. I shall treasure them dearly for a long, long while. Or at least until I find an even nicer pair.
Anyway, my next topic for today is the J-Lo / Ben Affleck story. IS SHE NUTS?! Why would she “postpone” the wedding to Ben Affleck? Yes, we all know that “to postpone” means to cancel. Look, its BEN AFFLECK we’re talking about. Lol, get this. In their new movie, Gigli or Jigli as I like to call it, a critic said that as an on-screen couple, they had “no chemistry” Pah. She should stick to her day job - by that I mean her computerised singing and pretending she’s still the “same girl she used to be” Pash I say. Pash indeed.

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Friday, September 12, 2003

First of all, a quick update on the Diggle and Hollis story. No, he hasn’t done it yet. ITS KILLING ME! Its like a will they? wont they? Ross and Rachel relationship. Lol, the PC has suggested I call Diggle: Giggle, Wiggle or Jiggle. I won’t even say what’s going on in my mind as I type this.
Talking of relationships. Iv had note from several people I don’t even know telling me that they think that Shyom and Nooky’s display of affection for each other is not really appreciated. In the words of Machete “He’s trying to fit his head in her mouth!” (Ps, the PC is underlining Shyom in red and telling me to call him Tim. WTF!)
Didn’t I say, aages ago, that this “eating of faces” ritual was not tolerated?! Go back to Friday 11th of July. (Further down the apge) And it was followed with a very firm CAPICHE! Do you not understand the meaning of Capiche?! (Spelling not known, pronounced Capeesh)
Anyway, moving on. Today I learnt that MYNSIL (figure it out) was actually read by people other than my close knit circle of friends. Yes, some people have been taking the words “Spread the Word” to heart and now I have a new bunch of newbie regulars. Evening *taps hat*
I gathered that now once you’ve read this, you’re probably going to think that I’m some strange, bizarre little freak of nature. Not that I'm not of course.
Get this. Yesterday, in our last lesson, Biology, we were moved to another room. Fifteen minutes in, I realised that our dear G1 member Nicodemu was not here. Lol, she’s the type to get lost ad spend an hour wandering around school like a sheep without asking for help. I asked Mrs “Osmoshish” Thomas if I could go and find her but she said that she would do it herself in a minute…….
Two hours later, at quarter past three, dear Nicodemu was not here. As Mrs Thomas went to look for her, the class burst into talk about Nicodemu’s whereabouts. We had stories of kidnap, abduction and just plain stupidity. She was here at lunch registration but had since disappeared. WE heard some weird wailing sounds coming from outside and desperately shouted through the wall (much to Mrs Thomas’ frustration) But alas, Nicodemu did not turn up.
Come Friday, we cornered Nicodemu in our first lesson. Turns out she was at an “eye doctors” all along. Whoops.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

I had a good day today. We started off going to an assembly with Mr human-mouse-on-amphetamines Rosen. He started off with "Heres my jug" and then started a long-winded talk about sticking something in us, because we were jugs, not mugs and many other innuendos which I probably should not mention.
Apparently, we are waterproof jugs in some lessons, (thats when we're "impervious to learning".) I leaned over and whispered Music. And all my fellow doss-class members were thinking the same. (You guys know who you are!)

We had English with Miss Milzani again. She started talking about the Gothic treating "gothic" as a noun. Hmm, funny, I always thought gothic was an adjective? She wanted us to tell her the definition of "the gothic" in an essay we're doing on "Jane strangely scary- Eyre" She was about to continue, but myself, being the inquisitive soul that I am said, "I don't get it. What IS .... the gothic?She then went into some hu-owge description about "The Gothic" and my fellow G1 classmates discovered that now was the time to ask all the questions that they had wanted to ask for a long long time. Ms Milzani, was standing there trying frantically to explain whilst confusing us further, making us fire questions at her until she broke and started shouting in her broken English-Irish-Italian. (She sounds like Zoolander) But we would not be restrained! Yes my friends, I started off a new revolution.
For example, her example was "take this yellow rubber board wiper thing- I don't know what it is, this is *insert random prattle here*" IT'S A WHITEBOARD RUBBER!

Chemistry was ok. Mrs Gross must have missed me, she gave me an extra special evil today when I threw something across the room. Hey, Im not getting up for no one. The best bit was when she gave us this box of "Chemistry related" fun stuff, just like Mechano. You know, the links and stuff. Well, we had to make models of Carbon which was so boring. Naturally, we made it more fun. Soon we had a mini football pitch with two footballers and a cheerleader on the sidelines. Needless to say, Mrs Gross was not amused. In fact, everytime she tried to talk, someone would rattle about inside their box or drop a ball on the floor and crawl desperately after it. *cough cough*

Talking about football. I SAW THE GAME LAST NIGHT! Purely for the ... sport of course, not the men in shorts. Oh yes, woo. I love sport. Lampard has now been added to my esteemed list. I don't know his first name though. Would anyone care to help with that particular problemo? I am also in love with quite a few of the Liechtenstein players too. They looked just like the guys from Prague.....

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Monday, September 08, 2003

Fourth Day in and already the bus is late. Not bad, usually, it’s the fourth week or so, but hey, this bus service is an early bloomer. Lol, after a road had been shut off, our bus driver followed some school buses through some small villages. Then, it was slightly worrying, as our driver appeared to turn off onto a small lane that lead to open fields and trees. He obviously was taking us to school the scenic route today.
A few minutes later, we were hurtling down the country lanes, crashing into trees and leaving branches on the road as we went. It was quite fun being at upstairs as I watched the branches waving around delicately in the wind before being dashed to pieces on the front of the bus as we drove recklessly down the lane. Mmm recklessness
We slowed down as another bus approached as the lane was pretty narrow. On the bus coming towards us there were only a few people sitting upstairs, which was unlike our bus. ..Let’s just say, we gave a new meaning to tinned sardines. Anyway, as we approach this bus we all see this little girl. She appears to be a sweet year seven or younger. Noticing our stares she looks back ……… and then sticks her middle finger up and scowls at us all in an offhand attempt to get her cute angelic image to be replaced by psycho child from hell.
The cries of “Aww, look!” turn to “Whoah! Oh My God. Look at the little biatch!! The whole bus, seem to be slightly taken aback by this as they jump back from the window. They quickly recover before attempting to bang on the glass like the caged animals we were.
That scenario over, I grew increasingly worried by the amount of buses that were returning, as they were still full of people. We’d been going down this road for a good half-hour and the Year 7s bladders are not fully adapted for yet for another return journey to add to the total time it would take to get to school.
However -to cut the story short- after spending 2 and a quarter hours on that bus (Jim calculated) we did make it to school eventually in good time for me to miss a whole lotta Physics. Sweet.

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Does anyone remember Peter Andre from “Mysterious Girl” fame? (I cant remember any of his other songs) Yes, that Latin American looking dude with the plastic pecs/man boobies. (lol boobies) Guess what?! (“what?”) He’s coming back! Yes, he’s releasing his come back single later this year apparently. Did you know that once he had to pull out of a live gig because he had eaten too many bananas? Lol, he didn’t know that bananas contained potassium so he was on a heavy diet of only bananas and water, well, I’m not even sure if he knew what potassium is but hey.
I have a So Solid Crew song in my head- Broken Silence, I’m actually loving the chorus, because its so …. Un-so-solid like, therefore, actually good. Talking bout music stuff, have you seen David Boreanaz in Dido’s new vid for White Flag? He looks so bulky and heifer-like! Strangely enough, he reminds me of a cow……. Moving ON - Katrine went to go see him at this convention thing and apparently he was really moody. Lol, moo-dy, what a coincidence!
Im doing some french homework ATM, its about some French poet called Jacques Prevert – but iv renamed him Jacques Pervert – for reasons which are unspecified.........
Until Tomorrow.

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Friday, September 05, 2003

Ok, firstly may I just say to Ryan Diggle: JUST ASK HER OUT! To all the people reading this, don’t go feeling sorry for him because him AND Hollis have both asked me “Are you going to write about us on your site again?” Come on, that’s just asking for me to write embarrassing yet true messages about them to the world (Or whoever is reading at least)
Apparently, according to my sources, tomorrow is the day all this campaigning ends. *fingers crossed*
Lol, when they do go out (which will happen eventually) they’ll be like a manufactured pop band. Just a random thought because so many people seem to know more about their relationship then they do. Hmm, let’s hope they don’t go the One True Voice way. Whatever happened to OTV anyway? Remember them? Pete Waterman’s vocal harmony group or whatever posh replacement name he called it.

Talking of music related stuff, has ANYBODY heard Headstrong by this random band called Trapt? Im just randomly singing it and no one knows it! Also, is there anyone who has Meteora or Fallen or Justified (he is so fit) and is also a very generous person who loves me very much, I think you get my hint. I have been blessed with a CD-RW majiggy thing so I get to spend my money on other things. Such as this certain pair of shoes which I am IN LOVE with.
They are soo nice, slim ballet shoe style, but RED! Come on! How me is that! Ballet shoes!!! Yay! *sigh* Yes, this is an ex-ballerina speaking. I never got to wear the tutu though : ( 9 years of Ballet and they didn’t do the tutu. Honestly! That’s the whole point of being a ballerina! The tutu! And the shoes with ribbons! Oh yeah, and the whole fun side of it (that is, if you like to dance). Hmm, something inside me says that that actually was the main point. Ok, I was doing ballet for the wrong reasons. So sue me.
Anyway, about these shoes, if anyone has a spare £30 just going to waste, then I know a poor little girl who is ballet shoe-less.

PS, How is everyone coping after the first few days of school? I miss the 24-7 episodes of Recess on the Toon Disney Channel! Rock On.
AND Check out the LinkyDooDahs on the side of the page. They have all been stamped by the Zoe seal of approval. (In the metaphorical sense cos I’m not entrusted with stamps yet.)

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I cant remember what im going to talk about. There was something really really interesting. But iv forgotten. SO today boys and girls, im going to talk about the wonder that is bread.
No one actually appreciates bread. If we didnt have bread, what would we do? We just take it for granted these days. AND, how do they get it to be all soft on the inside and hard on the crust. Woah! It blows my mind. lol
Moving on. OOH!, the new cafeteria! It sells MILK!!!! WOW. How dude is that! I really cant remember what i was going to tlk about. Hmm, Ok. School. My new form tutor is Mrs ARber- yes, Mrs PE Teacher Arber. At first i was really scared as shes got muscles and i was like, "Im sorry, dont hit me!" But, it turns out that shes quite decent, A lot better than Mrs Ferris. Hmm, strange how Mrs Ferris said she couldnt teach us anymore, yet she wasnt leaving.Something about an extra responsibility that would mean not teaching us anymore....... Cant believe we've had like a new form tutor every year. Hmm. Coincedence?
ANyway, g2go, the stupid PC is playing up and *puts on builder hat* Im off to fix it!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Day I Lost my Appetite
Most of you know me as the non-stop eating machine (as some of you may have witnessed at Beanys BBQ.) Unfortunately, that machine was stopped today. Yes, I , home to the infamous bottomless pit, was hit by dreadful bug that is food poisoning. And to make it worse, it was from one of the foods that I worshipped. Ice Cream. Traitor.
Yes, I know some of you are laughing your heads off right now because I guess it was about time I contracted food poisoning or some kind of illness related to the excessive amount that I eat. Hey, if I escaped high cholesterol, blocked arteries and all those symptoms that lead to a heart attack, apparently I should get food poisoning instead. Just to make things fair of course. Oh the joys of life and its 'justified' system
Ok, yes the head-rushes, stomach pains and nausea were bad but the worst thing was that I wasn’t allowed to eat anything else until dinner so that the bug would ‘clear’ from my system. The stupid thing was that it was not even noon when I had eaten my ice cream which means that I wasn’t allowed to eat for about 7 hours. Why oh why did I ignore the warnings of “Its too early for ice-cream” ?!!!

BTW Stay off the Maui Brownie Madness Ice Cream, it did me no good. No good at all.

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Monday, September 01, 2003

Ok, I know i shouldnt say this, but IM sooo happy for them and the amount of meat i ate yesterday at Beanys BBQ means that i wont be around for much longer soooo I shall just go ahead and say it.
Shifty (dude) and CrazyHorse (dudette) are officially a couple!!! For those of you who know their MNSIL names (i changed them for protection of privacy or whatever) Privacy? WIth me having an online site thats viewed by quite a few ppl lol, (212 to be exact) Dont make me laugh!
Anyway, if you dont know them by their MNSIL name, its SB and NC. And if you dont know their initials its S***m and N***y and rhymes with Ham and Tricky
I do believe you should get it now. (lol, theyre gonna kill me) If Not , then you obviously dont know them. Either that or you're just thick
Well basikally, everyone do a song and dance, cheer and be happy. If you dont then I may have to resort to violence. Do not be fooled by my slender build, i am not neccessarily the strongest but i do know what hurts and where.
Thank You and Have a nice day.

PS Still dont know who they are?Be Bold

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